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2023 - BIM Workflows


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I’m really looking forward to having automated Elevation Benchmarks in Sections & Elevation VPs.

Hopefully we’ll be able to control how the units appear in the EBM so we can have the option to display them in units other than the document units. Since the video showed only metric Elevation Benchmarks, it’s not clear how they will appear in other units. For example, document units set to architectural feet and inches, with elevation benchmarks in decimal feet.


[See THIS THREAD for additional information on this wishlist item].

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9 hours ago, MarcelP102 said:

Some more info for the upcoming release has been shared on the blog: https://blog.vectorworks.net/bim-updates-in-vectorworks-2023


Great to see that Site Modeling Commands are added to the Architecture version. Space Object Labeling With Data Tags hopefully also works in sections now.

Some great news! 

Hopefully space objects labels are sorted in section viewports. It was battle using them...we ended up placing them on separate design layer for each floor and have visible one space design layer per viewport. Not good.


I strongly hope we also get finally graphic legends, object type legends, and graphic schedules. It has been on road map in section 'scheduled' since november 2020 (very first edition of roadmap).

It is very much needed to have automated way for graphic legends on documentation part of work. It can be really really huge help to finally have automated system and thus keep this part of documentation easily managed and stay organised.

Surely Object type legends is no less of importance but automated graphic legends in my opinion is first on the list.

So fingers crossed on this one!

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