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  1. Maybe you can find required material nodes here:
  2. Thanks @Boh @Jonathan Pickup @Andy Broomell. For now custom modification is the way to go when one is not willing to change style itself. Thanks for detailed instructions. Not used custom modification much but this tool has definitely quite important place in toolset i guess. You know it is just matter of consistency. One would expect same dialogue to appear when style is deleted from RM as is case with other resources... @Boh custom scale is field that I use too. Bringing it from pre 2021 release. Nice to know we can connect label with custom records so there are definitely some option.
  3. Hello, From time to time I am experiencing some nasty issue with slabs that have adjusted edges ('Edge Offset') . Order of edge numbers get somehow renumbered and numbers becomes shifted so in effect causing edges offset disorder. I've had just this happened at once with all slabs present in a file with adjusted edges. Sometimes happens to only one particular slab. No idea what trigger this kind of behaviour... anybody experiencing this issue...and have someone find reason what is the cause and what to whatch out. Updating slab style...? File was originally created in vw 2020 and now migrated to 2021. I definitely see this issue across other files too. Or is this a known bug? Thanks for your help.
  4. While there is no doubt it is great improvement and really joy to work with I am missing two things: - way to globally change one style that is present in many instances in drawing ...something sort of replace texture, material dialogue box when you hit delete for that resource ...or am I missing something? - field for custom text for example for subtitle
  5. It seem to work fine when you select 'insertion point' instead of spacing. No need to hide leader line. At least that is what I see in my set up.
  6. Interesting to hear @Christiaan I wonder how you use magic mouse to perform zooming, panning...? I couldn't do it without mouse wheel..but curious how you manage without wheel.
  7. Is there a way to get to display profile line from column object in section viewport? I have set up column object so that it only show structural part but don't get profile line (for structural objects) when cut in horizontal section viewport....? Contrary column made of structural member draw profile line. Is it wad or bug? Thanks
  8. Hi, Is anybody also experiencing cells with wrap text on not to adjust and stretch (only one line of text is visible while others are cut of) to accommodate longer texts pieces even though height for row is set to 'auto fit row height'? I would normally need cell to accommodate 2-3 line of the text. I wonder if this misbehaving is caused by adjacent cells (in horizontal direction) in merged state....? See attachment (cells in orange outline). Mind you on screenshot is fixed state. Wanted to show cell structure. So far my fix is forcing cell to stretch to specific height so that all text fits in. Another issue is that even if I manage to fit text by enlarging row height (when worksheet is opened) it sometimes wont reflect that on worksheet when in not editing mode...just placed somewhere in drawing. Any idea in this issue. It is really tedious process to correct row heights when in one file i have easily 30 worksheets with same setup and each worksheet with ten rows to correct... Thank you very much
  9. Never mind. It is working now as expected. I understand now what exactly to type in dialogues. And it works perfectly. Thanks for great script!
  10. Hello, Recently I came across this useful script (made by @Pat Stanford) and I would really like to use it as a way to replace outdated layer name in criteria for many my spreadsheet cells within one worksheet. Can this script work with multiple cells selected, or it only function with one cell at the time? And is there around maybe updated version of script to more recent software versions? Thanks. Here is a script: Var S1,S2,S3 :String; N1 ,N2,N3,N4,N5,N6,N7 :Integer; H1 :Handle; Begin S1:=StrDialog('Enter Substring to Find','Loc1'); S2:=StrDialog('Enter Substring to Replace With', 'Loc2'); H1:=GetTopVisibleWS; GetWSSelection(H1,N5,N5,N1,N2,N5,N3,N4,N5); For N5:=N1 to N3 do Begin For N6:=N2 to N4 do Begin GetWSCellFormula(H1,N5,N6,S3); N7:=Pos(S1,S3); If N7 <> 0 then Begin Delete(S3,N7,Len(S1)); Insert(S2,S3,N7); SetWSCellFormula(H1,N5,N6,N5,N6,S3); end; end; end; ClrMessage; END; Run(FindandReplaceInWorksheet);
  11. would be also interesting if there is possibility to sum some values if they meet some criteria...
  12. @bluewater2222 same question was asking myself yesterday...would also welcome if there is some way to achieve this more automated way. With Back-referencing feature and export of linked objects to PDF-hyperlinks in place it does more sense to navigate easily through documents. I can easily have 100 pages document for architectural design phase and quick navigation through sheets is really really needed. While drawings itself can be interconnected with back reference there are other sheets with worksheets or some text that would be nice to easily accessed from other parts of document too. Hyperlinks can do it but in case of rather large document more automated way of placing navigation links on pages/sheets would be really welcome.
  13. It is possible. Using Data Visualization. At least in version 2021. Using material resource or specific class to specific material or combination of these two you can present drawing in endless graphic variety (and detail kind of as well). It is very strong tool. Absolutely recommend it. In attachment same viewport with different DV applied.
  14. Hello, I am experiencing difficult time with structural member. Using them as simple ceiling beams parallel to each other, not interconnected into net. (see attachment). Everything works fine until I want to reposition (drag and move to new place) in top/plan view any of the members. It is glued to the place and will not move. I paid special attention when inserting members not to have tools auto-snap function on. Doesn't help. Option+ click and then drag function for duplication works ok but movement not. This sticky behaviour is persisting problem of structural member. Never was working. I have to say this tool is far from working...i wonder what was the point that it has got material resource implemented... and framing member that works quite ok not...??? At our office we want be consistent with usage of material resource as much as possible. Timber members are great part of most of the projects (pitched roofs) that we do. At the moment we are confused if structural member will eventually replace framing member. What direction development goes? Can someone form vectorworks confirm if one of the tool is legacy tool. I don't see any mention about these tool on public road map. And if structural member is future please fix it! Any idea or workaround for time being would be greatly welcome. Thanks
  15. Data Visualizations. I am on VW2021 and it is one of the greatest tool in vectorworks. We use it extensively. We use DV in many cases not to in fact display data but adjust objects attributes while drawing/modeling on design layer. For example stone hatches tend to slow down computer a lot so we mapped those hatches using DV with simple geometry hatch types and it works really well.
  16. Hi vectorworks community, I wonder if people use standard naming tool (found in File>Document Settings>Standard Naming...) for daily work as a part of their office standard template...is it of any use and if yes is it reliable to do what it suggest? My main aim is to have classes in my own language - not english, ones that are coming automatically with certain inserted objects (site model, site modifier, roads, window, doors...) I have been experimenting little bit with these tool with mixed feelings so far. For example class name for site modifier will not change even if I have mapped it with custom name...still coming as: Site-DTM-Modifier What about copying objects from other files (ones with standard VW arch active ). Will it bring classes with that standard names or will it rename accordingly my custom standard....? What about class attributes that can be defined within dialogue...will it override existing class attributes? What is best approach to use this tool? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
  17. Before asking questions I was looking at help manual too and got same feeling about FormatField. To be honest if this is not straightforward as controlling database through regular cell I would probably give up. Definitely It would be really nice to have it but am bit sceptic about script and all the maintenance it might require in future. But maybe I am wrong...never used script within worksheet. I am certainly opened to learn new stuff on my vectorworks journey. Thanks for all your effort!
  18. Thanks guys, No luck here... I indeed placed instance of symbol (symbol name =Projekt Box) on individual layer (Support-DO NOT EDIT-) and formula goes like this: =FormatField(((S='Projekt Box') & (L='Support-DO NOT EDIT-')), 'Projekty', 'Projekt') but unfortunately doesn't bring 'Projekt' field pop-up menu. @Pat Stanfordcan I use Record.Field as a spreadsheet function? I haven't tried it yet.
  19. Hi @ZindyCCZ Thanks for your reply. What I can confirm I bought this license in september 2010 and at that time my Mac was running latest OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard, release date: 28 aug. 2009). I Cant confirm if it is compatible with 10.5.8. from my own experience, but as you can see from chart from my previous post vectorworks 2011 is officialy compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard, Intel based) and is NOT officialy compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard, PowerPC). So this might help you. I dont have any older version.
  20. Anyone with idea how to correctly use FormatField function in example in previous post...?
  21. Aha...Is that so? Criteria builder would be definitely something more cleaner, professional. I have one more question. As I know by now how to control database trough regular cell It would be nice to take it one step further and create in that cell kind of drop down menu or pop-up menu of items from format field 'Projekt'. Then I dont have to type in but rather select it from menu. I am trying to do it spreadsheet way using FORMATFIELD function with formula like this: =FORMATFIELD(((T=SYMBOL) & (N='drop-down-menu')), 'Projekty', 'Projekt') Projekty = Name of record format Projekt = format field ...but it doesnt work. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  22. What a joy! Thanks @Pat Stanford and @Peter Vandewalle I have been wishing to be able to do this for quite some time. It is definitely there! This gives nice flexibility working with databases...and it is so easy!
  23. Thanks @Peter Vandewalle, Can you be more specific how to exactly do it. Existing formula: =DATABASE(((S='Projekt Box') & ('Projekty'.'Stupeň'='AŠ') & (LOC='oblast kalkulacie'))) /Stupeň = Phase/ New formula =DATABASE(((S='Projekt Box') & ('Projekty'.'Stupeň'='AŠ') & ('Projekty'.'Projekt'='C2') & (LOC='oblast kalkulacie'))) /field with specific project name added/ I wish to create separate databases for same project (cell: C2). Each database for different project phase (Stupeň). I suppose my cell reference is not written correctly in database formula...
  24. Hi Pat, Thanks for quick response. I have sent you direct message with the file. Hopefully everything is clear even though it is mainly in slovak language. 😉
  25. Hello vectorworks community, I wonder how to achieve something like this: Have one symbol that its text parts are linked to one record format fields. It act as a container for storing of informations about any specific project that somebody in office was working on. Its about logging working time on daily bases...filling calendar. Informations consist of: Project ID, tasks worked on, time spent on working task, drawn by etc. Now I want to collect data through worksheet database particularly overall time spent on specific project for specific project phase. I wish I could type into one designated cell within worksheet field value (Project ID) and that way control criteria of database results. So the results show only items (symbols) where same Project ID is checked. Then whenever I need to type in different Project ID and get different results. Everything happening in one worksheet. I see that in some Preformated Reports materials quantity - take off you can type name of material directly into database header and get quantity of that material...yeah this is something closer...but i wish to have one cell apart of database where i could type in Project ID and control one database or even few databases (differ by project phase for specific project) results same time. Any idea how to achieve something like this. Is it at all possible? Thanks a lot for any input.


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