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Thank you, Moderators

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1 hour ago, Markvl said:

The best forum I've ever been on.  I check-in everyday...except weekends.  Always plenty of nuggets of knowledge to be had.  Kudos to the @Jimw and the other moderators.

Always a pleasant experience.  B|

Plus 1 on this! :)

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Ditto. A good online community is almost a must when looking to move to new software or learning an entirely new profession. I've used a number of digital audio workstation software over the years (thanks apple for buying emagic and killing the logic pc version!) and some their forums have been elitist and condescending... I lurk mainly, but the tone of the forum and its users generally has and presence of Jim and a few other vectorworkers fighting the good fight for users is the best online experience I've had/seen in the software I've used 😁.


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