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  1. Ah, ok, I see where you're going. Well, I frequently have 2d and/or 3d locus in with the geometry. So for your circle example, I would group a 2d locus in there with it, which becomes your ancor or snap point. Also, have it on it's own unique class, so you can switch it off later. I tend to have a class called somthing like Construction-snaps or similar to do this. In terms of automating the process, I can't think of a way, but having a locus as a pre-offset "handle" for the object would make life much easier. So either put one in the door, as a "place light here" point, or on the switch as a "corner of door goes here" handle..... or both!
  2. You could try to turn the square into a symbol (Or "block" in acad terms) then when you edit the square to add the circle, that will give you the result you're after. Then you can explode the symbols with "convert to group"
  3. RussU

    dedicated vs integrated graphic card

    I've used both Quadro and GeForce cards before, and as far as I'm aware they're noth based on the same hardware architecture. The drivers are different though. I think the consumer drivers are built for speed, so in some cases it skips or streamlines certain operations, whereas the quadro drivers are designed to be more accurate with thier results. I couldn't see a benefit when I was running a Quadro card, I paid a lot more but my friend's cost-effective GeForce card was out-performing mine. Ever since then I used the gaming cards. vRAM is my main point of focus these days, so I'm running2x GeForce 1070's at the moment and it's blisteringly fast. VW will only ever make use of one card, but I like to have the two, because when I'm doing a GPU render in 3ds max with Vray, or generating pointclouds I only assign one GPU, so I don't experience slow downs in the GUI while multi tasking. If I don't need to multitask I'll throw both cards at the GPU tasks and the speed is insane. I think, with regards to VW, it's main focus is being Open GL 2.1 compatible (with enough RAM as well) which is pretty much supported across the board by all modern GPUs. So my 2x 1070 16GB vram setup is a massive over-kill for VW, but good for my other software
  4. RussU

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Behaves as normal here, but I'm on PC and I note that it's from an older version of VW, which version and service pack are you on, I'll back save and re-post
  5. RussU

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Can I suggest one thing. It might not work, but worth while trying. in your workspace editor, under the "keys" tab, is a "Suspend Snapping" key, usually mapped to an apostrophe. Clear that or change it to something else and see if that helps the issue. I know that my graphics tablet on occasion sends odd keystrokes, which can be problematic.
  6. RussU

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Is it a file you can share? I'd be interested in seeing that. Bit odd!!!
  7. RussU

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Go down to your snap buttons, and double click on one. This will bring up the SmartCursor Settings. Go down to Angle, and then tick "Angles from Axes" and make sure you have the 45° 30° etc. in that box... should be fine then, Let us know how you get along
  8. RussU

    Rotating 2D plan

    aww man!, I've just looked and you're spot on. Sorry! @Lottieedwards You could, I guess, make a 2d symbol of the entire layer, and use that in a new layer, rotatable. That would have a similar effect, when you modify the underlying layer the symbol will change too, but you'll have to double click each time to go into it which could be a pain.
  9. RussU

    Rotating 2D plan

    @Lottieedwards It's a very powerful way of working, it'll no doubt take a little practice, but once you've got your head around it, you'll love it. Best of luck!
  10. RussU

    Rotating 2D plan

    @markdd Ouch, it does have that "D" at the top, for design series, so I suspect you're right. @Lottieedwards which version of VW are you on, architect/fundamentals etc...
  11. RussU

    Rotating 2D plan

    As well as leaving things behind and going 50 steps further before noticing, as you add to the selection your centre of rotation will change, so over time things will creep around and it won't end up where you started after several full rotations. I think it's inviting hassle later on. A viewport can be sacrificial so once you've rotated to your hearts content, you can get rid of it, with all your original geometry un-touched... That being said, do try @markddsuggestions of working planes with "look-at" working plane, as well as the rotate 2d view too. Maybe try to go to multi-view and have a different rotation in each... As for that button, try typing a vaule in the box to it's right... say 30 or 45 for example. @Lottieedwards
  12. RussU

    Rotating 2D plan

    Rather than risk breaking the file by rotating everything, and risk missing some bits, why don't you create a design layer viewport, with all the relevant bits switched on. Then you can rotate that viewport, rather than the gemoetry itself. Just thinking out loud
  13. RussU

    "Dirty rendering"

    While I'm not an expoert in RW, this looks like a global illumination issue, and a light bounce issue. Undersampling secondary bounces. First thing to check is that there's no "light leaks" in the model, and the geometry all touches nicely, but then up your levels for "Indirect Lighting" and "Environment Lighting". Raising the Bounces / Max Reflections might help too. Can you post a screen grab of your current RW options?
  14. RussU

    Homemade CNC

    All very cool, I'm tempted myself but that new shed has been earmarked by she-who-must-be-obeyed!. Just a quick tip that I found handy, when I'm nesting parts, I generally have them as a solid fill but with 20% opacity. That way you can see easily when you have to co-incident parts (because they're darker) Nothing more annoying than watching your CNC cutting in empty space because you duplicated the part on-top of its self. @Jim Wilson You'll be getting the devs to make a bubble fillet tool next! Really handy for CNC work! 🙂
  15. RussU

    VW19 SP2 dramatic slow down...

    I would thoroughly agree with you, but over the years the dev team have been improving on the VGM etc. they may have been more reliant on these CPU code handling than in previous versions, so maybe later versions got hit harder.... I'd love to hear comment from one of the devs. But yes, the perception would be "2019 is a back-step" while not fairly taking all of the many variables into accounts. We all saw what happend with Mojave, not VW, but the OS. Having been running 2019 with the new Windows patch for a couple of hours, I'm noticing a lot of improvement. Stil not perfect, but we've made a big step forward.


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