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  1. Strange things are a-happening.....

  2. Well, just a 24 hour later update. No news on any serial number.
  3. Have you tried changing the global setting? tools. Options. 3d go to 3d conversion res and set it to low. see how you get along.
  4. Ah. Sorry. I’ve not checked the export. i was talking about native geometry generated inside vw having thier normals flipped. I’ll check. but... try this. If your program has sketchup import, try exporting to 3ds format and importing into sketch up. It’s very important to go to import options and tick “merge coplanar faces” or its horrid. i know it’s an extra step but the geometry is sound and stitched/welded. also worth remembering that vw uses the Siemens parasolid natively. So you could try stp and iges. They’re parasolid files. On occasion though the file sizes are gigantic so it’s not perfect. if vw exports flipped normals they won’t be welded anyway, which ever way you try
  5. Well, Installed 2018 got the SP1 And guess what.... the problems are fixed. I'll put some screen grabs of two things in 2017... one extrudes and compound solids, the other a PIO staircase... look at it. Completely unacceptable. But in 2018, it's fixed. Will they implement these fixes back into 2017? Lets see.
  6. Well, in engineering models I have several levels of detail in my symbols, set by classes. When looking at a general arrangement, I have low detail, and a nice quick re-draw. But zooming into the detail I switch on the high level of detail. I developed up this symbol set in VW2015, and have never had an issue with it before. The thing that broke this file was importing a 2016 file into 2017 and then copying and pasting one of last year's unique components into the 2017 file. Totally broke everything instantly. These issues have been flagged by many, including yourself for years. The reversed normals is insane... I even tried to load a vwbackup file to get the "regenerating 3d geometry" message... but nope. Months of work... toileted. I'm so pleased that those people that pay the ransom get the fixes, but in the UK we've always had a non-negotiation policy on such things. That being said, I am currently installing a trial of 2018, to see if these problems are fixed in that environment.
  7. It's for these very reasons I didn't extend my VSS.
  8. Well, it's not the whole serial... just version and customer numbers in that. I understand about the security of such items, but thank you for your concern. Have edited it out anyway as a precaution... they should get my customer number from my profile anyway. A very handy UK man has loaned me a serial number to get me running tonight, and I owe him big time... but.... even after prefs reset.... the normals issue and file performance is still there. I'm annoyed because everything in my message has been flagged for so very long and nothing's been done! I appreciate your support. The users are, as always, fantastic.
  9. Ok. Big rant and massive plead for help. File started to get large and then something unusual happened, which I've flagged long ago but still hasn't been addressed. Normals are reversed on geometry, making the hidden line VPs look rediculous. Performance dropped massively after replacing the symbols and trying to bug hunt. Had rediculous amounts of clipping of gfx in 3d views. Near and far geometry not displaying, zoom in a bit too far (like 50m away) and everything vanishes. Tried all the gfx compatibility options before I began running out of time. Performance kept dropping, tried everything I knew before resorting to heavy measures. Removed vw preferences, as explained in previous posts... And it's asked me to re-enter the serial number. They're not held on this site or on the machines unfortunately. It stops people pinching serials. Logged into VSS to get my VW designer 2017 serial, and it's not available as I don't have prividges as I chose not to update my VSS due to too many problems with the software. UK support only open in office hours. can't use a trial version of 2018, as I don't want to be locked into upgrading when the problem is resolved, and I don't have access to my software now. Skyping into Middle East at 4am to present months of work to the board of directors and I'm utterly screwed. Lost 6 hours today, will lose the job altogether in the morning.... and have been working on it since January all in the run up to this date. Why I'm cross? I flagged flipped normals ages ago. not fixed I flagged VSS not showing older licence numbers ages ago. not fixed I paid a lot of money for software which still doesn't work. I'm about to lose a contract worth 7 figures and I will get sued by my client. not able to discover my serial online, in files, in registery or anything, and I'm very savvy in that respect.
  10. wouldn't that be more down to the 3d conversion res? not the page res? Just trying to understand the process a little more.
  11. Will it be rolled out in the final SP for 2017?
  12. Hi, I've had an issue with title blocks and Issue managers. When I add an Issue note, normally it's multiple lines long, and therefore the Issue number and date is in one column, and then the write up is in the next one. Great for one issue... When I add more issue notes, the numbers and dates are stacked on top of one another at the bottom of the block, and do not relate to the issue they're next to. I can post screen grabs if that helps. Is there a fix or workaround?
  13. Any news on the last SP for 2017? I gather, by previous years that December is looking most likely. For those of us who didn't VSS upwards, we're still dealing with issues that have been outstanding for over a year. Drawing number co-ordination, structural member tool etc. Wondering if there's a list of fixes in the pipeline. Not getting on at you I've just been thinking about it.
  14. I agree completely. One of the trick that I use with 3ds max is to have a master texture map, and then tweak the individual settings. So if I have, say, 5 of one item in a row they look like clones of each other, but nudge the bump map on each one, and tweak the individual reflectivity and glossiness settings, et voila, you now have 5 different versions of the same item. Looks much more natural. Still looking to see RW have a more fluid workflow before I migrate my rendering into VW.
  15. It does happen in 2017 also, fairly rare, but does happen. I'm on PC with VW Designer