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  1. RussU

    VW beginner is stuck

    It's great for 3d work, massive time saver... you can also select mulitple 3d entities and split them all together with one operation.
  2. RussU

    Video artefacts

    I've noticed similar on PC as well. I can't replicate it reliably, but when it does happen it's a pain. Try switching on and off the black and white only switch, which effectively flushes the view cache. It works in 90% of my cases, and prevents the need for a VW restart ^^^^^^ @Andrew Davies ^^^^^^ I'd be really interested to hear if this works for Mac as well.
  3. RussU

    Problems importing large DWG files

    I've identified a potential issue with 2019 imports. Good imports on 2018, where the same file goes a bit odd in 2019. Try a previous version and see if that works? I've raised a similar ticket VB-157452 on this issue
  4. I want to add my voice to this request as well. I had to rush out some updated drawings, and ended up deleting all the dimensions from that issue, as going through them and tweaking them all would have taken hours. Now they're issued and the client is happy-ish, I need to go through dozens of these drawings tweaking them, and I know that a couple might slip through the net. While I think it might be difficult from a software engineering pov, I don't mind having 3D Loci in the model which I can "lock-on" to. this would be a major boost.
  5. RussU

    Laser Measures

    I did actually find an iphone app which seems to work quite nicely. @Jim Smith It's called MagicPlan on iOS, and while I've not used it in anger yet (so can't vouch for it) while playing around it looks like it's a good solution for your needs
  6. I did not know this!!!! Thanks! Life saver
  7. Read line 2 of; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia_Quadro There it states; "The GPU chips on Quadro-branded graphics cards are identical to the ones used on GeForce-branded graphics cards. The end products (i.e. the graphics card) differ substantially in their provided graphics device drivers and available professional support for the software." I run 2x 1070's in my machine and they're great with VW. Bear in mind that VW only uses one of them, but I put the other one to rendering video or 3ds max files in the background, so my VW experience is always up to speed. The 1070 will only help with the 3d modelling process. The renderworks renders are done on CPU so they won't benefit. but @zoomer is right. the main difference is drivers. The link above explains why
  8. RussU

    Laser Measures

    Hi @Jim Smith Have you tried the photo to 3d model on VW cloud services? While not exactly what you're after, it might be of interest. @Jim Wilson did a great bit of documentation about this; Hope this helps.
  9. Indeed, I've seen on many occasions when people upgrade to a new release of VW, and immediately switch to their old workspaces, which of course hide the new tools. That means a fair amount of users tend to miss out. A global search box would be great. Especially when you hop onto a temporary machine with a different workspace
  10. RussU

    Nested DLVPs

    Thanks , I've never looked at that panel before... Really handy! This is great for day to day work, but I know that I've got a referenced file with out of date references within it (This file has grown to be rather huge!) so I'll have a look around that panel and see what I can do with it, many thanks @markdd
  11. RussU

    Nested DLVPs

    Recently I've been nesting files within other files as design layer viewports. It's noted that when a file updates you need to update that VP within the next file manually (or check "update on file open") So my Q is, when I have multiple levels of nesting, the file I'm working on only checks the reference one level above it's self. If the DVLP are out of date within that file VW won't alert you.... Anyone know of a way to check status when it's beyond one level upward? (Save for opening and updating each one) One more thing with DLVPs, the "Update all viewports" command will do the SLVPs, but not always the DLVPs, so you can end up with out of date drawings... VW really should IMO, update all DVLPs first, and then move onto the SLVPs after.
  12. RussU

    Dashed hidden line render quality

    Try checking these two settings; go to: Tools -> Options -> Vectorworks Preferences. Under the "Edit" tab, look on the right for "2D conversion resolution" and it's likely that it's set to "Low" or "Medium".... Try raising that first, and that will improve the circle rendering in the hidden line VP, at the expense of speed. If that doesn't work, in the same dialogue box, go to the "3D" tab, and look for "3D conversion resolution" and do the same. I think the first option is for flat sheets rendering, and the second one is for live 3d modelling, using both you can optimise the performance/quality balance of VW. When models get complex or slower, I lower the resolution for working, and then just before output I re-raise it again to get better quality (albeit at a speed cost) I hope this helps! P.S. as a footnote, Section Viewports have this control built in. Select the section VP and in the OIP choose "Advanced Properties", and in the "Display" tab you'll see the same. I for one would love to see this control applied to all viewports, so we can select on a case by case basis!
  13. OK, in AutoCAD you can use the OVERKILL command, which does a great job. In VW it appears in the Purge dialogue box, but is global, file-wide. Is there a way of removing co-incident lines of a selection only?!
  14. Absolutely second this.... and NEVER defrag your SSD...
  15. @Jim Wilson I'd appreciate your thoughts, but when looking at SSD setups, you might find a rather useful pricing anomoly (I can only speak for the UK market but....) It was slighty cheaper for me to buy two 512GB SSDs rather than a single 1TB unit. So I thought why not RAID 0 them.... Best accident I ever had. Absolutely rips through read & write ops, and saved me a couple of pennies too!


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