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  1. RussU

    Data Tag Help

    Hi All, I see a lot of you making good use of the data tag tool, and I'm wondering how I can use it in my workflow. I don't really use many native PIOs, but I do make extensive use of custom symbols. Can anyone point me towards a good tutorial about setting up custom data tags? I don't know where to start on this Many thanks
  2. RussU

    Fundamentals 2017 exporting pdf

    I don't think Fundamentals has Export PDF included. Your best work around is Printing to PDF if you have acrobat or similar installed. See Tamsin's comment below!
  3. RussU

    Projected copy of Site?

    @Tamsin Slatter You'll have to record some JimW style videos of these topics, you'd get a lot of interest in your expertise!
  4. RussU

    I heart OBJ

    That particular one was done in Agisoft Metashape Pro. I took your footage and turned it into tif at 5fps. I wasn't expecting it to come out well, because youtube adds some compression which can mess up the footage on occasion.
  5. RussU

    I heart OBJ

    Brilliantly piloted!!! Lovely shots. There's some lovely videos on youtube about setting up your gimbal for really nice cinematic shots. My mavic wasn't great out of the box, but after some tweaking, it's super smooth now. See the attached file, and @jeff prince your video 3:20 - 4:10. I'm really enjoying seeing where our industry is going. Exciting times! Who know what's in store in the next few years! RockFace.vwx
  6. VW Does have content creators. They seem to be focussing on truss and lighting fixtures at the moment, so I wonder if there's a way to spread the focus into architect bits, rather than all spotlight libraries.
  7. I started looking at this a number of years ago as I hope between different softwares for different tasks. I agree that predictability is key here, so I'll tell you what I found... This is still a work in progress while I learn more each week, but hopefully if other people add layers of knowledge we can all learn. Firstly, you can't beat native geometry. All the importers work in different ways, so some files will give you solids, some meshes. I believe VW works on Seimens NX Parasolids as geometry. so the native *.X_T file format is preferred. This comes in really nicely, but they're few and far between. Next in line for me is *.IGS and *.SAT or *.STP They seem to come in quite well too. That being said, if the files mentioned above are storing meshes, then that's what you'll get in any case. I find that importing Sketchup and DWG/DXF tend to convert to mesh, as well as OBJ and 3DS. So you'll get slow-downs and messy hidden line renders. I had some models of Yachts which were detailed to the extreme. They came in beautiful nurbs based gemoetry, but it was far too much for VW to handle. I brought it into 3DS max and stripped out the super details, and then brought them over via IGES filetype and that worked well. Nice neat geometry. With some of it I set it to varying classes of Level of detail. Low medium and high. On a big viewport I only had low details switched on, but on more zoomed in VPs I switched on Medium and High... that did help, but it was a lot of prep work outside of VW which I couldn't charge for, but greatly improved my workflow and final presentation. But with all that being said above, I still get some unpredicability on occasion! When I'm in a rush, and it's a very quick and dirty fix, I open up the incoming file and do screen shots or flattening in X Y and Z, and then apply those as textures to the same three planes... kind of like an image prop, but in all 3 axis. It's not neat or pretty but does get you up and running quickly.
  8. There is a tool that I use for quickly flattening variously rotated extrudes to the same working plane. First (if necessary) set your working plane to be flat to X,Y. Then select the object, and choose "Align Plane" (behind the set working plane, in the 3d tools) Choose 3 points on that object that you would like to be co-planar (A bit like setting a working plane, but this works in reverse) and boom, on the 3rd click, the model will "un-rotate" to flat. Not sure if this works for point clouds, but it's a massive time saver for general geometry alignment.
  9. I only started using that tool at the end of last year, after about 12 years of not knowing!! It's really handy. Remember, you can double click into the resulting geometry to change the split plane, or ungroup and re-split to change. It's a super-quick mitre tool.
  10. RussU

    TV All-in-One

  11. RussU

    Looking for a good VW Podcast

    900+ episodes? Crazy! That's a full time job!
  12. RussU

    Weird horizontal lines in OpenGL render.

    Yep, I agree... known as z-fighting. Can you look at one more thing though? I've noticed some oddities in open GL drawing when your geometry in a long way from the internal origin. Set a 3d locus to 0,0,0 and then zoom to all, and see how far away you are... if it's a long way, get everything to the origin and have another look.... that might solve it.
  13. RussU

    Random weird graphics bug

    If it's a file that's not sensitive, you can post it or PM it and I'll take a look for you
  14. RussU

    Random weird graphics bug

    You can have the layer at 0,0,0 and in the layer properties you can set where in Geospace that 0,0,0 is.
  15. RussU

    Random weird graphics bug

    last time I saw this I fixed it by finding out where the origin was. Go place a 3d locus at 0,0,0 then select all and zoom to fit. I expect the bulk of your geometry is miles away from the origin. Move it all closer and it should sort it out... let me know how you get on


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