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  1. Makes total sense... It's a dark art this coding thing. Just a quickie though, when SP3 came out, and we had an issue with sheet borders and sheet names not updating (particularly when a sheet is duplicated) you mentioned that a fix was available but not yet implemented. Why wouldn't it be implemented in this release? more to it I guess...
  2. Hi @JimW With regards to the "fix list"... is it possible that they've implemented other fixes that don't appear in the list? It seems like the rounded rectangle crop on a detail view is fixed, but the sheet titles on duplicated sheets are not.
  3. On that note, is there a beta program that can be volunteered for? Or a list of patch progression that's accesible?
  4. Go to as many exhibitions as possible. Take a camera, take a sketch pad. Also, if you can, get into the workshop and talk with the guys who build things, have a look at how the CNC machines work, you won't regret it.
  5. @Andy BroomellI can say that I've crashed here and there, so it is possible. ill keep an eye on it and report back. interesting thought.
  6. Where in the world are you? US, UK? They're a friendly bunch here, so ask away. No question too daft.
  7. Perfect answer. Thank you! I must have had a shortcut that disabled it.
  8. Hi everyone, I can't replicate it, but once it happens in a file, that file is stuck with it. Whether I have snap to angle on or off, I can only snap vertically or horizontally. This is true with callouts, rotates, mirror etc... not just the line tool. I can't do 30, 45 or 60 any more... Any ideas what I've done? Thanks
  9. I might just give it a very good go then... dust off the old books Thanks Pat.
  10. Brilliant! I think I should go back to school and learn scripting all over again... I gave up because I learned Pascal first, then Actionscript in flash, and Actionscript 2, then ASP, then programming in Symbian, all of which are now more or less obsolete! Seemed everything I touched went to the wall... But what @Pat Stanfordmanages to achieve with script really levers the power out of VW. Thanks again @markddfor that!
  11. A nice feature I've been used to in 3ds max is a hide and show option. basically you can just right click and hide selection. Then later you unhide all. would be useful as a temporary simplification measure to aid workflow also an isolate selection is good (basically a hide non selected) at the moment i group the objects and then edit group, but it's one step further and can muck about with layers and classes if done carelessly. would also be good in viewports too, especially hidden line ones where you could have show/hide/grey to emphasise certain elements
  12. I got a 4K monitor and it was a god-send in terms on drawing space. second monitor usually has the resource browser and layer/class manager open on it. i did have a thought on some menus though. At the moment we have to open a dialogue box to input requirements. Like the outline tool for example. why don't we use the oip area for tool parameters? It stands to reason that once you've selected the item to outline/rotate/chamfer etc, you no longer need the object parameters for the duration of that tools use. Could be a better use of space and a slightly slicker workflow?
  13. I wasn't at all suggesting that that a perpetual licencing model should be dropped.... We all paid a lot of money to purchase the software initially, so I don't think that it would be possible to terminate the perpetual model for those who have bought it.... We currently have the option to use VSS to get the annual upgrade, or wait a year or two and pay for an upgrade path.... (VSS is cheaper in this respect, but some consider the differences between releases to not be worth the money. Some people use a version for 4 or 5 years, and then pay an upgrade lump) All I was suggesting was that we have the annual £550+VAT VSS, or a monthly option for the same. We all have perpetual use of the software on our most recent release anyway. I agree that the Autodesk model is highway robbery.
  14. Absolutely understand about the dates and comments. Glad that there's a final couple of packs due, as there is a couple of silly issue which let VW down, while it excels in many other areas. Interesting to know the internal strategy regarding service packs. Gives confidence that those without VSS will be able to continue to use the software. One one last note, I read that there could be a monthly subscription being touted for VSS... Is this still in the pipeline? I think, just like the Adobe model sucess, this will help bring people on board, en masse. Thank you Jim. Very helpful
  15. Hi @JimW Sorry to be a pain, I'm sure this has been asked before... Is there a SP4 in the pipeline to sort out a few of the remaining issues? I know that we're coming towards the end of the 2017 product release cycle, so want to know if Viewport crops going crazy Structural members missing shapes Viewports numbers and sheet numbers not updating properly and others are going to be fixed in 2017? or if they'll remain as permanant "features!" We're planning our software strategy for the next few years and that would be useful to know! Thanks