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  1. It does happen in 2017 also, fairly rare, but does happen. I'm on PC with VW Designer
  2. Hi all, This happens quite frequently and I don't know how to repair it. The upper viewport is front view, the lower one is Iso, both hidden line. Top one missing a lot of lines. 2017 designer, win 8.1, Nvidia GPU Any advice very welcome
  3. Hi Russ,

    I was hoping you could help me please?

    I have received a file format that I cannot import or convert to use/import into Vectorworks.

    On the forum I saw you work with MAX? is this correct?

    The file format is '.mat' and holds a library of textures whereas I only need one of them to be converted to a jpg and C4D file.

    Would you know where I can find someone online or even maybe yourself to convert it?
    Cheers, Grethe

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    2. Grethe Connerth

      Grethe Connerth

      Hi Russ,

      thank you will do, yes the arrow ways are really good, am just trying to expand my library and have custom textures. I had a look at V-Ray textures and need to see about jogs. Maybe I'll find something close to what I'm after.

      Thanks again for all your efforts.

      Happy days from Melbourne OZ.



    3. RussU


      Ok Grethe. Good luck with it.

      I do have some gigantic textures if you're doing up-close work. I rarely use RW, but instead use 3ds max and Vray as you get a photo-real result. There's about a 3 year learning curve on that though!!

      Happy to help if you need it.


      All the best, from the very rainy medival village of Alfriston! :)


    4. Grethe Connerth

      Grethe Connerth

      Hi Russ,

      apologies for the delay in my response.

      I was taking a bit of a breather because Thursday and Friday were lots of last minute things the client wanted me to organise for their expo stand we're setting up commencing on Monday.

      Alfriston, so I had to look this up, either England or New Zealand. I assume GB as you wrote 'medical village'? That's great, totally on the other side of the world to here.

      I of course applaud you on your offer!!! Thank you so much, that is very generous of you!!!

      Honestly I wouldn't know where to begin, the texture I am currently desperate to find is the one I made screenshots of during our conversations. This is the 'used smooth concrete' that with possibly some tweaking looks like a shiny metal floor. 

      Personally I don't work with any other program but VW / RW, nothing else. So I wouldn't know if VRay won't work with RW?

      The closest result I have so far is an imported texture/image ex Evermotion. Attached file below.

      But it's not really the same just yet, plus you can see the 'tiles' where the image duplicates to the next.

      In any case, I shall see how I can go from here.

      Also still lots to do before the build up on site Monday morning.

      Have a great weekend!!!




  4. Since they brought point cloud support in, yes, it works extremely well. I did a talk through for some friends last year; but I do babble on (ignore the first 5 minutes or so) And an example point cloud is here; My friends farm is about a mile long, and half a mile wide, and was scanned in 3 flights, over 45 minutes, and the whole vally consists of around 60 million points Be very careful about operating inside the law though. UAV operators are getting some bad press at the moment.
  5. Tricky to answer. You generally need to optimise the mesh a bit, meshlabs and 3ds max are good for this. Also the UVW maps can be absolutely bonkers, unless you do an unfold operation before This was done with a 50mpix canon last year But also.... Capturing reality has a great free trial version you can play with. Obv, the higher the image quality, the better the finished article. The vid above was done in Agisoft Photoscan. HTH
  6. Ah, ok. That makes perfect sense. Thanks very much
  7. Just doing a little polite chase up on this. Traditionally the last SP has come out 10 days or so before the new release, so just a-wondering... I did the whole "duplicate sheet" thing again and then spent 10 minutes opening up each title block and closing it to update the sheet name... and then going through each viewport and renumbering them corectly. Still looking forward to Uk UCs appearing in the structural member tool too. I'm sure the Dev team are busy as anything with the new release. I'm itching to see how 2017 will be left for us who didn't VSS our way up on this occasion.
  8. I just got piled into reading the section about Braceworks! What a great development... Very much nearly pushed me into renewing my VSS instantly Then I noticed it had a B icon, like the L S A D ones for the design series products. Turns out it's not included in the Designer package and is around $5.5k to add it on. Having looked through the full feature list of 2018, other than the multiple views which look nice, I don't think I would have used any "new" features in my workflow. The only ones I think I'm going to miss out on are the "new" features which are improvements or fixes to old, broken ones. Line rendering on sheets, wall component joins, streamlined worksheets. I think I would enjoy the new title block feature, but only because it would have saved me a lot of time checking the drawing number co-ordination from the exising broken one (duplicate sheets do not update thier numbers and so on) There must be a killer feature I've missed that I can't live without, surely? I have noticed I no longer have access to the subscription libraries and the what's new videos in VSS. Only to be expected I guess.
  9. Great, thank you. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.
  10. In previous years there's always been a last SP to iron out the last remaining bugs and provide future compatibility just before a new release is rolled out. I know that it's been usual to have SP5 for all but 2016, which went to SP6. There's still quite a few issues for us that have chosen to remain on 2017
  11. Just read through the what's new on the 2018 help pages. Interesting stuff. Lets see how people lever these new tools
  12. Hi VW folks. I've had to use a sketchup file to communicate with a client lately and it dawned on me that they're using the free version. There's quite a few free but restricted versions of software out there, which although they protect themselves via watermarking and other methods and advertise themselves, they end up providing their users with a potential to build a library of their own free design files, so when they want to "go pro" they invest in the pro version of that software. Is it feasible that VW release a hugely cut down, very simple and free version of VW? My clients love the VW viewer, but wish they could put basic cubes and lines on the modelling space to help mark up feedback. So, disabling sheets, having either a 3d or 2d file and no custom PIOs, ni rendering etc... could be a fantastic way of doing an entry level version of the software which, no doubt, would increase customer uptake later on down the line. MacDonalds have their happy meals for exactly that purpose. Get them familiar with the product when they're poor, and then watch them come on board later when they're spenders. I would certainly recomend a free VW "viewer" with super-basic facilities to my clients to give some feedback Thoughts anyone??
  13. While underwhelming on first look, this is, in my humble opinion probably one of the most solid future-proofing moves I've seen. not immediately obvious, but using it in anger will probably yield gains straight away. good idea!
  14. Is it still available? I'd love to see