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  1. You might have inadvertantly changed a preference. I have my double click set to edit annotations (not crop) If you right click on the viewport in question and just choose plain "Edit" In the next menu, you'll be able to re-set your default double click behaviour... Choose "Edit Crop" and that should reset everything back to what you're used to; Edit: your right click menu might look different to mine, as I've customised some entries.... but you should still have "Edit" in there.
  2. Little trick with that, and it's starting the drag with the "shift" key pressed, and you don't go into an immediate drag state. Also, I love the alt+select window/crossing mode. Acad is left->right window select and right->left crossing mode... We can have either mode in any direction. I particularly love the lasso marquee select mode in VW (I know you have it in acad too, but you have to tick a preference) that makes things super super quick.
  3. I've noticed that a lot of packages now have a UI scaling feature in their preferences. While I like my icons small, to free up space, I know that others like larger ones. My colleague scales to 200% size on his 4k monitor. Maybe I just havn't found it yet, but I don't think vw allows ui scale?
  4. How bizarre.... someone had a "quite word of advice" with me yesterday afternoon about this very subject.
  5. I didn't know this!! How interesting though, especially the link you posted. It'll be an interesting subject to watch, going forward. I think there's a new paradigm around the corner for future tech. Risc processors? Quantum? chiplet? Who knows!
  6. @RafaelPernia I bet it's your default font size, which is giving you the issue. With nothing selected, go to text->font size and set it to 12 or whatever you prefer. That should set the default font so new dims should show ok. Let us know if that was the issue
  7. Hmmm... I've had something similar, and thought it was down to a view caching issue. Where the vgm fails to redraw certain things. it thinks it's being efficient but it's skipping bits. Bit odd that it's localised to one symbol only though, and a different one each time. in 2019 I had a work-around of inverting the colours in the view, and toggling b&w on and off, which would force a redraw and bring things back so in most cases a toggle on and off would fix that... but your symbol missing it's thumbnail in the resource browser could be a different issue. See if this toggling helps
  8. I'm having a look now, see if I can find the VW icon files, so that I can swap them out for Illustrator ones... I wonder what that'll look like!
  9. That was a selling point for me all those years ago. Very few of my shortcuts are VW standard, so you'd got in a pickle on my machine. The shortcuts I have chosen are a best fit to Adobe Illustrator, (which also matches photoshop in the most part) This made migrating to VW incredibly quick for me, and now I can seemlessly jump between Adobe products and VW hundreds of times a day and be sure footed from one program to the next.
  10. I've had this on some files too. Something to do with the internal clipping planes. If the far geometry suggestion from @Tamsin Slatter doesn't work, try the perspective control tools in Translate view tool. This is a good fix on many occasions (But not all) It'll take a combination of the modes marked 2, but you'll know if you're making it better or worse. If you get anything that resembles this post; Then it's almost certainly an item or two a long way from the origin
  11. @ericjhberg Handy tip I was told with the i9.... I noticed, out of the box, mine was thermal throttling quite a frequently and losing speed. I under-volted the chip by a couple of clicks, and knocked up the frequency by 100mhz, and it was much quicker without the throttling. Hope it helps!
  12. Thanks! While that post won't help me with my current issue, I now know something new I didn't before! so thanks @line-weight @Pat Stanford
  13. HI everyone, I've inherited a file from someone, where they have geometry on different layers, all over the place. There's a lot of sheets and sections etc. which relate to that geometry. So, does anyone know of a way to move the geometry in the Design Layer (say, to the origin) on each layer, while preserving the sheets and sections? Each layer will need to be moved differently to one another, so I'm thinking it's a tall order, but who knows?! Thanks in advance.
  14. And that, @angelojoseph is perfect. My clients love to see the design process "live", so I've always got an audience, so I'd love a razer sharp look to the front end.
  15. @angelojoseph @MartinFahrer Yes, I posted and deleted it myself. I thought that I had perhaps sounded like I was being overly negative, when I think very highly of VW. While I appreciate the work from the dev team, and only want to help out in a constructive way I don't think I worded it particularly well. In the CAD market, VW is an underdog which is punching above it's weight and doing very very well. I'm able to produce things of a better quality and far greater speeds than my other colleagues on ACAD products. A decision has been made from the higher-ups to centralise and streamline the design department. This means everyone going to ACAD, or to VW. There's two on ACAD and little old me on VW, so I have to work very very hard to hang on to VW. I've listed below the points which have been raised to me, when I've been selling the virtues of why VW is the way to go. VW Pros; I've proven VW to be incredibly fast and accurate, leaving the others for dust on many occasions. The cost is very favourable. The industry specific tools (especially in the VW Designer package) as very versatile. From point cloud scans to terrain models, architectural tools and powerful revision managers The sheer import/export capabilities of VW... talks nicely to everyone. BIM Certified VW Cons (from a directors perspective, not mine) Not industry standard file type Looks and feels cheap.... therefore, could it be putting the business at risk (despite seeing the output I give them) Autodesk, household name VW Draughtsmen would be hard to find as a replacement (ACAD designers are "ten a penny" (His words)) No one else can modify the files in my abscence. Would have to re-train Two draughtsmen ACAD Pros; Industry standard file type Widely supported can find many users No need to retrain anyone (I can already use ACAD, I just chose not to because I'm so much quicker in VW) ACAD Cons Cost Slow So there we are.... I feel a bit fussy having a pop about the icons, as I'm a keyboard shortcut warrior and they've not slowed me down at all... but I need every reason possible to sell VW to the higher-ups. I think it's the same as me using photoshop on my machine and my kid using ms paint on hers.... and me designing brochure in InDesign, while the secretary does them in Fisherprice Word. I really need to prove that VW is the heavy weight, and on the most part I've done that.... but people also buy with their eyes!!! Aplogies for deleting the earlier post. If a forum admin can recover it, I'd be more than happy for it to go public. I didn't want to be unduly down on VW, of which I'm a big fan.


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