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  1. RussU

    Viewport overrides and 3d objects

    ok thanks. I knew about surface hatches for some rw textures, but havent' had the time to use them properly just yet. It's a shame that the object will need to have a texture applied rather than being able to do it with overrides Thanks for the info though.
  2. Bit of a back to basics question, but are you able to add class overrides to viewports and have them apply to 3d objects? I've clicked around a bit, and I would like to have a hatch overlaid on my 3d objects, but while I've got an over-ride set up it doesn't seem to show in the viewport. Also, note that the fourth coloumn doesn't show an override icon... I don't know if that might be the problem?
  3. RussU

    DWG Export Line Types

    Thank you. Further to your note, I found that if you are in TrueView you won't have the REGEN command available. A work around for this is to change the view style from 2d, to hidden line or similar, and then back to 2d to force the regen command to happen. This also shows the lines correctly. Thanks again @Nina Ivanova 👍
  4. RussU

    DWG Export Line Types

    Thanks, will PM the file over to you shortly. These were the last export settings I tried. I've tried both options for the "Export complex line types as Blocks" option. Thanks for your help
  5. RussU

    DWG Export Line Types

    I'm trying to export a linetype to DWG It came in as a DWG, I've worked on it a little and now want to output, but the lines lose thier text tags on export... VW on the right, Trueview on the left. Any ideas?
  6. it's not like yourself, @Christiaan , @_c_ @Bas Vellekoop and many others have been asking for a wee while now... I rarely need to use it in my day to day work. I'm lucky enough where everything is generally a custom build, I need to direct model everything for manufacture on CNC. So I need ludicrous amounts of detail, especially on staircases and the like. For me, I'd like to see the stair/door + window tool produce these cnc files, but I've never asked, because it would be a very very big ask. I don't think your comments about localisation, or @_c_ requests for rebates are unreasonable though.
  7. There has been the occasional feature addition via service pack, Revit import, IFC support, cloud services etc. But generally, for an overhauled or new feature you'll need to wait for a major annual release.
  8. RussU

    Pan tool not working on new laptop

    are you able to pan with the middle mouse button?
  9. Would you have more luck if you changed the title to "Localization".... 😉
  10. The sales model for everyone has evolved over the years . If you were to introduce a monthly subscription cost then anyone who spent on a perpetual licence is going to feel an immediate bump, because other users are getting on the bus for much much less. Monthly subs certainly makes it more affordable and Adobe proudly announced that the use of pirated software plummeted when they did this. The Adobe CC suite is absolutely astonishing value when you are able to make use of 3 or more of their packages, so it's very easily justified. They've cemented thier market position forever as no competitor will ever get a look in now Pricing is important, but AutoCAD is already the "industry standard". I think one of VW strongest points is the sheer amount of import/export functions. It will play nicely with a lot of different softwares. Be careful with that! It's not so much a perpertual licence, but an end of life for maintainance and support, with financial penalty if you want to get back into the support cycle. Sure you can use the softwareforever, but any critical fixes and patches are never rolled out to you beyond two versions. There's lots of people on legacy versions of VW, but they're still running with bugs which are fixed for other people, but not for them. Just think of those poor folk who have a perpertual licence for 2013, and now because their OS has updated, they can no longer use this perpetual licence.... Perpetual, is not perpetual... Perpetual is, "you're on your own from here, kid" maybe a year, maybe two, but not perpetuity. I don't know of any other software firm which leaves legacy versions with critical issues still unpatched. The answer is not impossible to find. The intial lump sum has been paid by every VW user so dumping this in favour of a subscription will annoy the existing customer base. Instead give them a heavily discounted rate back to what VSS costs. (for me it's £550 a year, or hopefully, £50pcm soon) For those who don't want the initial outlay, raise their subscription to say £750/year, or £75pcm) for a true perpetual Software-As-A-Service Model. (OS updates won't break you!) And finally, for those who want the benefits of the first package, but cant afford the out-lay, how about £1k or £100/pcm, until they've paid their "Perpetual" lump sum, and then it drops to half. This will help grow the user-base, encourage long term use..... but crucially, from a development and support perspective, everyone will be on the latest version anyway. Completely removing the unsupported legacy version argument.... And, it'll heavily reduce piracy as well. As a final comment, one thing I'd love to see that no-one offers at the moment is a pay-per-view model. I would love to see all these photoshop/autocad subscription models offer a 5-day, pay as you go model. Some users don't want to sign in for a year. Just pay when they use it once in a blue moon. Would happily pay £10 for a week of photoshop, when I have a job to price it into, or £20 for one week of 3DS max, when I know I won't use it for 45 weeks of the year. It means I can build the software cost into the individual job, if needed. As ever, I'd love to read other user's thoughts about this.
  11. Thank you, very interesting. It's shown me that I am not using revisions and issues properly. I have revisions on each sheet, but no Issue data at all. So when I go to create the worksheet there is no issue data available to me. As you mentioned I cannot change the revision data in this way.
  12. thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Useful to know. I don't think I'm using the issue/revision functions as they should be, if that's the case. There's not much in the way of clear documentation in the help files or video tutorials either. If you could point me in the right direction of some useful info, that would be excellent. Thanks again.
  13. Does anyone know how to access the revision and issue data via worksheets? I've had a huge amount of so-called revision notes to drop into each sheet and the usual title block manager way of doing things will take an age. Ideally I'd like to do direct entry with that, so any hints and tips would be really appreciated
  14. RussU

    PDF Export+Import...

    I've published a few A3 Sheets to PDF. 420mm x 297mm - When I drag and drop them back into VW, they're consistently sized at 3361mm x 2376mm Any ideas why they're coming in at a wrong size??
  15. RussU

    Landscape areas: plant numbers

    After having a look and seeing what Mr S has done, you really should get him to do a few video tutorials! The viewers will love the English accent!


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