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  1. Get a USB nuber pad.... it'll speed you up no end!
  2. Agreed on PC too. @Hassan RazaHave you checked your machine over for potential overheats, blocked fans etc. ? Anything that you do in particular that causes a crash?
  3. Put your flat 2d shape in side a symbol, and then in the settings dialogue of the structural member tool, Click the dropdown and choose "Custom" and then pick your UC Symbol. There was an issue with UCs not showing in the tool, but I believe in 2020 they're in there.
  4. RussU

    GIS Stake

    @Tamsin Slatterthanks for your work on this, absolutley huge learning curve, but very interesting indeed. As a big ask, are you able to post a sample file where you've got this set-up correct? I'd be very interested in pulling VW into my GIS workflow. At the moment when I've done drone surveys and I have either a point cloud, or a mesh, I generally import it in at a x/y 0,0 Local co-ordinate system (otherwise it's miles away from the internal origin, with all the usual issues) So I would really like to be able to import these to a globally correct, geo-refenced layer. Thanks again for your brilliant description. I'm trying this out now!
  5. RussU

    GIS Stake

    Ok, Let me wrap my head around this over-night and have an answer (I hope) tomorrow. I too deal with sites several km long (not very wide but very long) so the contractors do want GPS setting out data.... but then the installers want the dims in mm. You have raised an excellent point here
  6. RussU

    GIS Stake

    @lisagravy Do you mind me asking how large your drawings are (in real terms?)
  7. RussU

    GIS Stake

    Yes! I would love to see an implementation of this as well, so fingers crossed. Little bit of trivia as to why this "might" be difficult. The Minute ticks along the Northings equate to 1 nautical mile, so this conversion is reasonably easy to do... But the Eastings Minute ticks do NOT equate, as they get closer together the nearer to the poles you are... This might introduce errors going from N/E to X/Y in metres, but I'm sure the programming wizards should have a way forward. Thanks @lisagravy for raising a brilliant question!!! Looking forward to a definitive answer!!
  8. I think there's something unique about "Rectangles" (as opposed to 4-sided polygons) and that's why they stay as rectangles, rather than a poly.... but I can't remember what exactly that is.
  9. it's been like that forever. I tend to do a quick decompose->compose and then you can reshape.
  10. I've just gone ahead and done a fresh download of SP1 Build 512839 from my service select- and yes, this line/extrude issue is in there for sure. So it looks like there's a regression from previous versions that worked ok. Let's hope we see the next SP very very soon.
  11. I've just checked it across a few different builds of VW, and it is a problem on some of the older versions.... Greyed out Fill, only an outline. So keep an eye out for latest SP, or download the next one as soon as you can.
  12. It's just a line.... JustALine.mp4
  13. Would you mind doing me a favour and trying something out... I'm not a mac user, but I've noticed a big difference between.... 1) Print to PDF 2) File->Export to PDF 3) File->Publish (to PDF) It seems to me that they all handle PDFs in subtly different ways. I'd be interested, on your particular file, how these different ways of outputting affect the PDF filesize from a Mac
  14. That's interesting, I'd like to know more. I've noticed that a few particular crashes in certain circumstances have been completely eradicated. I'm finding 2020 to be, without doubt the most stable. I do, admittedly get the occasional pause, but it always comes back reliably. Probably not useful in everyone's workflow, but for me this is a massive step forward and worth it's weight in gold I'm finding this very useful.. Still a little temperamental, but a real time saver.... But a good point raised, a preference option would suit some people. Initiall you might think that it's a bit cosmetic, but as you work through a file you'll find that the pallettes "optomise" towards your workflow, showing you only really the bits you like to use. Really nice neatening up of the work-flow on a per-job basis.... persevere with this, you'll grow to love it. I must admit, I'm pretty much 99% keyboard shortcut... as some icons are a bit different. Perhaps having an old/new workspace option might help. Try customising your workspace to suit you. Once I hid a lot of non-used tools I found VW much slicker.


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