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  1. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Why fight this kind of uphill battle? Just edit your symbol so that your desired Z=0 is aligned with the zero mark (locus) in front or side view and get on with it. See attached.
  2. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Just a guess, but probably the inner mind of VW's uses a symbol's settings as the zero point. For example, when I place a new Sink from the libraries, zero is equal to the bottom of the flange which would sit on a counter top, or about an inch below the sink's highest point. Therefore, if I want the sink to sit on a 30" vanity all I need to do is move up Z=30" and the flange will align as expected. And, if I Edit 3d for the sink I find the Z=0 locus right at that same level. Try it and see what you think.
  3. CipesDesign

    Nurbs Roadway

    Yes. Use the "Align Stations Vertically". Again, expect some trial and error. See the user guide here: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FSiteModel1%2FCreating_NURBS_Roadways.htm&rhsearch=curbs road&rhhlterm=curbs road&rhsyns= and other items regarding Nurbs Roadway
  4. CipesDesign

    Nurbs Roadway

    I have had that happen before. Frighteningūüėę. There are three (I think) toggle modes in the reshape. You need to make sure that the movement is constrained to the x and y axes. Better yet, and because of this, I stopped trying to make those sorts of adjustments by mouse action and instead type in the numbers I need. I even usually resort to going back a couple steps, to the original polyline (saved off to the side). Duplicate, make needed corrections in 2d, then re-create road. Then I go vertex by vertex as needed to adjust grades. It's trial and error (at least for me) and sometimes takes three times to get it how I want it, but it's SO much better than old school by hand method. And once it's right, bob's your uncle.
  5. CipesDesign

    Nurbs Roadway

    Make sure that "Vertex Only" is selected in the little pulldown?
  6. CipesDesign

    Imported files not rendering the Roofs properly

    Also, can you explain exactly how you are "importing" the house model? File to file copy and paste? Referencing? Other?
  7. CipesDesign

    Vertical Bar Railing

    I totally agree. If you have time you can file a Wishlist Item.
  8. CipesDesign

    3D Pine Trees

    JC, here (below) is a VW's file with the Evergreen Tree. Note 1: see how it behaves like a 2d Object in Top/Plan View and how it changes to a 3d Object in 3d Views (this is a central paradigm in VW's and applies to the entire program); Note 2: if you double click on a Hybrid Symbol you are given the choice of Edit 2d or Edit 3d. Try it and you will get a better idea of how Hybrid Objects are created. You will also be able to modify many things in the Symbol if desired; Note 3: If/when you create/modify Hybrids, make sure that the 2d alignment is true, center of 2d = center of 3d. More questions? Post back! Evergreen.vwx
  9. CipesDesign

    3D Pine Trees

    In Top Plan View, IP's look like crossed lines, but pop into a 3d View (like with the Flyover Tool) and you will see their 3d(like) presentation. If you want the best of both worlds, you can use a 2d/3d Hybrid Symbol which contains the Plan View graphic and the 3d IP. For example, try the Symbol called "Plant Basic Evergreen Tree 01". Or, you can create your own (see: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FSymbols%2FCreating_Symbol_Definitions.htm&rhsearch=hybrid symbol&rhhlterm=hybrid symbol&rhsyns= )
  10. CipesDesign

    3D Pine Trees

    Image Props are 3d resources. They have a much lower poly count than actual 3d models. Try it and see what you think... FWIW, it is generally helpful if you create a Profile which includes your OS flavor and version and your VW's Version, etc. P
  11. CipesDesign

    3D Pine Trees

    Yes. Use the search function in the Resource Manager; type in "pine".
  12. CipesDesign

    Apartment cropping

    LIne Weight is controlled in the Attributes Palette.
  13. CipesDesign

    Apartment cropping

    One way to do it is: Create Viewport, on Sheet Layer and draw the Crop as a Polygon that exactly outlines the portion of the building you wish to show. Make the Crop visible and make sure to adjust the line weight of the Crop to suit the rest of the plan.
  14. CipesDesign

    Vertical Bar Railing

    Not difficult. You just need to fiddle with all the settings. Here is an example. A couple notes: 1) I used the Handrail Straight tool; 2) Since you cannot remove the Top Cap, and it cannot have "0" value, I cheated and made it .01 x .01" (this will present well in Open GL, but unfortunately shows a line in Hidden Line render mode. That would need to be fixed with a mask in annotations); 3) Dimensions for horizontal rails can be set as desired, see attached VWX file; 4) In order to show larger posts (as in your photo) you will need to create Pillars (or Floors, or Extrudes) and place them along the line at the interval of your choice, then the whole set can be Grouped for ease of handling. 5) If along a sloped path you can adjust the "Rise" of the Railing Object, but you will also need to manually (or carefully Duplicate Along Path) the periodic larger posts to conform. or 6) for a stepped fence (as you show) you will need to use multiple separate pieces, carefully aligned in a frontal view to follow the slope. All of these can also be grouped if desired. [Side Note: This whole thing would be a very good exercise for a Marionette Object] Post back with follow up questions as needed. Wrought Iron Fence.vwx
  15. CipesDesign

    section arrow font

    What font is that? Maybe you try a different one?


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