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  1. I gave up on Wall styles a long time ago, for this and other reasons. You can do what you describe fairly easily using unstyled walls and then simple 3D modeling techniques. I recommend using discreet classes for all object types (eg, mirror, tile, etc.)
  2. CipesDesign


    What about the Ramp Tool??
  3. CipesDesign

    Model rotation and standard front/rear views

    There are a couple ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is to use the Rotated Top Plan feature, as follows: in Top/Plan View, Use Top/Plan Rotation to align the model/plan with the X/Y axes. Then, from there simply use the Front, Back and Side Views to present the model "straight on" (If I remember, you will get a dialog the first time asking if you want to use the rotated plan view for the front, etc.). Once in the correct view and orientation run the Create VP command. The nice thing about doing it like this is that once elevations are set up you they are persistent and only need to be updated when changes are made.
  4. CipesDesign

    Interior T&G depiction

    I would use one of the wood floor textures and then adjust the scale, etc. as desired.
  5. CipesDesign

    Question about using 2D Polys to 3D Source Data

    Yes, this command relies on stacking order. Two suggestions: Copy and Paste In Place in order each of the polys (contours) in the source data. This can be time consuming on larger sites. Or, for about the same amount of time, do a simple Convert To 3d Polygons, then enter the elevation (Z value) for each 3d Poly. Just FYI, you can select any 3d Poly and change its Z value in the OIP at any time (preferably before running Create Site Model). One additional note: Very often 2d polys in imported surveys are sloppy (discontinuous; broken by text; etc.) and therefore require clean up and management before running the Create Site Model command
  6. CipesDesign

    Creating 2D Plans from 3D Model

    Solution 1 (easiest/fastest/dirtiest): Use masking objects in the Annotations (white rectangle, with white lines and black line at the wall) [sometimes you just gotta do it]. Solution 2: Create a discreet Class for the doors on the lower (slab) level. Then make that Class invisible in the VP shown.
  7. CipesDesign

    Creating 2D Plans from 3D Model

    A couple comments: 1) Use Classes to turn certain items on/off in any particular VP. (EG: the roof eave line can be in it's own class) 2) To show Stairs from level below, either a) create a second stair in the second level and move it down so that it aligns in 3d with the stair below; and/or b) if you have a Floor in the upper level, cut a hole in the floor (just like in real life) so that the stair below shows... There is so much 'meat' to this topic it's hard time-wise to give you a comprehensive how-to. But those two tips might help.
  8. CipesDesign

    Cannot extrude simple polygon.

    Best guess is that the Polygons are being created in a Class which is not visible/editable... Make sure that Classes are set to Show/Snap/Modify Others... If that's not it, then yes please post a file.
  9. CipesDesign

    Wall Projections

    Wall Features... Great idea, mediocre execution.
  10. CipesDesign

    Fit walls to objects

    Often I use a special Design Layer for Clerstory walls. In effect, all walls on the Main Level have a determined and even plate height. The Clerestory walls become gables and half gables.
  11. CipesDesign

    Aligning Hatches in Section viewport vs. Front view

    I agree that this can be annoying. One thing that sometimes works is to Nudge (Shift+ArrowKey) the Section VP just a tad. You will see that the Hatch stays in place and the entire VP moves 'around' it. Not a perfect solution but might be workable.
  12. In the Edit Texture Dialog, next to the Color [Image eg] Pulldown, click the Edit button. Then click the Rotate button. Voila!
  13. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    psm, Using the the Edit Workspace command, search for the Fit Walls command, and if it's available you can add it to your workspace. Boh, yes that is one way to skin this cat!
  14. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    Not Subtract. Use the command Fit Walls To Objects . Subtracting will turn the walls into generic 3d forms, losing all parametric ability.
  15. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    The easiest way to work around this (which occurs due to the mitered wall join at corners) is to create a Temporary Shape and us it as the "Fit To" object in the Fit Walls to Objects command. The shape must be Solid and must completely cover the portion of the wall you wish to reshape. P