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  1. In the Edit Texture Dialog, next to the Color [Image eg] Pulldown, click the Edit button. Then click the Rotate button. Voila!
  2. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    psm, Using the the Edit Workspace command, search for the Fit Walls command, and if it's available you can add it to your workspace. Boh, yes that is one way to skin this cat!
  3. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    Not Subtract. Use the command Fit Walls To Objects . Subtracting will turn the walls into generic 3d forms, losing all parametric ability.
  4. CipesDesign

    Wall Peak Problem Help

    The easiest way to work around this (which occurs due to the mitered wall join at corners) is to create a Temporary Shape and us it as the "Fit To" object in the Fit Walls to Objects command. The shape must be Solid and must completely cover the portion of the wall you wish to reshape. P
  5. CipesDesign

    Flat Roof

    In the Create Roof dialog, you can enter a pitch (slope) value in the following format: .25:1 (eg). See attached
  6. CipesDesign

    Flat Roof

    Many ways to do this. And no roof is actually totally flat. 1) try giving slope a small value (1/4" per foot, eg); 2) Use a Roof Face instead of a Roof; 3) If you really want it totally flat, try using a Floor Object; 4) You can use a simple extrude (but a Floor is better, with more control over textures and graphics).
  7. CipesDesign

    Drawing I-Joists

  8. CipesDesign

    TJI / Wood I-Beam Built IN Shapes

    Try using a "Framing Member" object, set to: Type= Wood Floor Truss; and at the very bottom of the the OIP, check "Use Solid Web". The rest should be self evident.
  9. CipesDesign

    tree symbol problem

    Hi Stephanie, Sorry I didn't understand your original question! I am not super savvy with the Plant Placement tool. Hopefully someone who is can jump in?? One suggestion that may or may not help: Select the Plant, then in the Object Info Palette click on Plant Settings, you should be able to choose from the Plants in your current document (or others from default or other content).
  10. CipesDesign

    tree symbol problem

    A SYMBOL can only have one specific definition. There is no way to change only one symbol without changing all other instances of that symbol (with one exception, which is a "scaled symbol"; same exact definition; different size). In order to do what (I think) you want to do, go to the Resource Browser and Duplicate the Symbol (and name it as you like), then modify the new Symbol as you wish. Another method which *might* work for limited purposes (eg: only one or two are needed) is to select the instance of the Symbol to be modified and Convert to Group. You will then be able to enter and edit the Group (but you will lose any parametric abilities, and although you can make a duplicate of the Group, it will not be a Symbol)
  11. CipesDesign

    Walls on top of each other

    Not exactly, but you can use the Move command to move each by the same exact distance. The Move command will retain the most recently entered numbers, so this is a pretty fast way to achieve what you're after. Another way is to select both walls and then drag them together; or better, select them both then Group, then drag, then Ungroup.
  12. CipesDesign

    Site and building model set-up

    If the Site Model and the Walls are in different Design Layers (as they should be) check the Elevation (Z) of the Layer in which the Walls reside... For this (your) example, try setting the Z of both Layer to the same elevation; or if there is a compelling reason to leave the Layers at different elev's, do the math and adjust the Walls accordingly.
  13. CipesDesign

    Roof 3D view

    Move it up or down using the Move 3d command. When you create a Roof make sure to set the Bearing Height to the correct value. I usually set up my Design Layers so that the Floor Plan (where the Walls are) and the Roof layers have the same Z (elevation) value. Then when I create a Roof there is no additional math to do [eg: if walls are 8 ft high, then Roof will bear at 8 ft].
  14. CipesDesign

    Site Model Glitch

    I (or someone) would need to see your file to trouble shoot it. If small enough you could post it here and hopefully someone will have time to take a look. FWIW, I have also had problems with Retaining Walls and the auto generated Site Modifiers (Pads and Boundaries). I generally prefer to use Pads, etc to do the "grading" first, then add regular walls as needed. It takes a little longer but seems to afford more control.
  15. CipesDesign

    Site Model Glitch

    Welcome to the Forum. It is generally helpful if you create a signature (in your profile) that tells us your OS and VW version, etc. The issue you are having usually happens when Site Modifiers are located at (or very near) the edge of the Site Model. You can probably fix it by editing the Site Model data such that the Model extends beyond the edge of the project by some amount. Let us know if you have more questions.