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  1. On a Mac, I draft in color, and print in B & W, as follows: Print To PDF (using Mac built-in PDF writer, via Print Menu); open PDF in Preview; Save As applying Grayscale Filter. Works like a charm. However there are certain colors that I have learned from experience print darker than expected, so I stay away from those.
  2. CipesDesign

    Text is in outline

    Try this: with nothing selected, go to the Font menu and set the Font; Style; Size, Etc. to your desired defaults. Subsequent new text creation should now be as you wish. To change the existing text, do the same things, but with the existing text selected.
  3. CipesDesign

    window/door in horizontal section viewport issues

    I would recommend filing this as a bug. It seems to me as if that portion of the geometry is being incorrectly calculated in that context.
  4. CipesDesign

    text on isometric

    Or, try the Convert Text to Polyline command. After conversion I usually Extrude the resulting polys, giving them a bit of thickness. Note: this will result in a 3d object(s) which is/are no longer editable text.
  5. CipesDesign

    Why do my doors keep jumping out of the wall?

    Hi Pat, Thanks for that. Yes, but in the past a simple (offset) dupe would be created up and to the right, and not 'in wall'. Now I need to drag the dupe out of the wall then back in to another wall. More clicks/drags = time suck. Oh well...
  6. CipesDesign

    Why do my doors keep jumping out of the wall?

    I agree that this issue did not occur in VW's as of a couple/three versions ago. Now it is fairly persistent (and annoying). While we're on the subject (sort of), it used to be that if I duplicated (command+d) a door or window the new object would be created up and the the right, and OUTSIDE of the wall. Now the new objects are created in the wall, literally nearly on top of the original. This is frustrating. Is it just me? Is there a setting I am missing?
  7. Hi Matt, I think there are two ways you can do this. First is what Matt P (and I earlier) suggested: multiple VP's placed next to each other. Second would be to create another Design Layer, then actually unwrap your runs, then create one VP along the unwrapped run. This of course means higher maintenance if/when changes occur...
  8. Right. Well there's always a way to do it. Just gotta be creative. I'd be curious to see what your project looks like if you're game.
  9. You can jog a section line, after creation, by adding vertices to it (but I'never tried one that actually wrapped around more than 90º). However, I think it might be easier and perhaps better to use three separate sections, cropped and aligned next to each other as desired. If done carefully it can be made to look like one section.
  10. CipesDesign

    Creating a Box Bay.

    Use one continuous main wall, with a window in it. Set the window type to "Opening".
  11. CipesDesign

    Muntin Bars

    Unfortunately you cannot do this in VW - unless you resort to manually placing (or modeling) muntins. [This would be a good wishlist item!]. The easiest way for me is to go to a frontal view, change to Screen Plane, draw the 2d muntins/grid, Extrude, then go to top plan and drag/move the Extrude into place (b/c Extrudes are always crated at 0/0/0 in space). You can subsequently turn the Window and Extrude into a Symbol if desired. It's not the worst workaround but certainly would be nice if it could be done natively in multi-unit windows.
  12. CipesDesign

    See through objects

    This might be quite helpful: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/the-basics
  13. CipesDesign

    See through objects

    In the Building Shell Tool Set.
  14. CipesDesign

    See through objects

    This is pretty easy. Create a Door (or a Door In Wall) and set/change the Leaf to Glass. Voila.
  15. CipesDesign

    File Size Creep...????

    Undo history?


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