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  1. Also, FWIW, applying a texture (like grass) might help the appearance get closer to realistic.
  2. I use one or more heliodon on every project and have never had this problem. Perhaps there is something else going on??
  3. I will probably be tarred and feathered for this but.... I have never been a fan of 'Insertion' of any objects, with the exception of Doors and Windows. As you mention, initially every inserted object just sort of goes where it wants to, which forces the user is reposition, flip, etc. The advantage of cutting a hole in a roof is that I can have control over the exact location of the skylight in relation to roof framing members and placement at room centers or over other chosen object (eg: kitchen island). Not only does this give me accurate section views but also the ability to precisely dimension and callout the location so that framers/builders have total clarity as to my intent. Old school, but effective.
  4. bc, FWIW, I usually prefer not to insert, but instead cut a hole and place skylights manually.
  5. That's why I said "Sometimes". In cases where covering does not work, if needed, I Model the whole thing.
  6. FWIW, Sometimes I find that I can simply cover the tapered (or narrowed) portion of the stair with a wall, using send to back, etc. Obviously not anatomically correct, but it achieves the intent graphically. [Easiest solutions = best solutions?]
  7. Interesting to relook at this thread a few years later. I am now of the mind that it would good to be able to set any individual VP to Always Update. With many smaller projects this would save me a ton of time.
  8. That’s weird! Have you tried restarting?
  9. Or in annotations, you can trace over the curved surfaces and use a (subtle) gradient fill to give them some depth.
  10. I also notice that the texture has rotated. Arg!
  11. Looks like you are attempting to create a segmented roof(?). If so, it’s probably best to use Roof Faces. I would do the math first and also suss out how the thing will be built. Then create one segment (pie slice, or triangle) and carefully duplicate it to make the others. Usually I would then Group all the segments for a little more ease of handling.
  12. FWIW, I often use a discreet Design Layer for Clerestory Walls (with windows). That will solve these sorts of visibility problems.
  13. Ken, I still am unclear as to exactly what you are attempting to achieve... But I do notice a couple things which might help: when I open the VW's file there is one 2d/3d Symbol. However two things about it are not correct. First, the View is set to Top/Plan, but that's not a Top/Plan depiction of a door; it's a Front (or Rear) depiction. Second, you seem to have created the "door" geometry from a Hardscape Object. Why? Try opening and examining the file I attached. It might get you part of the way there. Door Leaf Symbol-2.vwx
  14. Hi Ken, If you are able to upload a VW file and a description of the details of the door you need (like a picture) maybe myself or someone can take a look and try to help.
  15. Try using one of the provided Custom Leaf options, then editing the 3d geometry to your liking. This might make it easier to understand the process. If you choose a Custom Leaf it will appear in the Resource Manager as a Symbol. Find the Leaf/Symbol in your file (not the Library file) and Option Click on it to Edit. Be carful not to move the geometry in 2d or 3d space. This will create alignment problems between the 2d and 3d.


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