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  1. CipesDesign

    Surface Hatches not aligning with Renderworks Textures

    The Surface Hatches feature has always behaved really badly (and I have complained and filed bugs). Here's hoping the engineers make fixing these flaws a priority.
  2. CipesDesign

    Dash line show on the same place

    I don't disagree. However sometimes all I want is a quick (read: single mouse action) way to get there. And although Line Styles do add capabilities, they require way too many mouse actions for this simple example. User choice should be paramount. In an ideal world...
  3. CipesDesign

    Dash line show on the same place

    To my knowledge there is not. I also miss the ease if the older UI in this regard. There are now way more mouse clicks and scrolls required to select a simple dashed line. It would be ideal if the user were able to choose (but I'm not holding my breath).
  4. CipesDesign

    Framing member overall length

    Knowing that a Framing Member derives its 'length' from the center of the object, you could create a formula in your worksheet to calculate the additional length of the angled end, thereby resulting in a "total length" column in the report. Or, you could create a Section VP (Profile) of the Member and place accurate dimensions in the Annotations, including total length and angle of end cut. Personally, I prefer the second option because a picture is worth a thousand (or 5000?) words
  5. CipesDesign

    Select all and move (entire building) doesnt work?

    Thanks Hans-Olav! I was going to list that as well, but forgot! Techdef, Unless you need to retain geo-referenced data this is probably the easiest and best method.
  6. CipesDesign

    Select all and move (entire building) doesnt work?

    This could be a dangerous operation. Please Save As to retain previous version as backup. Method 1: [make sure sure all Classes are ON] Select All, then Group, for one Design Layer at a time. Move the Group and jot down the exact x/y offsets for the move. Now Select All then Group for each remaining Design Layers and move them the exact same x/y offset. Subsequently, remember to Ungroup each set (but only Ungroup once as more will destroy many parametric capabilities of "complex objects"). Method 2: [make sure sure all Classes are ON] Set Layer Options to Show/Snap/Modify Others. Select All and (Group perhaps, always somewhat safer in my opinion) Move. Make sure to change back to Show/Snap (NOT Modify) when done. Leaving this on is recipe for boo-boos. Method 3: [make sure sure all Classes are ON] Set Layer Options to Show/Snap/Modify Others. Select All and then Create Symbol. Warning: while this will create a movable/draggable single entity to play with, it will also place the Symbol and all building elements within it into a single Design Layer. This is not desirable for working on the building later. One workaround is to set up your file using only a single Design Layer with multiple Classes. Not really how VW's is designed/intended, but it's somewhat workable if you're diligent. Method 3: Use Referenced Files. See the User Guide for more. Not my favorite for various reasons, but sometimes makes sense for certain projects. I have a very rigorous methodology for Building Placement onto Site but it is too much info for this thread. Just remember that VW's is unique and you need to adhere to its basic principles.
  7. CipesDesign

    Ghost remnants from a deleted geometry

    I would guess that there is an actual (not a ghost) object in the file. Use your best detective skills to find it and delete it. When you create a Floor (and other objects) there is an option to retain original geometry. So if this is enabled, even after deleting the Floor, the original object remains.
  8. CipesDesign

    Determine roof face slope from existing geometry?

    If you cut a section [perpendicular to eave] though the existing geometry (framing) then you can measure the slope/angle. The you can apply this angle to the Roof Face.
  9. CipesDesign

    stair against a round corner wall

    Nice work! (I have never loved the UI on the Stair Tool so I lose patience with it pretty quickly)
  10. CipesDesign

    stair against a round corner wall

    You can create it with the Stair Tool (I think), but not with the rounded corner. That will need to be masked with a polygon or round wall, or some other contrivance. Also, not sure whether the current Stair Tool will allow zero width winder treads as you show; I would need to try it/fiddle with it. Often in these cases (curved & zero width winders, eg) I find it way faster and easier to work with simple extruded forms: Draw each windered tread in 2d; extrude each one and place at the correct height. Then use two separate straight runs of Stair for the lower and upper portions. Yes, you will need to do some math, but that's why they call it work. One trick is to use a dummy stair just to find the height of each riser. That will speed things up a bit.
  11. CipesDesign

    stair against a round corner wall

    There are a couple ways to do/fake this. One is to let the winders be square and then cover the corner with a curve. Or you could use different pieces for each run. Or use a straight stair at the bottom and top and extrudes for the winders. One note, to my knowledge the stair you show will not meet code (US); as I recall the minimum width for tread is 4". But perhaps this is for stage and so does not need to meet code?
  12. CipesDesign

    Stairs in sections

    Thanks Wes! Especially love the drawing titleūüėĀ
  13. CipesDesign

    Stairs in sections

    If I remember correctly this is a flaw (Stairs not recognized as Structural object?). If that’s the case then you maybe need to use black polygons in annotations to create desired look. Try setting the polygon tool to inner boundary. If it works it should be pretty fast.
  14. CipesDesign

    Lines in front of 3d trees

    I have recently seen same (or similar) behavior where the lines of a Hatch, in a hatched, layer-plane polygon, which is at Z=0 show on top of other objects which are above Z=0. In my opinion this is unwanted, buggy behavior.
  15. CipesDesign

    Vectorworks 19 Font List

    In my opinion VW's needs to show actual fonts in the font pulldown selection menus. It is ridiculous for the user to open another document (no, another application!) just to see what any given font looks like. This has been on the wishlist for a long time, so I am giving it a little bump.


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