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Create new class with attributes of selected object



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Please explain more what you are seeing. I am not seeing a change in the class to None when I run the script.


And is this the exact script posted above or modified? I don't see a script where the name ends with "...script II" in the thread. If it is a modified version of something please post it so we can see what is going on.

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@Pat Stanford to clarify: my goal here is the ability to use the quick search function in order to quickly class new objects or groups. Anything that goes into a menu via workspace editor can show up in quick search. So using this script is a work around to achieve some thing else 🤪


If I use the script as built (not the VWX packaged version) on a single item, it somehow makes the fill style None for that new class. 


If I use the script as built (not the one now packaged with Vectorworks) and I have attribute overrides on objects within a group (i.e., an object in the none class but it's yellow instead of white), then they revert to the attributes of the none class. 


If the objects within a group are already classed before the script is run, then it works as I would hope 


If I use the script as included with Vectorworks, the script doesn't work at all. Nothing happens 😢




@Peter Vandewalle I couldn't get this to work in VWX 2022. Added it to the plug-in directory and it failed to launch. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Either way though, not sure if this is what I need - but it looks super useful nonetheless ! 

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