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  1. This should do the trick: c='Gebouw' def DoIt(h): vs.SetClassN(h, c, False) vs.ResetObject(h) return() criteria="((SEL=TRUE))" vs.ForEachObject(DoIt, criteria)
  2. Sure: def reverse_it(hObj): sText = vs.GetText(hObj) sTextReverse = sText[::-1] vs.SetText(hObj, sTextReverse) vs.ForEachObject(reverse_it, "(NOTINDLVP & NOTINREFDLVP & ((T=TEXT) & (VSEL=TRUE)))")
  3. This seems to be linked to this thread: There's a plugin that does exactly what you want, I think.
  4. I've been benchmarkling a bunch of M1/Max/Pro Macs recently. I used among others this file with some scripts. Render Speed Test.vwx The file contains 3 scripts: Render Speed Test py: Renders every layer. To really compare different computers, this is not ideal since the screen size will have an impact on the render time. Render Speed TestViewports: Renders all viewports on a sheet layer. Reset Viewports: You need this script to reset the viewports before running the Viewports test. Otherwise they won't render since the viewports are up to date 🙂
  5. In Python that'll be easier: hText = vs.LSActLayer() sText = vs.GetText(hText) sTextReverse = sText[::-1] vs.SetText(hText, sTextReverse)
  6. For viewports, set the detail level to 'low'. Make sure your walls use class settings for a fill (Edit Wall Attributes). Use class overrides to make the wall classes fill black. For section viewports, just open the advanced properties, 'attributes' tab. Check 'Merge Cross Sections'. The section will use the 'Section Style' class for attributes. Change that class's attributes to black or use the class overrides for that class.
  7. If you want to write and edit you Python script in a separate file, you'll need to import that file into the vsm and run the script. To do so write something similar in te plug-in editor: import path.pythonfile as mod mod.main() main() being your main def in pythonfile.
  8. If you want more, you'll need to edit the search criteria by the formula.
  9. Most cloud services will just warn you when you open a file that is in use by someone else, just like a regular server does. if you need tobbe able to use a Vectorworks file simultaneously, you’ll need to go the project sharing way.
  10. The time delay isn't important. The actuals save is done to your local drive. After that action the sync runs through the cloud app. You won't even notice that when working in Vectorworks. I use Google Drive for work, iCloud drive for my personal work, Vectorworks Cloud Services for the exchange with Nomad. All of that just runs in the background. When using the cloud as a server, that's how it should be done imho. Google Drive (not suited for Project Sharing): https://workspace.google.com/intl/en_ie/pricing.html Vectorworks Cloud Services (suited for Project Sharing): included in your Vectorworks license. Dropbox (suited for Project Sharing): https://www.dropbox.com/business/plans-comparison
  11. Marionette nodes need to be coded inside the node. No further interface needed. Are you sure you need to create Marionette nodes? Or do you need to script just Python. For Python scripting we use Eclipse.
  12. Did you (have to) rescale the file after the import? That could cause the linestyles to be too small and hatches be too dense also. Try to never rescale an imported dwg, rather import again (in a new file) using the correct units.
  13. For the hatch not printing: any object really far away from the internal origin? That causes all kind of graphic issues. For the linestyles not showing: what scale is the design layer?
  14. I would do that text editing in Python. That way you could keep it all in one Vectorworks command...
  15. If the script is a menu command, you could also use the menu command parameters...
  16. =runscript(scriptable, par1, par2, …) In the script use WSScript_GetPrmInt(index) te get an integer parameter. Others get real, text, image.
  17. Would it solve anything to store your workspace in a workgroup folder. Then you wouldn't have to redo all the work after deleting a user folder? That's what I do with all my python plugins and workspace...
  18. @WhoCanDo Did you migrate your workspace from 2021 to 2022?
  19. @WhoCanDo Are you in 2022 or in 2021? I see the repeat last command isn't in 2021.
  20. Parent PIO is a node in the Marionette defaults. I think it has been added later. I've been using it for a few versions now.
  21. The Repeat Last Command and Recent Commands are also under the right click menu, BTW.
  22. Years ago I used to do that with Applescript. But since the interface changed, this became impossible...
  23. In Python: vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(_hObj, 684, False) # Text has no tight fill Vectorscript should be: SetObjectVariableBoolean(_hObj, 684, FALSE);
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