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Is creating windows and doors really difficult?


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I need to make a window and door arrangement like the attached PDF. I can't seem to find enough flexibility in the door dialogue boxes to make this work. I can get close, but how do you define a half-height sidelight? I haven't invested a lot of time in the window and door dialogue boxes, but what little I have has been frustrating.....

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Is this true. VW can't do it? I assumed it was my own ignorance of the tools, although I did spend time trying - just thought I missed something small that would allow me to do this. I'm sure this topic has been discussed at length, but this is just basic functionality needed here.

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I recommend you get windoor. the cost will easily be worth the time you would spend to create these doors and windows manually.

windoor believes that windows and doors can be built into the same frame, thus you can make the window and door combinations that you want.

Vectorworks believes that windows and doors are never built into the same frame, thus we have a window object and a door object.

you can make a window, and a door, then push them together. I know the two side frames will overlap.

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Good Point Jonathan.

The issue has to do with the Software Engineers or maybe the Architects at VW or both.

Do not miss understand me.

I love VW but it again appears that those in the know do not spend enough time in the drivers seat as an end user or do not have to do what others do all the time.

This is one reason why we have a wish list.

I for one when I upgrade my VW will get Windoor.


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Unfortunately ganging Door and Window units together works in 3D but not in 2D (see attached image and file).

If Door and Window objects could be ganged together with the correct wall breaks in Plan view the problem would be solved. I made a wish for this some time back but it has never come about.

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Okay, honestly guys... This might not be exact, but it's just a door and a window, right out of the (VW's) box. This took 2 minutes, max. If you spend a bit of time experimenting I'm pretty sure you can get something that's workable.

Not saying anything bad about WinDooor. It's awesome and has capabilities that VW's alone does not.

Just showing what's possible...

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You're no doubt correct. I have sometimes simply annotated over the plan VP to get the graphics right. I know this isn't ideal, but sometimes you just gotta get something done.

Ultimately, yes, VW's needs to correct this (and other) flaws. Keep filing bugs and wishes and hopefully the team will find time to tackle them all.

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