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  1. This problem has arisen again. Wrong grain direction, and I can't seem to adjust it. The front face of this wall should have a vertical grain to match the sides, but no matter what I do, it stays horizontal. Why?
  2. Ride

    section arrow font

    Bug report submitted.
  3. Ride

    section arrow font

    Strange, it works through printing. Either way I would submit the bug report - but I actually don't know how to. I can't post to the known issues section, so will a moderator see it here and move it? Or is there a separate section for bug reporting? EDIT: Nevermind, I spoke too soon. I found it...
  4. Ride

    section arrow font

    Thanks for looking into it. I will file a bug report today....
  5. Ride

    section arrow font

    Thanks, all. Here is a file, and the resulting PDF export from the file... section marker test.vwx section marker test.pdf
  6. Ride

    section arrow font

    Sorry, I usually put that in at the bottom. Yes, I need to get a signature going. Specs: VW2019 SP3.1 Macbook Pro mid 2015 OS 10.11.6
  7. Ride

    section arrow font

    Well, it's supposed to be Helvetica. And the lower 3 is, but the 2 isn't. It's tall and off-centre. I'll live with it before changing fonts, but this didn't happen in previous versions. And as mentioned, it looks proper on screen, it just doesn't print/export properly...
  8. Ride

    section arrow font

    Why do my section and elevation markers look crappy? The font on the top digit is different from the one below, but they are the same. And they look proper on screen. Is there a fix, or a setting for this? See attached screen shot...
  9. Ride

    Can't publish to PDF, sort of

    Wow. Yes, only when using "temp" as the filename. Other filenames work fine. I do this A LOT when I'm working to generate a quick set of drawings to the desktop that I can open on my second monitor. It saves me having a bunch of PDF files as 'temp' just keeps overwriting the previous file. Plus with a filename of temp, I'm never afraid of deleting it. I guess my new go-to filename will be temp1. Funny behaviour though.
  10. Ride

    Can't publish to PDF, sort of

    No, no error at all. In fact it just skips the whole process, like you never did it. Doesn't even start updating viewports....
  11. I can't seem to publish drawings to PDF with a different name than the name of the file. If I try to create a file, say named "temp", it does nothing. But if I leave the default file name (the name of the file), then it published normally. I used to be able to name the PDF whatever I wanted. Something has changed. VW2019 SP3.1 Macbook Pro
  12. Ride

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    I'm having snap issues too. Today I couldn't snap to anything on a 3D model (plan view), but yesterday I could (I was trying to add a few dimensions to a viewport that I had already dimensioned). If I can replicate the behaviour, I'll post it here. Maybe the 2 issues are related.
  13. Ride

    Driveway Ramps

    Slightly off topic, but where is the best place to learn about some of these newer 3D modelling tools?
  14. Ride

    Window edge scrolling - Mac

    Yes, scrolling was MUCH better in 2016. It is very tedious in 2019, which definitely slows you down when you have to try to hover over just the right spot to get it to scroll. Can the settings from previous versions not be applied to 2019? And why did it change?
  15. Ride

    modeling a banquette

    Interesting. This looks really good. I will give it a try and post back. Thanks for the help....


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