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  1. Lineweight. Use the appropriate lineweight to help convey what the drawing is trying to present. Heavier lines for the objects you're detailing, lighter lines for notations and dimensions. Light/grey lines for context or smaller details within an object.
  2. Ha. I thought of that, but then I also thought I need to learn some of the wall functionality better so I gave the recess thing a try. I will now go back to my first approach. A vector workaround. Thanks for the reply. I did try that, but that just made a mess of things. I find making any changes to walls to be a problematic affair....
  3. I'm not very experienced in using wall recesses (or projections), but it seems like it should be pretty straightforward. I can't figure out why I get the small portion of wall at the end of this wall? My 3D object extends beyond the wall, so I would assume it would cutout the wall completely. Why is it leaving this small bit on the end? Thanks
  4. Ok, thanks. Will DM you....
  5. I think there are a lot of us in the position, where learning takes a back seat. I do hope your issue gets resolved and you can keep moving forward with your drawings. But I would also suggest that learning doesn't need to be such a grand undertaking and huge time commitment. Decide on one thing to learn/resolve, and try it, it a new file that won't affect your real work. From what I gather in your post, you're using an antiquated process of designer layer scales and loci to create your printable sheets. If you haven't tried any new method of doing this since V8.5 you might be surprised how easy and enjoyable this process can be using a more up-to-date methodology. If fact, you might find that the small commitment in time to learn that new process saves you a lot of time on every drawing you do moving forward.
  6. Not to hijack a thread, but what would it take to get InteriorCAD to export to Biesseworks?
  7. Ride

    Update fails

    Why does my VW update fail? I have an internet connection, and it's always worked in past.
  8. Great, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  9. Revisiting this topic from way back when. I need to draw a perfect parabola. Is there a better way now in 2022?
  10. Yes, it was intentional. I was trying determine, by process of elimination, what was causing the crashing. So I was toggling the different options off to see if it would work at all. It just happened that I took some screenshots and posted here after I have turned almost everything off and it still crashed.
  11. Hi Payne. Yes, it's been a while, and I finally gave up and manually modified my workspace to match what I had in 2020. I did find that after multiple attempts to migrate things over and crashing or hanging, I ended up with 3 sets of everything. All my favourites were duplicated 3 times. So I had to manually go through and delete all those too. I hope the migration to 2022 goes smoother, but now I wonder how many duplicates of files are in my user folder that I'm not aware of....
  12. I have found out that framed fronts for double doors are not yet supported, so as @Woodychipshas already mentioned, you'll need to separate them into a left and a right door for now...
  13. Ok, so it's not just me. Thanks for confirming.
  14. I do this regularly with my imported PDF's, but after they are ungrouped, a lot of the lines don't actually join properly. Is this related to the resolution of the PDF before ungrouping? Can that be increased to get better results?
  15. That's what I was missing, I knew it was something simple. I wasn't changing the layer in the OIP, I was looking to change it using one of the viewport options, such as advanced properties or callout instances. Working fine now, thanks for the help as always.
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