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  1. Hmm. It is at 0,0. Do you see anything else wrong with the settings below:
  2. I tried to edit my section marker style, and now the alignment is off. Why? It looks fine in the edit window. VW2021SP4 Architect/InteriorCAD
  3. Right. Can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes you get so caught up in the work, you start missing the simple stuff. Thanks
  4. What am I missing? Where is the dashed rectangle showing the depth of field of my section viewports? I have "limited to section line length" checked in the advanced properties, but I can't adjust the depth. It shows infinite no matter the setting. VW2021 SP4 architect/interiorCAD Mid-2015 MacBook Pro, Mojave
  5. Door swing notation also takes into account the type of room and/or the side of the door that is locked. So you need to also denote left or right hand reverse if applicable. In Canada, the hinge lines point toward the hinges.
  6. Thanks, Pat. I like the suggestion about a template file. The only benefit of the script was just to save time. The only problem with the template file is I move my laptop between home and work and the saved views are different between my monitors. But I'll create the template and try it out. Thanks
  7. A question for the scripting gurus. I use saved views a lot in my workflow to export patterns to DXF for import into my CNC software. Every design layer has a rectangle to represent a sheet of MDF or plywood, in the same position on every layer (0,0). I save a view of each layer (named cnc 1, cnc 2, cnc 3 and so on). I can have quite a view layers and saved views by the time I'm done processing a project onto the panels. See attached screenshot of a typical view. What I would like is a script that would allow me to save the saved views automatically - not to have to flip to every layer and save the view individually. I would like to select the layers, and the view, and make a saved view for each one, if that makes sense. Is this possible? mid-2015 MacBook Pro, Mojave VW2021, SP4 InteriorCAD
  8. I can't get the migration manager to stop crashing, and I'd like my 2020 workspace back. I see I can export the workspace, but I can't seem to do a manual import. Is this possible? And if not, what could be crashing the migration manager? I've attached some report screenshots. It seems no matter what I select to migrate, it either crashes, or fails to import anything. It looks like ConnectCAD is failing. I don't even know what that is. Thanks VW2021Sp4, mid-2015 MacBook pro, Mojave.
  9. Steep learning curve? Yes and no. Placing and customizing cabinets using the cabinetmaker tool is fairly intuitive and straightforward. Customizing things after with the suite of InteriorCAD tools is less intuitive. I always found that the videos made it look so easy, but doing in reality was more difficult. Either way, I've had good support from the InteriorCAD staff, so you're never too far from help. InteriorCAD's @Stephan Moenninghoff is quite active on the forum and responds quickly.
  10. InteriorCAD. The tools you're using are basic teasers to the full version of that. If you draw cabinets with any regularity, it's a no-brainer.
  11. Well I couldn't hear anything on the front dimension videos, but I didn't need to. This is GREAT news. Finally we can specify the front sizes! What a time saver this will be.
  12. Are these problems widespread? I just purchased a SpaceMouse Compact wireless, but haven't received it yet. Wondering if I should try to cancel the order....
  13. Ok, yeah I think it was my saved view that was giving me the problem. I'll play with this some more.
  14. Ok, I'll try that.
  15. I do. But my saved view is a top/plan view, and it doesn't save the clip cube bounding box. That is only saved if I'm saving a 3D view. Maybe this is by design? If I go to my top/plan saved view, and then changed to a 3D view, I have to reset the clip cube box all over again. It doesn't stay activated.
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