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  1. Firstly, before any render engine is considered, VW needs to add UVW texture mapping and the mapping tools that go with that. Also, generally better mapping tools with regard to the other mapping options. Secondly, an alternative to Vray, would be Thea Render and/or Octane Render. I think dealing with Altair and OTOY may be easier than Chaos Group or at the very least, Altair and OTOY may be more willing to help with the VW integration. These render engines have been "plugged into" C4D which kind of looks like a native renderer in C4D. So, I'm sure it's more than possible to plug these render engines into VW. As far as I know, there is 1 person responsible for the C4D/Thea plug-in so I'm sure it is do-able eg. instead of spending resources on the "image effects" feature, this engineer could have made a Thea/VW integration. Also, the future of rendering is moving more into real-time ray-tracing. Nvidia has released the RTX cards which will support this with render engines like Thea and Octane. We should be careful about adapting technology that is only current but instead select one that is future proof. Another advantage to real-time rendering, if not obvious by now, is testing materials and/or scenes and seeing the impact on the design immediately. Waiting for a render to complete is over. Just my 2c. 😉
  2. If one has a very disorganised system of layers and classes, one would find this extremely handy. Personally, I don't think I'll ever use this feature. What would have been better is viewport filters where one can control visibilities of different objects in a viewport via parameters.
  3. Hi All, I was hoping someone could show me a way of replicating this in VW2017 using my own custom title blocks and NOT the VAA ones (that workflow is too convoluted and I'm not sure they can be customised). Revit has a Revision dialogue box that includes all revisions for the project (image 01). This dialogue also allows for revisions to have numbers or letters or none (for internal issues). It can also have clouds (linked to that revision number) to show or not show. Image 02 shows each sheet can have it's own set of revisions (based off of the revision database list in image 01). Image 03 shows the main drawing revision automatically updated to the latest revision from the revision list for that drawing. Image 04 shows Revision Clouds linked to a revision. Once a cloud is placed onto a sheet, that sheet automatically gets that revision placed in the revision list
  4. Thanks Mark. It's good to know. As I said, I don't use vw (for BIM) much nowadays but if I get some time I'll try this out.
  5. Pat, I don't want to select items. Vw does have a powerful selection filter to. I want to set the viewport for printing purposes. And if I have many sheets, I can set these filters I'm talking about with view templates (in Revit). Markdd, Yes this comes closest to what I'm talking about. However, this is nowhere close to the power of Revit, especially now with the "OR" option. Revit gives the user full control over ANY object in ANY view. Vw (or the vw programmers) give you control only of items it/they choose and as you say in plan view only. Anyway, this is typical of how vw operates therefore for the last 5 years I've been using Revit for BIM and I only use vw (on a part time basis) together with c4d for presentation purposes only. Prior to this, I was a major fan of vw (since the 90s😄) therefore I'll always have a soft spot for vw. I just thought I'd suggest this feature because using Revit daily, I know how powerful and flexible this is in my workflow.
  6. Hi all, I think my explanation wasn't clear enough. Please see links to an article and a video on Revit View Filters. To add, one benefit would be less duplicates of symbols just to get a different colour of the same symbol. https://www.augi.com/articles/detail/the-power-of-revit-filters
  7. Recently Revit 2019 enhanced it's visibility filters by adding an "OR" option which makes this feature even more powerful than what it was. For those who don't understand Revit's visibility settings, one can control elements from being shown or not, overriding colours, etc. eg. some copies of a family (equal to vw symbols) can be visible and other copies of the same family (symbol) can be invisible. My wish would be to have a filter option for vw viewports. However, for this to work effectively (with the power found in Revit) another feature need to be added, that is, parameters. Eg. various parameters can be applied to symbols then using the filter option, certain copies of a symbol can be visible and other ones (of the same symbol) can have their colours overridden, etc. Htms, Jershaun
  8. This project/video reminded me of some of the tools in vw I had forgotten as well. However, there is no easy way to get 2D plans from this. I use vw (together with C4D) mainly for presentation. So I model just in 3D ignoring 2D representation then send to C4D. Modelling and 2D representation in Revit is what vw should aim for. When modeled in Revit, 2D representation is automatic.
  9. Hi Jim, Will it be possible to start a project in vw2016+c4d and then continue it with vw2017+c4d? Will there be any issues with this workflow? Will the work done in c4d unravel when vw2017 updates the model? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. I agree 100% with this statement. Vw shouldn't be trying to reinvent the wheel rather use other software for features they don't have, especially (but not limited to) the software already in their stable. Thanks for your feedback Jim.
  11. Hi Jim, You've mentioned that the engineers were working on this aspect of VW so, without giving details, could you give me your opinion of the state of the C4D connection to VW2017. Has it been improved including the feedback from users? I'm deciding whether to continue my VW service select or not as this is the only feature of real interest to me. Any feedback would be useful. Thanks, Jershaun
  12. If a symbol has a light in it (eg. interior spotlights), these need to stay in tact when exporting to c4d and not separated. IOW, 1 light in the group of the instance source. Presently, if I have 20 interior lights (with a vw light object) modeled as a symbol in vw, when exported to c4d I get 20 c4d lights separated from the geometry/instances. This means I now have to add and maintain 20 Vray light tags instead of just 1 to the instance source. Also, the previous plug in handled symbols far better. Please have a look at this thread https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=162504#Post162504 to see how they were handled in the object manager. The group "Mini Disc" in the "C4D Export 01.jpg" is a modeled light. Also, notice all the symbol groups are turned off (red traffic lights) because these are the actual geometry that the instances are referring to. This makes it very easy to find and manipulate or add tags. Jim, of this isn't clear, please let me know how I can explain further. Thanks.
  13. I agree. Although I use Vray to render so I'll still need the light from the heliodon but as you say in number 2, a deactivated one can still be exported.
  14. I've just upgraded to R17 and I've been looking at the new Take system in c4d. This is going to be extremely helpful to me. When improving the send to c4d command, please keep in mind and respect how the Take system works. Please don't destroy the various alternatives possible with the Take system including multiple material and visibility options to objects. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your feedback guys. Looks like I'll go for the prime option. I have vray which has everything except for sketch & toon so I don't need the visualize option. I like the mograph tools but I doubt I'll ever use it.
  16. Jim, another query I currently have c4d visualize 13. I would like to upgrade but want too keep the cost down. Will vw work with c4d prime? Thanks.
  17. Thanks Jim, that's exactly what I wanted to hear.
  18. Hi Tom, As rendering only uses the CPU, I didn't think the OS made any difference. I was just looking at cpu speeds on www.passmark.com.au However I was interested on the stability of windows on a Macbook and if everything worked as it should.
  19. Hi Kizza, 1. You're suggesting that I buy a software to compensate for an OS's short comings. Let's stick to OS v OS. I'm not going to buy and install additional software on one OS where I can get it included built-in on another OS. 2. In any case I had a look at path finder and it does not give me the ability I want (refer to my previous post). Also, path finder doesn't solve the problem of the "save as" or "open" dialogue box. This depends on the OS's native file management system (finder and windows Explorer).
  20. Hi Mike, I'm not disputing that vw is capable of fairly good renders however with my experience using RW, it's not production ready. It's slow. Restrictive in controlling render settings. Material settings are incomplete and lacking of features. Mapping tools are non existent. It's unstable and unreliable-sometimes it renders, sometimes not, sometimes it crashes, sometimes it hangs. Results are unpredictable. It goes on and on. So yes, with a LOT of work, good results are possible but I don't have time for that. Vray is tried and trusted. All I need is a good, efficient, organised and accurate model to be exported from vw to C4D and then for vw to release ALL control to C4D. If only the old plug-in...(sigh, I should stop dreaming)
  21. Aah, I didn't know that. Can you explain how the credits work? Do you have to pay for more credits?
  22. Yes. But I can not go into further detail at this time. From what I understand, you will open the project file and be permitted to freely check out objects, but yes you must perform a checking-out action at least as far as the last demo I saw went. Other users will be informed that it is currently checked out and who has it checked out if they try to modify it, but I do know that the UI for it is not yet finalized. Thanks for your replies Jim. I'm sorry to keep pressing on this issue however will the fixed/improved Cinema 4D export be in vw2017? Or later? You don't have to go into any details. Also, I wasn't clear with Revit handling individual objects. When a user modifies an object, Revit knows they have now borrowed that object however other users are not told but Revit is aware of this. Other users do become aware of this objects status when they try to select/modify this object and that's when a message comes up asking for them to send a request to the borrower and then for users to do a sync. This process doesn't include everybody but just the 2 that wants to edit the same object. Revit is extremely powerful with regard to multiple users on a project. I hope vw2017 has made huge leaps in this area.
  23. Hi Jim, Thanks for your valuable feedback. Zoomer mentioned part of the reason I don't like finder, that is, having the tree structure on the left pane with various locations available with 1 click of the mouse. The other reason is I have a standard folder structure for each job with various folders for separating the different software I use. So, when I go to open/save (more for save, cause I can always drag and drop to open) from the various software, each software opens to a default or the last remembered location. This becomes a nuisance to double click folders searching for the locations I want. With windows explorer, I can 1 click the folder I want (as mentioned before), copy the folder path on top, go to the save dialogue box, paste the path and save. The windows explorer workflow is extremely fast for me as I'm doing this the whole day with various files. I've been through my graphic design course using the Mac OS and the lecturers and other Mac users said this (and other things) wasn't possible. Also, when it came to renaming files one couldn't use the home or end keys on the keyboard (wtf). I hated the finder (and Mac experience) for those 3 years. I'm always looking for better ways to do things so if Mac had a windows explorer feel then I'm sure to change. I'm not loyal to any brand/system/company be it OS/hardware/software. Tom, I'm mainly looking at specs for rendering. Therefore cpu and ram are important. Just because a PC uses an i7 chip doesn't mean it's the same. I'm Googling cpu benchmarks to come up with comparable cpu speeds to the current Macbooks. Unless Vectorworks provides us with an online rendering farm (like autodesk), I'll still need a high spec computer. It's easy to get high spec pc desktops but I need something with mobility for now.
  24. Hi, I'm thinking of getting myself a Macbook and I was wondering if anyone has experience with having Windows (preferably 10) run in a dual boot configuration? It's very difficult to get a PC laptop with a similar spec (at least here in Adelaide) so this is why I'm looking at this option? I'm not a fan of "finder" (as there are some features using Windows Explorer that can't be replicated in finder) so the Mac OS is not an option therefore I would like to know if anyone has any experience running VW in Windows on a Mac. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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