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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, A lot of times when working in 3D I want to use the Working Plane but my view got blocked by objects in front of the plane. The Clip Cube can help with that. But it takes a lot of time to setup. That's why I decided to make a script that sets the Clip Cube based on the active Working Plane. Since there are no functions available to set the position of the Clip Cube I used a trick to make a huge extrusion on the workplane and use that to set the boundaries of the Clip Cube. This works for most user-cases but unfortunately not for rotated Working Planes. @Marissa Farrellcan you throw in an enhancement request for more control of the Clip Cube with Vectorscript? Step 1: Set Working Plane Step 2: Look at Working Plane, view gets blocked Step 3: Run Script, view gets unblocked PROCEDURE ClipCubeByPlane; {Sets the Clip Cube position equal to the Working Plane.} {Since we cannot rotate the Clip Cube by script this work best with Working Planes on X and Y.} {© 24-06-2022 Arnhem - The Netherlands, Marcel Plomp} {Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License} VAR H1 :Handle; xRot, yRot, zRot :REAL; p0X, p0Y, p0Z :REAL; BEGIN {Turn off Clip Cube} SetPref(6707, FALSE); DSelectAll; {Create big extrusion} BeginXtrd(0,-1000000); rect(-1000000, 1000000, 1000000,-1000000); EndXtrd; {Get workplane coordinates} GetWorkingPlane(p0X, p0Y, p0Z, xRot, yRot, zRot); {Move object to workplane} H1:=LNewObj; SET3DRot(H1, xRot, yRot, 0 , 0,0,0); Move3DObj(H1, p0X, p0Y, p0Z); {Enable Clip Cube and delete object} SetPref(6707, TRUE); DelObject(H1); END; RUN(ClipCubeByPlane);
  2. Hi all, If I try to make a 3D section viewport from a Clip Cube, the viewport on a sheet layer works fine until I try to set it to "hidden line" or "sketch" - then the clipped part always comes visible again. Anyone else seeing this? 2019 VW Designer Sp2.
  3. It seems like Light objects outside the Clip Cube bounding box should not appear when the Clip Cube is turned on. In the attached screen shot, the Light objects are placed inside 2D/3D Symbols, the 3D geometry of the fixtures do not appear. Preference for 'Display Light Objects' is set to Always Appear. Is this working as designed? Thanks.
  4. Is there a way to create a viewport with a 3D view with a clip cube cutting throught the model. It seems as if the clip cube disappears with the switch of the clip cube being off . In other word, I am not trying to create a section view but a 3D view with clipped parts using the clip cube and keep the viewport setup for the clip cube ON whether or not the general setting for the clip cube is ON or OFF in the design layer later on. Hope that makes sense. Thanks CF
  5. The clip cube color defaults to red in both your design layer and your viewports. According to the help document: But there isn't a "Section Style" Class. Manually creating the class doesn't change anything. It seems like the only way to change the clip cube cap-fill color currently is selecting the viewport and going to Advanced Properties in the OIP. No way to apply hatches or anything other than manually?
  6. Hello, I have a problem with Clip Cube tool. While using clip cube to create sections it creates some kind of white mask (white filling) when cutting through solids. Objects does not appear if they are below cutting line and at the same time cutting line does not go through a hole in the solid. Everything works fine if cutting line goes through any kind of hole in the solid. Hope someone can help mi with that or at least explains why it works like this. Example file in attachments. Clip cube bug.vwx
  7. Clip Cube would be infinitely more helpful as a working view if we could snap to the cut plane of objects cut by Clip Cube (and set the Working Plane to the cut plane).
  8. Dear All Does anyone know how to stop this happening! I am a fledgling VW BIM learner I have noticed that top and bottom of the stair has a weird clip / cut fill that comes through all layers. It does not show in the camera mode - just in clip cube - so If I want to export a view it shows through. Any solutions approaches appreciated! T
  9. Hi all, I"m sure this is an easy thing - only I can't find a thread. I have a complex model I imported - that I want to convert to 2D Polygons; however I want to take it about 1/2 way 'up' the z-axis. If I clip cube (clipcube) it I can see what I want. How do a get this to be usable in 2D ? Thanks E
  10. We would like the clip cube 3D export option. Our entire building file is too big for a quick export. And for various consultants, and we just need a small part to be shared (e.g. Stair). But would still like to attach a bit of contextual information such as the surrounding floor and the ceiling in the said export file. Splitting the file takes too long, and a clip cube 3D export would be so convenient and efficient for our workflow. Similar request has been made in 2017. Looking forward to seeing this update soon.
  11. Hello, renderings addicts. For those of us who enjoy creating project presentation boards, I'll share that some of my v2019 personal favorites are Clip Cube Views on Viewports and Image Effects. Try them, combine them and stack them using different rendering modes and olé! cool new illustrations for cover sheets. Here I leave you a few samples. Post some of yours, so we can all learn new tricks.
  12. Edit: known issue, see this thread: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51938-clip-cube-voids-at-overlapping-solids/#comment-290704 How do I fix this? I'm trying out Clip Cube Viewports for the first time. This bug has been around for years and my usual workaround in Section Viewports was to mask over it in the Annotations Layer, but that ain't gonna work so well in OpenGL 3D.
  13. I'd love to be able to edit Clip Cube Viewports in the same way we can with Section Viewports.
  14. This is weird. I want to take a quick screen capture of a room layout to send to a colleague. I am in OpenGL with Perspective, and have the Clip Cube active to remove the "fourth wall", but my PDF export is ignoring the Clip Cube. That seems weird. Thoughts?
  15. Hi All, I am having some trouble with a section viewport created from a clip cube. I want to alter the location/size of the clip forming one of my section viewports. I can go into the viewport, see the clip cube and move it. However when I exit the modelspace back to the viewport, the section cut is not updated to match the updated clip cube. Is this working as expected? Do I have to delete this viewport and form a new one if I want to edit the position or size of the clip cube? Thanks, A
  16. Can someone please tell me why my roof objects have no fill when using the clip cube on a design layer? This also means they disappear from view when viewed from a orthogonal side elevation. The wall sections show up red which is good. Why don't the roof objects?
  17. Is there a way to make a viewport of a "clip cubed" view of an object? The only option I find is to make a section viewport. I would like to create an isometric viewport of a clip cubed object in varios planes.
  18. Is it possible to create views with a model cut with clip cubes while having other viewports showing complete models? I have elevations viewports in OpenGL (rendering for clip cubes) and details in 3d that I would like to isolate using the clip cube. If I leave the clip cube option on then both viewports will show clipped views of the model and the detail. Is is possible to avoid this "overall " effect. Thank you
  19. Hi, I think this is a bug. It relates to how the Fill of the Clip Cube is visualized with and without ambient occlusion. Look at the two screenshots to understand the problem quickly.
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