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  1. I can't get rid of the caped connections, the wall style and the joining is without caps
  2. How do I setup the dimensions so that I don't end up with fractions of inches like so
  3. this is a 2021 VW file and I run the latest Mac OS This issue is only with this file though, not other files, could this be a file setup issue?
  4. This is the only file (not new files) where this happens. I reduced the file to this one line and saved it with the name below to keep the file setup of the original file for troubleshooting and the issue continues here. New files do not seem to show this problem. Note: this is a 2021 VW file END OF LINE NOT SHOWING.vwx
  5. I have used walls and doors/windows for years and I am still baffled by how to control the classes inside these. I put my walls on walls-main and the components on their own classes. Doors have their own classes like windows but I seem unable to control what I actually can hide/show out of these. Am I the only one still struggling with these?
  6. I was able to get back my favorite in the mix and reorganize my palettes. I am not sure what I lost really. Thanks and a great weekend
  7. I changed the working location for the user data and preference folder to a new location. Can I relocate it to the previous one, I lost all the resources and favorites that I had setup before in the standard vectorworks location. Where should I look for the previous one? Please advise how to do that. Thank you
  8. Tried this indeed it is strange it is only on this file it does that
  9. For some reason on this particular file I must have hidden the drag points(below). because I can't see them. Where is this switch?
  10. @jeff prince how do you create a legend on the visualization setup of a viewport to insert on the annotation space?
  11. Hello, I cannot figure out why some joints are capped and not others. They are all defined with uncapped components, all on the same class and all uncapped walls on the drawings. Thanks for your help CF Wall join.vwx
  12. I tried this already...hmmm Thank you
  13. How do I join framing to framing instead of framing to insulation?
  14. @jeff prince OMG it works perfectly! This is amazing, I really appreciate it, thank you. I will definitely look more into this.
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