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  1. Yes this is the option to allow to show these objects. I am wandering if we can change the color from gray which I cannot see because it blends with the background. Thank you
  2. Is there a way to change the white lines (invisible +/-) of objects visible while in editing mode? ie group editing, so the is is possible to snap on visible objects? Is it a new version issu? could see that in previous versions
  3. 300 dpi seems to have made a difference today...thank you all
  4. Yes I did that but it doesn’t help
  5. Yes that’s a shame. We should be able to modify the featuring wall. Maybe next version update
  6. Kevin, I just realized that it’s a question of scale if the Drawingsare too small the dash is showing one line
  7. Can someone please explain to me how to show dashed hidden lines actually dashed? Thank you
  8. Feature recess in walls cannot be modified, no push pull anymore! Has this anything to do with the new feature editing new option? please explain Thank you
  9. Can someone tell me why the edges of this section viewport in openGL are fuzzy? the layer is at 150ppi and the IP shown high detail level. Also the OpenGL option is on high I had to create a section and add it as a separate VP on top of the first one but there is a better way I am sure, thank you
  10. Why did VW change the section label setup! it used to work fine... What a pain, there are so many things that have been changed for the worst or not working properly, viewports update work when it wants (just to think about this one) Yuk This is what i get with the labels The first one is on the design layer and the second one as shown in the VP. The same thing, different result. Text is surrounded by a ghost surround! Please leave things that work alone, frustrated sorry
  11. I use the OIP to change that but it does not work 🤭
  12. Copied elevation benchmark from drawing 2020, title hides marker, please advise how to move text, thx
  13. This is not working, please fix or advise. Thanks


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