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  1. autodesk revit has the ability to add labels to almost all items, VW should develop this to stay competitive in CDs development
  2. It would be great to be able to create a label with the information from the american woodworking association standards, maybe this topic should be a functinality request
  3. Any update on this topic, I personaly have to compete against a designer who uses autodesk and offers VR with oculus to his clients. I need to get in that game and offer this also especially since I have been working only in 3D for the last few years and I am really getting impatient and excited to offer this. The previous post is date 2016, has there been workflow improvement with VW since then? Please advise
  4. Is this possible to create an ID Label for cabinets ? I would like to have this label pull out the name of each cabinet and be able to insert it on the elevation. What would be the process?
  5. here is my file, now the Open command does not select any file to open... 171009_Oak_Tree_Proposed_Master-Backup-20171204102715.vwx
  6. it has been going on and on since i installed the latest version , VW18 sp2, imac osX high sierra trying to reach tech support on the phone right now
  7. OMG five times already this moring the application hangs up, spinning ball , so frustrated, it happens again and again, please fix this new VW18 version, UNACCEPTABLE, sorry
  8. I just found that the automatic backup on my time machine (mac) seems to be preventing VW from opening normally. Once I stoped this backup process VW started right away. Still takes some time but much faster.
  9. Why does it take sooooooo long to get VW started, literaly 5mn. This is sooooooo frustrating.
  10. Hi, just starting to look at marionette. I want to draw a rectangle, simple, right? not for me, I can't get the script to draw anything, please help
  11. Ambient lighting has to be on
  12. Here is a file with the line weights that I created to see how they would render in printed form. Inclues PlanGfx classes. Hope that helps CF line thicknesses.vwx
  13. That was a quick answer, thank you Jim. My question had to do with whether or not having all these lights on at all time in the model would affect the efficiency of the modeling development process and if so, what would be the best way to handle those.
  14. Jim, I can't wait, that looks amazing, Qu: Would you please address the lighting setup as part of the overall production drawing process. In other words, what do you do with your lighting setup for all the other viewports, do you turn the lights off? the light layer, create them in another file? create a basic rendeworks openGL and how do lights affect this rendering. Am I making this overly complicated? Thank you