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  1. Christian Fekete

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    after mentioned issues with mojave and version 18 I decided to install v19sp2 on mojave and it is working fine. looks interesting. best of luch
  2. Christian Fekete

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I get that vector need to create updates regularly to sustain sales but it seems that all release now come with so much frustration and bugs that it may be wise to release less improvements but with better finished features and complete troubleshooting. It’s not fair to any of us who stand behind VW and have to spend countless hours frustrated and not able to respond to deadlines !
  3. Christian Fekete

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Please update (rush) the service pack for VW 2018 to work with Mojave, I installed it without knowing of the issues and nothing works properly. Arrgh When can we expect to see that?
  4. Christian Fekete

    Rendering Turns all objects grey with black background

    Ambient light on? Any light setup?
  5. Christian Fekete

    keynote legends are soo buggy

    the creation of keynotes and relation to their legend is less than satisfying. The created first keynote legend is not showing up and the the Note: is not linked to anything. I found a way around it by copying one that worked on a previous file and renaming it while relinking the keynotes to it. this is an issue with 2018 it seems. Please resolve this issue quickly this is very annoying. Thank you
  6. keynote legends have been a bane for me also. I just created a sample file with a keynote label. The IP refers the Keynote Legend as the Default Legend of which there is none. At the same time a "Note:" appears which as i understand it should be the legend for the keynotes but there is not note in there. My solution is this: Copy a keynote legend from a file where the connection worked before. Paste it to you desired file and link the keynotes to this legend. Rename the keynote legend to your liking Hope that helps
  7. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    Ok, I figured what I was doing wrong. Did not follow your video properly, forgot to select the side of the clip cube prior to creating the viewport on the design layer. The other thing I noted is that the section attributes must be setup by class so that it takes the hatch that you want. Got it now. Thanks again for your help. Best CF
  8. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    got that, will look into it, thank you mark
  9. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    @markdd Thanks for the offer, I think its a setup issue and will get with VW on this, no emergency. On the other hand, how do you setup the clip cube, red fil to the hatch you have on your section?
  10. Christian Fekete

    Refresh Viewport

    I don’t know about a script but you can program a right click menu to update VP
  11. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    @markdd yes I do that and that’s when I realize the clipping disappeared. I will call VW Monday and will let you know how we resolve this. Thank you
  12. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    @markdd mark I can’t seem to make it stick in my viewport, the view has no clip cube in it @markdd
  13. Christian Fekete

    Construction details - Drawing and reuse

    @ericjhberg This is the way I tend to do things also. On another topic, the annotations to inform the plans, sections etc.. and also dimensions (associated to walls in DL but not in VP) Do you add these annotations to the VP or the design layers? Lastly, does it make sense to create a model, reference it in single files for each sheet or like I do, keep it all in the same file? I know it's a long discussion, but the separate model is the setup used by Nick Sonder in Sketchup. Would that save memory, overall improve efficiency ?
  14. Christian Fekete

    Clip cube perspective viewport

    Is there a way to create a viewport with a 3D view with a clip cube cutting throught the model. It seems as if the clip cube disappears with the switch of the clip cube being off . In other word, I am not trying to create a section view but a 3D view with clipped parts using the clip cube and keep the viewport setup for the clip cube ON whether or not the general setting for the clip cube is ON or OFF in the design layer later on. Hope that makes sense. Thanks CF
  15. Christian Fekete

    Construction details - Drawing and reuse

    Ok, back to the discussion of modeling workflow, my question has to do with at what point do you stop modeling in 3D and you start entering information into your viewports? Do you draw the roof rafters or just the roof cavity and details on top in the VP? Do you model walls with sheathing, insulation, siding and drywall or just framing and then add details as needed to inform the sections?


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