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  1. does this work on roof plugins ? won't work for me please give it try, file attached. Thanks Garage Extension V3 MASTER roof combine.vwx
  2. I am not able to save my keynotes to the general notes, my preferences seem to be setup properly. Is there a point I am missing? Please advise, Thank you
  3. Can someone remind me how to connect roofs? thank you
  4. How do I migrate 2019 general notes to VW2020
  5. To all you smart people, I am having an issue with two setups that should be controllable but where I have been stuck for some time now, resolving for one as a cut and paste and the other one which I cannot resolve really. 1/ The CALLOUT SHOULDER LENGTH, comes with a preset length of 96' ... too long, I would like to setup the callout so that it comes with a 2' shoulder 2/ The ELEVATION BENCHMARK text offset seems to be off on both right and left justification. (see below) Thank you for the help CF
  6. OMG I thought I did that, thank you for clarifying, what a relief. This little movie is great, how do you do that?
  7. Hi Everyone, I have an issue with wall recess features in this particular drawing I am working on. I got it working many times before but this one is giving me trouble. Here is the screen shot of the file and I will attach the vwx file also. Thanks for taking the time to review Best Christian Untitled 4.vwx
  8. I was wandering how to extract a specific page layout from a file, i.e. front page of a bldg permit set, as a template page. Do I need to delete all the other pages and then purge the file first or do I create a symbol and export to a favorite template folder? Please advise. Thank you CF
  9. thank you, I didn’t know this. 🧐
  10. In the elevation below you can see that the panel vertical seams don't line-up. Is there a way to line these up?
  11. Thanks for your help, it looks like things got better without me doing anything just giving it some time! Like other things in life. Appreciate willingness to help CF
  12. Can anyone explain to me the consequence of moving the page origin or the page location on a new layer vis a vis of the existing layers and if there is an issue related to the ability to see the drawing when moving from one layer to another one with the command down arrow. Thank you
  13. the file upload is triped at 40+- Megs, file may be too big
  14. Hi Matt, I can do that but I don't remember what channel to use to do that... Thx


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