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  1. Hi, just starting to look at marionette. I want to draw a rectangle, simple, right? not for me, I can't get the script to draw anything, please help
  2. Ambient lighting has to be on
  3. Here is a file with the line weights that I created to see how they would render in printed form. Inclues PlanGfx classes. Hope that helps CF line thicknesses.vwx
  4. That was a quick answer, thank you Jim. My question had to do with whether or not having all these lights on at all time in the model would affect the efficiency of the modeling development process and if so, what would be the best way to handle those.
  5. Jim, I can't wait, that looks amazing, Qu: Would you please address the lighting setup as part of the overall production drawing process. In other words, what do you do with your lighting setup for all the other viewports, do you turn the lights off? the light layer, create them in another file? create a basic rendeworks openGL and how do lights affect this rendering. Am I making this overly complicated? Thank you
  6. thank you Jim
  7. totaly get what you're saying, it is confusing, which is the method you prefer to use?
  8. Can I still get discounted tickets for this event?
  9. Jim', I watched the series of rendering videos in vectorworks 2017 getting started guides/online training but I am not able to get a coherent rendering throughout the viewports. As you can see, some are overexposed while some do not render properly the reflections associated with the mirrors. Note that some viewports are camera based VP and others (looking like OpenGL) are interior elevations with a perspective view. The file is attached and you will be able to see that all the viewports use the same custom rendering. What am I doing wrong and why am i not able to get this consistant look throughout? I spent many hours trying to get this but I am getting quite unsatisfied with this process. Thanks for your help Christian CF-350w42_BP.vwx
  10. thank you, i got stuck somehow but finaly resolved the issues, thanks again
  11. How can I apply a tile resource to a 3D and render it in open GL so that it looks good? This is what I have created in plan view for tiles and as applied to a 3D polygone, very different and rather inacceptable. I am trying to avoid the renderworks step Thank you
  12. Hei Jim,

    I have an issue with tiles where the tiles in the top plan view looks great (1st image) but when I apply them to a 3d wall (2nd image) and render in Open GL it is all scrambled. Any idea? Setup in open GL is highest



    1. JimW


      You'll need to make Texture resources to place them on a 3D surface, image fills in 3D can cause problems like this. If you're ONLY going to be showing non-perspective elevations views however, it can often be simpler to reuse the same 2D image tile fill on the walls in the annotations of the viewport.

  13. Christiaan, I was wandering if you had updated your workflow on this since then.
  14. Thank you
  15. Please indicate a price range you would be willing to pay for these details/models and add any relevant information that can help us design the best products for your needs. Thank you CFA