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  1. VW keeps crashing when I try to add general notes from the database that comes with it. Of the start VW offers to get data from two sets. No matter what I select VW will crash more than 70% of the time. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Is there a way to drop down a layout of trees unto a sloped terrain?
  3. Have you noted that adding a new tag line to an existing Tag will crash vectorworks? It happens on new and older files but not consistently
  4. The Info palette of windows option "show on schedule" whether on or off does not update whether the window data appears on the schedule until the tag information is removed from the unit. This need to be resolved as even thought the windows can have data it should not show on the schedule if the radio button is turned off
  5. I cannot remove this IFC value from the wall style, it comes back even if I check of the Set_wallcommon it reappears with the old value when I recreate a new IFC wall data
  6. Hi Matt, Another one on the same elevation benchmark, Is there a way to remove the decimal points in the distance? Stay healthy
  7. There seem to be a default wall tag that I would prefer to not have (to be able to change it as needed) but I cannot change this standard value. Any idea. File attached Keep safe wall styles .vwx
  8. I am not getting proper dimensions on drawings 8 & 6, not sure why. Any suggestions? Thank you
  9. It looks like your firm portfolio is quite large. Would you need help at your office or remotely? I assume that you have standards to comply with. I would love to talk to you either in the phone or I could come down to the office. Let me know what works best for you CF
  10. Randy, I would be glad to help. What type of work do you do, what stage of the design process would you need help with? we should talk, when would you be available? Looking forward to talk to you Christian Fekete 845-625-3189
  11. Ramona, did you call me, I don’t think I heard from you. Please try again, my phone number is 845-625-3189


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