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  1. Christiaan, I was wandering if you had updated your workflow on this since then.
  2. Please indicate a price range you would be willing to pay for these details/models and add any relevant information that can help us design the best products for your needs. Thank you CFA
  3. I have a 55MB model and I cant get VW to creat a section viewport. I originaly copied this model from a larger noted construction set of drawings where the same iddle section was happening. This is not a big model but I am getting very frustrated and cannot seem to be able to isolate the problem. I also tried to create a viewport from the model cut by a cube cut but I get the same infinite wait and I have to crash the program to get out. VW seems to be doing this without any problem on other files... File attached for whom this may be an interesting challenge Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all CF model.vwx
  4. I guess I am completely confused now, I have been using viewports uniquely in Sheet Layers but I notice that you can also create viewports in Design Layers. Can someone please explain to me what are the plus and minus of doing it one way vs. the other? Thank you so much
  5. got it Jonathan, thanks. My next question is whether or not one must keep that new design layer section viewport as the sole drawing on that layer?
  6. Thank you Jonathan, I looked at the video and tried to implement, still not sure how stable this solution is with respect to maintaining the cut location. It seems as if the clip cube goes away if I turn it off to keep working. Does this method work for just production of an image, jpeg or else.? Anyway right now my computer froze while doing a section viewport with that method. Frustrating since the file is 60 megs.
  7. You can't have overlapping objects
  8. Will vote to that
  9. Trying to develop efficient workflow for architecture drawings development. Looking at Nick Sonders book based on sketchup/layout workflow which I used and found efficient, I was wandering if anyone develops VW based drawings from a 3D model refererenced into multiple files for each sheet of aCD set. It looked to me, coming from VW, that VW has reporting and BIM abilities not found in sketchup and decided to stay with VW. I was wandering if anyone breaks down drawing sets in independent sheets/files and if by doing so one does loose some of this BIM abilities. Do you design everything in one file? Do you have 20 classes or 50+?
  10. is IFC data also being reported this way?
  11. Is it possible to create views with a model cut with clip cubes while having other viewports showing complete models? I have elevations viewports in OpenGL (rendering for clip cubes) and details in 3d that I would like to isolate using the clip cube. If I leave the clip cube option on then both viewports will show clipped views of the model and the detail. Is is possible to avoid this "overall " effect. Thank you
  12. I guess VW creates an XML database, what is that exactly?
  13. What file type do i need to create to write down a general note that I can use in vectorworks? I am trying to create a spec sheet that I can reuse in VW from a manufacturer website but my .txt file is not recognized by VW. Is it the file extension that is the problem?
  14. I find myself designing a lot in 3D and spent quite a large amount of time creating walls, slabs with fills and textures that are usable in 3D and 2D sections and render good in OpenGL for presentation in axon and with cut planes. I realize though that 2D is just really much faster to setup the detail assemblies. The question is whether at this point there is a need to include both in construction docs. I think if one was able to freeze its details so that they are always the same, one could use a symbol system. It seems to me that this is the golden goose. I for myself do mostly residential work in a unique area and this should be possible.