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  1. Thanks @Letti R for your answer. Unfortunately, this is a simplified example of much bigger network, so the idea of changing the Extrude node is not the best option, either relocating the If node.
  2. Hi, I have a question about the If node. In my example, somehow If node passes through an object despite the fact the Boolean condition is False. This network should work "if condition is True then create an extrusion and move it to the right, if condition is False do nothing". As a result if value is True, indeed it creates an extrusion and moves an object (Green in the picture). If value is False, "IF" node returns "0", but later extrusion sees base rectangle and passes it through, but not performing extrusion and then moves rectangle (RED in the picture). Anyone has an idea why IF node works like this? File is VW2023. test_if_hk.vwx
  3. @Peter Neufeld. That's a very interesting feature, I need to dive into this subject more.
  4. Hi all, is there any command/function to return a number from a Data tag's sequence in e.g. worksheet? Or is there a way to link this value to the object e.g. by data manager/record and then return it in a worksheet? numbering sec.vwx
  5. @Marissa Farrell Hi. I tried to read some data, as I understood what you wrote. Unfortunately, it does not work or I don't really understand how it works. I tried to read gravity point of a relocated Marionette object and expected that 3D point of the Marionette Object will be different than the base control geometry.
  6. @Marissa Farrell I think I'll need some guidance. I'm not really sure how to use Marionette Object node in this case.
  7. Hi all, I've tried to create a network that distributes symbols along path, but at the same time it also places them on the DTM. I created a simple node to place objects on a DTM and whole network works fine until I try to covert this network into Marionette Object. For a path I tried to use Control Geometry node, but it looks like this node always moves selected object to the origin using centre (weight) point as a reference. As a result whole network does not read actual location (XYZ values) of the selected object, but it calculates all further operations using relocated to the origin values. As a result I cannot get the proper distribution on the DTM, since DTM is not located in the origin. Picture A1 - base result. Only 2 last objects are moved on the DTM, but with wrong Z values. Picture A2 - result when Marionette object is moved to the origin. It clearly shows that only the last 2 object are "on" the DTM, with correct Z values, which indicates what I've mentioned above - network uses relocated path instead of real location. Obj on DTM.vwx
  8. Hi all, I have two questions about how path extrude and contour nodes work. I tried to create a network that creates a set of extrusions (wood beams) based on 2 NURBS and encountered two issues: 1. 1st and last extrusion along path works fine, it creates extrusions in correct orientation. All in between extrusions are rotated 90deg. Rebuilding curves to 3D polygons do not help. Is there a reason for this behaviour? (green in the attachment) 2. The result of using Contour node on loft surface is a set of curves, but why the last one is always created in the opposite direction compared to the others? (red in the attachment) Is there an easy way to align them all in one direction? 1.vwx
  9. @Piotr Karczewski to print my example it takes almost 3 hours with 0.2mm layer height.
  10. @jmhanby I'm using Prusa Slicer for prints and if needed, I often scale model directly in the slicer. My attachment shows a floor from my project, exported as stl without any transformations (so walls are walls, windows are windows etc) and then scaled directly in the slicer. I've had no issues yet.
  11. Just checked in 2023 and "reset all plug-in objects that require a reset prior to exporting" creates the same issue. Data tags using "world based units" work fine. I'll report this as an issue.
  12. @KIvanov My file was only an example, that worked yesterday, but I was able to break it today. It looks like there is a problem with publishing a worksheet to pdf. If " reset all plug-in objects that require a reset prior to exporting" option is on, Data tags are being disconnected. It this option is off, everything works fine. According to the thread below it should be fixed by now. DataTag inside symbol BROKEN.pdf DataTag inside symbol BROKEN.vwx DataTag inside symbol.pdf DataTag inside symbol.vwx
  13. Hi, I'm trying a new thing - a symbol (e.g. bathroom) build from set of equipment (also symbols e.g. sink, toilet bowl, bath etc.). I tried to use a data tag that reads name of a symbol to name equipment inside the main symbol (whole Bathroom). But for some reason in random moments all data tags located inside the symbol disconnects from objects. I've created a simple example of what I mean using 2D objects. General question - is it safe/tested workflow to use data tags inside symbols? DataTag inside symbol.vwx
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, If you're still looking for Chrismas decorations, why not create them by yourself. This network creates Christmas tree top based on any profile. User can specify number of extrusions and how much they should be twisted around along the base shape. It can also be used for generating baubles with some small changes. For 3D prints it is better to add solids after running the network, so the network creates separates objects.
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