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  1. Perhaps I utilized it the wrong way, but I am trying to compute surface area of a curtainwall for each of the components accurately. I created a wall Area schedule (default template) and did two types of walls - a regular wall, and a curtain wall. A regular wall accurately shows surface area of a material (connected or not...which is great for my purposes). Curtainwalls for some reason are notoriously elusive when it comes to computing surface area, and in this case showing area for glass for instance. I am using the =MATERIALSURFACEAREA('Glass Double Glazing Low-E Argon-filled MT') function, have assigned the material to all the components in the curtainwall, but alas, no cigar. Any help? Also, something to note, material surface area computes only on one side of the wall as shown for the masonry! If you have alot of walls, getting the settings right can be tricky! Please note - the material surface area only computes wall surface area on the left pen line, not the right! so if you need to define orientation, that is the way to find out. Thanks in advance!
  2. @ComputerWorks Is there a way to install scipy on VW 2021? Ive tried running in administrator mode, not sure how to install it manually. Looks like a great tool to use, unfortunately unusable in VW 2021. Thanks in advance!
  3. @Gregi Yes, It's in 2021 I'm Attaching the 2020 Version. Extrude By Rails v2020.vwx
  4. @Nico_be Great Job ! Question - Is there a way to assign group name of the object to the symbol? Doing a prefix is great and all, but having different names with or without a prefix would be even better! What do you think?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Multiple experiments of profiles created from a nurbs surface in order to create multiple rails with dozens or hundreds of nurbs profiles simultaneously. This Marionnette is based off of Freeform truss objects, so all credit goes to @Marissa Farrell. Thank you!
  6. @Joe-SA Marionette did the trick. Use at your own risk ! 😉 Multi Extrude Experiments.vwx
  7. Has anyone successfully extruded along multiple 3d poly lines/ nurbs lines? I am trying to use a single profile (i.e. 2x8) and extrude it along 51 3d polylines that are spaced 16" o.c. in the same direction. Is there a way to do this in bulk rather than one by one? Question 2 - Can this be used with the Marionette? and if it is, can someone direct me as to how this can be done?
  8. I was curious, when editing a subtracted and added geometric object where the push pull features are used - I ran into something interesting. When editing a feature, and selecting a face, it leads me to move the feature as previously shown in the preview videos, however, when exiting, it goes into every other feature added after the one that is edited in the geometric model. Is this as designed? or is there a way to skip editing all other features (the ones created after the current edited one) after exiting the edit feature mode? If there are tens or dozens of additions added to the geometry, clicking that exit feature button however many times would be quite tedious, no? but otherwise, the feature is pretty awesome!
  9. Does anyone know how to synchronize incrementing values of tags if they are used separately between different design layer viewports and / or different worksheet annotation viewports? Whenever an incrementing tags is placed in only one location, you cannot tag it again in another viewport without changing its incrementing value. Is there a way the numbers can be synchronized thoughout the entire document?
  10. @zoomer This is why I prefer Windows. Apple's closed ecosystem gives developers a hard time developing cross platform applications and instead specifically cater to them because of the user base they have. That's why you guys have such a hard time with every OS release. Hopefully once Wine / PlayonLinux gets more developed and mainstream with Linux, perhaps VW can be even ported there by using compatible opensourced windows OEM windows direct link libraries and .Net libraries to run it. A guy can dream right? 😉
  11. @zoomer Working with 400 mb files remotely will be a challenge IMHO for especially large projects. Also, if you have a lot of custom record information for Building code requirements, zoning requirements, specifications, details, and FFE / Fixture callouts, using the Object info pallet will be difficult / tedious at best, especially if the project references other VW files. Even with a 15" laptop, my productivity was cut substantially because I didn't have a second monitor. It is nice if youre checking something in a cafe somewhere in Tahiti, but I doubt its a good replacement for a workhorse, even if it is possible to do over webgl, maybe I'm wrong?
  12. I am very excited about this. _________________________________ @zoomer Why?
  13. So I'm guessing this release is only concentrating on Metal API? Interesting though, how were the engineers able to speed up VW Graphics module for windows if their concentration was mostly for the Mac platform?


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