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  1. Samuel Derenboim

    Rounding out data tag integers

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible to round out integers in the new DATA TOOL? I'm trying to get room dimensions and want to round out the numbers for each dimension for simplicity. #Space#.#11_Length#x#Space#.#11_Width# Currently it shows up to 1/8" scale for dimensions. Is there a way to get the internal mechanism of spaces to show rounded numbers for room dimensions? perhaps something like =round (#Space#.#11_Length#) x round (#Space#.#11_Width#) Clearly that doesn't work, so i thought id just give an example 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  2. Samuel Derenboim

    VW 2019 PDF Ref's Dissappear on conversion

    @assemblyarchitecture Unfortunately It is a bug. But my workaround was to import the pdf's into the document and not reference them. It seems to hold the pdf file in the same format, only without auto update. I'm sure it will be fixed soon.
  3. Samuel Derenboim

    VW 2019 PDF Ref's Dissappear on conversion

    Hi Everyone, Just to add, after re-adding the pdf references, and formatting them, they disappear once more even after saving with the new VW 2019. So heads up, seems like this is a bug.
  4. Samuel Derenboim

    Data Tags reading/writing from/to records

    Why not just add an ID record for the furniture from the worksheet side and create a custom data tag that shows the id for the furniture? Wouldn't that be easier? I mean, you would see all the specifications there anyway when summarizing the items under finish, dimensions, mfg, etc... and then you would assign the id's for each item that would not match each other, even if under the same mfg / dimensions etc
  5. Samuel Derenboim

    favoured window schedule workflows

    What I generally do is create a separate specifications layer where all information regarding doors, windows and symbols can be used. I create an unstyled wall showing all doors and windows on it with the proper separation for the viewports - and just simply show all of them in two or three viewports.
  6. Samuel Derenboim

    curtain wall - panels worksheet record

    Just curious, is it possible to use the datatag tool to ID the spandrel panel faces by material / dimensions? I can't seem to be able to find the database ID for curtainwall spandrel faces. This would be quite useful for creating paneling like so : my current solution is to use separate records in the annotative viewport : Any recommendations would be welcome! what are your workflows ? PS - the new DATA tag tool - Is FREAKING AWESOME! Way to go VW Team!!! Thanks in advance!
  7. Samuel Derenboim

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    Don't use 3ds - as 3ds for some reason throws the walls all over the place. IFC works pretty well, but its a pretty lengthy process. Last way is through obj. You need a free 3rd party plugin for sketchup though. If any of them use sketchucation - tell them to download quad tools from the sketchup plugin database. That imports obj format, and pretty well as well might i add! Just my two cents.
  8. Samuel Derenboim

    VW 2019 PDF Ref's Dissappear on conversion

    For some reason upon converting a vw 2018 file to vw 2019, all pdf references in the drawing disappeared but remained in the references pallete. Two questions : 1. Is this a bug? 2. is there a way to get the pdf references out again into the drawing from the reference list? or do I have to drag them into the drawing once more? Thanks in advance!
  9. Samuel Derenboim

    conditional cell formating

    Good afternoon everyone, can someone help me with a worksheet function? I am trying to pull out a record if a row and a column match a specific number or letter. Best i can describe is in the image below In this example - i am trying to pull out 24x36 in a work sheet if the record of column a and the row of 1 match in that cell. I am trying to do a metal panel schedule, and want to match the panel dimensions by row and column instead of putting all the information in rows. Has anyone ever attempted anything like this? the conditional statement of =if(symbol.record),statement is true, statement is false) doesn't seem to work for me, or I am (most likely)providing the wrong syntax to call out the information. Any suggestions please?
  10. Samuel Derenboim

    Merging Identical cells in database headers

    Good afternoon, Something i found to be a bit cumbersome, and was wondering if there is an already existing solution. I've grown to love the database management system of vectorworks when it comes to calling out record information. However, because some information in the database can be repetitive, and identical if say, the same records occur several times. Is it possible to merge records that are identical into one cell without having to repeat it. I know it works on a global level - meaning if i have 5 identical symbols in a design layer, i can summarize that information into one cell. However, if those 5 symbols for instance may have 2 identical records and 3 non identical records, it creates a cell for each record that isn't identical and doesn't merge the cells that are. Here is a diagram of what i mean. This would really help if this feature would be implemented. Instead of this
  11. Samuel Derenboim

    Wall assembly glitch

    Good morning, Ran into quite an annoying bug this morning when trying to assemble a curved curtain wall. Process - first i created a curved polyline to be the shape of my wall then used the tool distribute along path in order for me to segment my wall into workable corners afterwards i followed the contours of the intersections between my lines and curved profile. After assembly the wall, I noticed I cannot modify all the walls height at the same, and more importantly, when i reselect the walls - i cannot edit them anymore, as if a glitch happened. I'm uploading a file for your review. Let me know if you can recreate the bug. Note - you have to do it from scratch. If i close the file and reopen it, it doesn't reproduce the error anymore. I've reproduced this already on two machines. Note 2 - If you try to modify the walls - it will show that it is a wall, but as if its stuck on a command. If you press ctrl-5, it resets the tool. very strange. Note 3 - even after the quick fix, i notice the problem translates to other tools. In my opinion this could be a memory leak. This bug is w/ Vectorworks 2018 SP 2. I haven't tried with others. Sincerely, Sam Wall Glitch.vwx
  12. While i agree with the idea that it should be implemented with the viewport, my best guess is integrating existing tools is the quickest method to get what you need. I'm afraid an overhaul of the system would be required if they did it the way you wanted, and that means more time for development. we want to try to get the best features with the least time of development.
  13. Samuel Derenboim

    Checking Activation?

    Does VW preload any files other than its native format when checking? when creating a library I have multiple files in the directories other than vector works for reference ( code related info) is that cached during startup I’d say I have a shared library? And if so, can it be ignored? i knew it was the caching, I just thought it had too many files in there.
  14. Samuel Derenboim

    Issues with Active Document / Window Selection

    + 1 for me! I can’t work in multiple files for this reason at this time. At least multiple large files ( I noticed it did this when I had one large file open, and one small one) so thought it could be a caching or memory usage bug.
  15. Oh, you mean something like dynamic elevation markers. Now I understand. i agree, currently there isn’t something like that you can do in an annotation viewport. Having a dynamic benchmark tied to levels/stories would be very useful. In fact if the can be interchangeable - I.e. change level / move the benchmark or change the benchmark move the level could solve a lot of problems. all that would have to be done is to have an option in the benchmark oip to tie it to a story / level (for display, not change) and another to tie that particular benchmark to that particular story/ level that if you move it vertically, it will change. - or when creating a section viewport they would already be integrated into that drawing. I just see pros and cons with both versions. Developing an idea for programmers to work around could prove to be challenging.


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