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  1. Hello all, I understand VW2021 changed how to insert accessory. In VW2021, is there still a way to do what we had before, basically insert accessory to where the mouse click. The reson I ask is because I have an accessory symbol, which could be attached to any fixture, for instance S4 unit or a LED panel. also I would like that symbol to be shown at bottom right of fixture symbol regardless of fixture symbol. For instance, S4 and generic LED panel have two differenct drawing shapes as lighting fixture , does that mean I have to make duplicated accessory symbol but with different default insert postion for different shapes of lights? Also it would be very helpful if there is a video showing how to set default insert postion for accessory, I noticed on HELP page: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/MdCWFv1io9TA/eng/VW2021_Guide/LightingDesign2/Accessory_specifications.htm#XREF_60418_Attaching_the but with a video would be more clear for user since it changes drafting visuals. Thanks. Jiajing Qi 7-lights
  2. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thank you. Just did. Jiajing Qi
  3. It would be great if we can edit FILE NAME string in title block manager directly. Often time, the long string of FILE NAME will not fit in title block, I have to manaully break lines to make it not over the border of title block. May be we can have a button to fetch FILE NAME string , fill in a text box, that text box will allow users to break line based on their needs? Thank you.
  4. That is exactly what I did. Just curious if we can do that in title block manager. if we can make that string editable in title block manager, that will would super. Those are all small changes, but very helpful. Great team. Kind Regards. Jiajing QI
  5. Hello @Nikolay Zhelyazkov , Just try it out. New scale works great . Even with mutiply scales on one sheet layer, there is text box which can set default scale, that is handy. Thank you for working on that and paied attention to details. In addtion to that, if I could ask, it would be great to have an option to break lines on FILE NAME field in title block. I love its created directly based of file name, but the string was so long and over the title block border. See attached pics. I did find a way to work around it, but definetely not idea. May be a button to fetch the string and user can manaully break line based on needs? Thank you. Jiajing Qi
  6. I am having the same problem. Open up plugin in a text editor, still see all source code even it has been encrypted in Plug-in Manager.
  7. @Pat Stanford @MullinRJ I am changing layer visilibities, so this is what I am doing : Grey out design layer 1 Using vs.GetLayerByName to get design layer 1's handle then vs.FActLayer () to get a first object handle on design layer 1 Then using vs.ForEachObjectInList to assign a class to all objects on design layer 1. Change design layer 1 visibility does affect the handle of the first object. Need some help on this please
  8. Hello RayMond, Following question about SetClass or SetClassN. If the design layer the object is in is grey out, both syntaxs will not work as it should be. Is there altanative way work around it. Thank you
  9. Thank you,Raymond. You are right, I fully forget to use VS syntax while writing python. Thanks agin for reminding.
  10. I am looking back this Locus method, I made it work in VS but for some reason it gives me error in python. I couldn't figure it out what I am off. Any insight or hint would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you both for those details. After reading Pat's reply about criteria, I am with Josh to eliminate select object, which seems redundant. I ended up using ForEachObjectInLayer(), and it works great. Python noramlly doesn't care about double quotes or single with fewer exceptions. Really appricate all the supports. --Jiajing
  12. Thank you Josh and Pat. I am still learning vs and Pscal structure, your responses help a lot. I didn't realized ForEachObject is iterating over each object and that casued the problem. Regarding selection in ForEachObject, it seems will not work if criteria is missing. It would be helpful if there is a referencing list of arguments we could pass in as a criteria. Taking all suggestions, I cleaned up the script and reconstructed it in python. However, I am still not sure what is HANDLE doing in vs. Even the script does its thing, but I believe there is error on ForEachObjectInList. Following is current script: import vs #class name needs to be assigned to myClass = "none" vs.DSelectAll vs.SelectObj("INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (L='Grid')") # Assign color and lineweight to specified objects def ChangeLw(h): color = vs.RGBToColorIndex(0,11796,52428) vs.SetLW(h, 10); vs.SetPenFore(h,color); # Assign selected object to myClass def AssignClass(h): vs.SetClassN(h, myClass , True); vs.ForEachObject(ChangeLw,"SEL=TRUE") # Create dummy item vs.Locus(0,0) Dummy = vs.LNewObj #Assign each selected objects to myClass vs.ForEachObjectInList(AssignClass, 2, 2, vs.FInGroup(vs.GetParent(Dummy))); #Delete Dummy item vs.DelObject(Dummy); Thank you
  13. Thanks Pat. Is there a batter way to check the if statement without sort of creating a loop, I was trying to use ELSE , but get error. Congraduations to your daughters's college graduation
  14. Hello, I am modifying Set LineWeight script we had in forum by adding an alert dialog, so it shows which part of code has been executed. However, I get multiply alerts even I thought the script ends. The script checked Lineweight, if lw is 10 mil then it set color, if lw is not 10mil, it will be set to 10 and assigned color. Then the code should end. I am not sure why I get multiple alerts. Here is the code : PROCEDURE LineWeightChange; { (c) twk based off of original code by Petri Sakkinen 2008 } CONST newWeight = 10; PROCEDURE ChangeIt (h : HANDLE); VAR oldLW : INTEGER; BEGIN If (oldLW <> 10) THEN Begin oldLW := GetLW(h); SetLW(h, newWeight); SetPenFore(h, 0,11796,52428); AlrtDialog ('Grid set to blue with LW 0.25'); End; IF (oldLW = 10) THEN Begin SetPenFore(h, 0,11796,52428); AlrtDialog ('Grid set to blue'); End; END; BEGIN DSelectAll; SelectObj((INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (L='Grid'))); FOREACHOBJECT(ChangeIt, ((SEL=TRUE))); END; RUN(LineWeightChange); Thank you
  15. Yep. That is correct. That is why I have to save 2020 file as 2019 and prep for paperworks.


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