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  1. @Pat Stanford ...hI...I finally found the solution to my problem......i open a new drawing and i insert a tag symbol component that i can edit geometry and text. Then i export this to libraries and use it in my future drawings....it took me sometime but its done....
  2. I found this topic in vector works help ....but I can't figure it out....it looks like it's not very correct...something is missing...it's very weird though that there is no way to change the geometry https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Irrigation/Editing_Tag_Label_Symbol_Definitions.htm thanks a lot Pat
  3. @Pat Stanford hi....well I couldn't know that...isn't it a part of the software...????...why localization could matter...????....I am from Greece working in Saudi Arabia and Middle East...i can't imagine how localization interferes in the software....apparently there is no way to change the geometry or the text size of this tag.... thanks anyway Pat.. Konstantinos
  4. @Boh thanks for your time anyway...
  5. @Boh thanks for your response....i ve already done this but the right click doesnt help a lot as edit and properties dont let you change the size and text size ...
  6. Hi , is there someone who could help me with editing tags..???...In the attached image i would like to edit the tag so text could fit. Thanks
  7. konst


    @Tamsin Slatter thanks a lot...Ithink i ve got it now...
  8. konst


    @Boh hi and thanks for the response...My problem is a little bit more complicated....When I create a new plant and i export it to user libraries using the "export plant" command and after that i use this specific plant on a new project , the plant style changes....What i mean is that the spacing mode is alternated in "custom spacing" although i ve given the "distribution by rate" property ..... and i cant figure out a way to correct it....
  9. konst


    @Tamsin Slatter How do I update the tool preference in my project templates....could you please show me the way..??? Konstantinos
  10. @Pat Stanford @unearthed @jpccrodrigues Guys thanks a lot to all of you for your help Konstantinos
  11. Hi @jpccrodrigues ....what you did works just fine ...very clever .....and thanks for sharing with me....that helps me A LOT...!!!!!!!!!!!!! Konstantinos Landscape Architect Athens Greece https://ktla-ltd.myportfolio.com
  12. Hi @jpccrodrigues So in this report , m2 are converted in sq feet and gallons in m3...??...is that wright??..I wiil try and lets you know Thanks a lot for sharing
  13. @Pat Stanford Hi ...thanks for your response ...I will give it a try and I will let you know. Konstantinos
  14. Well the spreadsheet is in the programs resource manager under -reports schedules-landmark schedules-irrigation reports -california MWELO water budget I dont mind to spend time on this to edit imperial in metric from the table , but i cant find the way to enter this table. Thats my big problem. The image shows you where the spreadsheet comes from The only way i think is to do it manualy by converting imperial to metric after changing my project into imperial ............. Thanks a lot for your time KonstantinosLandscape Architect Greece
  15. Hi thanks for the response . As you can see the results i get are in sq ft and galons , but the problem is that my plan mesures are in meters and sq meters. So apparently the results i get are false as the worksheet calculates in sq ft and galons. Is there a possibility to change the program formula into meters and liters and how...????!!!! Thanks Konstantinos Landscape Architect Greece WATER.pdf


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