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  1. Unfortunately does not work... see video. I quit/restarted VW, nothing... not working. Screen Recording 2020-07-17 at 14.53.17.mov
  2. "But there is a VW setting that will allow you to change to lossy JPEG format, to save file size. But that will be the standard for all images." yes, please tell me where to change this... thanks!
  3. Is it possible to paste an image (let say I open a Jpeg in Mac Preview, select an area of the image, Ctrl+C to save it in the clipboard) in JPEG and not in PNG? When I Ctrl+V the clipboard VW paste in always in PNG format...
  4. See video. Basically, when I copy and paste some text from other sources (a pdf or internet browsers etc) into a VW text string, the font style does not match the VW font style... which is ok. I wish there was an option for a paste-and-match-style... The problem is when I use Eyedropper to paste a VW text style, the COLOR of the text does not change, it keeps the original pdf or browser color. WHY? The only solution is to change the color of the text to a random color and re-change it into black. Is there a solution? Thanks. Screen Recording 2020-06-05 at 15.09.22.mov
  5. Hello @jblock any update on this matter? Still having this issue... 1 year later 😅
  6. See video... Basically, when I snap a dimensions to a CENTER point... the dimension does not "follow" the object if I move it!!! Dimensions follow object ONLY if snapped to END/CORNER points. Why? Is there any options I should turno off or on? Screen Recording 2020-04-28 at 15.49.39.mov
  7. HI, with SP6 not yet resolved this issue! @jblock
  8. Mh... no idea 🙂 that should set the "reference point"? I just tried setting the "user origin" but it does not change the behavior. The full drawing got scaled without a reference point...
  9. Hello 🙂 Is there a way to maintain the position of the drawing when changing the layer scale? See the video attached, if I want to keep the "reference point" that I indicate with the arrow after scaling the drawing... so the drawings "scale" from that point... is it possible? 03.mov
  10. @jblock hello, SP4 did not solve the issues... is it still an open case? Thanks.
  11. With Dual - Stacked Layout the offset (Text Off) does not work when I add a note... the whole dimension text moves. See video. With Single Layout all works. Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 5.10.40 PM.mov


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