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  1. Hi Zoe, There are 2,784 plants in the Australia Plant Database. As well, click here for a catalogue of some of the Australian content and note these are hybrid so both 2D and 3D. This catalogue can also be accessed via the Resource Manager. Cheers, Peter
  2. Hello @KWiley, As above, this is what your local technical support team is for. It might be a corrupted setting that was migrated and you might need to reset your user folder - possibly. Contact them to sort you out. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, All jurisdictions have access to different services with different resolutions. You should contact your local technical support for advice. Cheers, Peter
  4. Hi Martin, I understand your frustration but this is not the experience of most users. I am sure if you contact your local technical support team they can sort you out ASAP. Cheers, Peter
  5. That's what this forum is for! However you make a good point and I will consult with my colleagues about this. Cheers, Peter
  6. Hello, Make sure when in the Resource Manager you click the little gear wheel and 'Refresh Libraries'. There should be plenty there. Otherwise contact your local support. Cheers, Peter
  7. Hello, I can't answer that question necessarily, unless by chance there are many many in the same place? I'm writing to say in case you don't know and that it might be of help, that when you're in the Reshape tool and using the 'Edit Site Model Label Position mode' you can draw a marquee that might enclose lots of duplicated labels and delete them all at once? Cheers, Peter
  8. Hello, You could try pasting the lot into a blank file and running the Tools>Purge command. Make sure you check the 'Coincident Duplicate Objects' that will delete duplicated objects. Useful when checking imported dwgs etc as sometimes I see the numbers in the tens of thousands, just adding baggage. Cheers, Peter
  9. As Jeff says have the approach and angle set to 'By Instance'. I had a user this week with the same issue. Cheers, Peter
  10. Here's the fix: Delete both meshes. Go to Site Model Settings>3D Uncheck 'Show Skirt'. Click ok. Go back into the Site Model Settings>3D Check 'Show Skirt'. Click ok The DTM should be ok now. I have reported it internally as VB-200513 DTM update produces the skirt and surface mesh rotated to 90º from it's actual orientation after update. Cheers, Peter
  11. In site Model Settings>General what are the contour settings? Cheers, Peter
  12. You are not alone, I just saw this myself. I'm going to write up a bug report, if you can go and submit a bug please do so as well. Cheers, Peter
  13. Hello, Maybe this will help - in the Site Model Settings>General you can choose what layers a Site Modifier is on that can affect the Site Model (SM). In my example I have two layers 'Phase 1' and Phase 2'. If you update the SM with only the modifiers on 'Phase 1' layer affecting it then create a 'Snapshot'. Likewise then edit the SM and add the 'Phase 2' layer and create another Snapshot. You can then have both snapshots side by side showing what each phase means. Cheers, Peter
  14. Hello, Unless I am misunderstanding your post, it sounds like you need to harness the power and ease of use of Graphic Legends. Nothing manual to do. It can do counts and more. I enclose the Plant GL here. Plant GL.vwx Cheers, Peter
  15. Hello, Now that the new Fence tool is here in v2024 it is possible to do this. My illustrious colleague @Ben Beaumont has made some styles for our Australian users which I include here and he might have more to say. There is a 'Coffee Break' webinar on the Vectorworks Uni that is about the Fence tool. Pool fence.vwx Cheers, Peter
  16. Hello, You haven't given us much to go on, not least your rendering mode. It looks like a Shaded Render with Shadows set to 'Ground Only'. It might be a point light so you can troubleshoot that by selectively turning the lights off one by one via the Window>Palettes>Visualisation Palette. We're also not privy to the model but those spiky shadows infer that there might be outlier objects far apart. Select your model and Edit>Invert Selection and see if that picks anything up that is far away. Cheers, Peter
  17. Hello, A little known fact is that if you insert a Renderworks Spotlight light object, you can apply any texture to it via the render tab in the OIP. This could be roof tiles, bricks, or a gobo! They will be projected like the bricks below. Sometimes like in theatre it is easier to fake it. Enc is a file with one made as a symbol and arrayed to quickly visualise a scene without using lighting devices. Renderworks lights.vwx Cheers, Peter
  18. Hello, See if this movie on 'Creating a Kerbed Road on a Site Model Using a Hardscape' helps. Cheers, Peter
  19. Hello, I'm quoting from @Julian Carr who I work with who had a big input into the TBB which took a bit of inspiration from our local VAA Title Blocks. "A revision is made when a drawing is changed. An issue is made when a drawing is issued to one or more parties. When an issue is made, the revision status of each sheet is stored in that issue, which serves as a record of what drawings with what revisions were issued to what parties. It is fair to say that a lot of people merge issues and revisions into their revisions list which is poor practice and leaves them open to professional diligence issues should there be some dispute with what was constructed. In my opinion both issues and revisions should be utilised on all projects and a good number of architects and landscape architects in Australia do this. It is less common in the US however but the feature is there because we designed it with the older VAA Title Blocks and so Vectorworks adopted it with their Title Block Borders. Most users do not show issues on the drawing however, only revisions. The issues there serve as a record in the file and can be used to generate document transmittals (AKA Project Revision History worksheet)." Cheers, Peter
  20. Hello, You should send this into your local support so they can have a look and report if necessary. I have seen this when an older file has been converted that has some screen plane objects which are inside and part of a symbol's definition. It seems that the Doc Prefs don't detect this and do not turn on Legacy 2D but it can behave as if it is. Cheers, Peter
  21. Hello, One of the new features in v2024 is that Structural Members have been added to the list of objects that can be drawn using the 'Create Objects from Shapes' command. I just mention this in case it helps in certain situations. You can get some funky results! Cheers, Peter
  22. Hello, Check this out. I know it's a bit late...but for anyone else these are top notch. I have paid for them. Cheers, Peter
  23. Hello, Select the object(s) and double click the Rotate tool in the Basic toolset. You can then enter an angle. The precision by default is two decimal places but that can be changed in the Units dialogue. Cheers, Peter
  24. Hello, I think this is a long standing point with the fillet tool and is due to the direction that you have drawn the original objects. If you can change direction it will work as expected. Cheers, Peter
  25. Here's a video I did yesterday for an interior designer who was just drawing rectangles and had a user defined Data Tag for naming them. She then wanted that to be listed in a worksheet. After I showed her how to do it via record formats, she then wanted the height and width of the rectangles to also be included. This is why I renamed the record format as you can see in this quick movie. Pushing Data Tag info back into a record in order to display in a worksheet is a very useful feature. This method is also, IMO, an easier way to do this and avoid complex worksheet formulas. Data Tags pushed into record formats.mp4 Cheers, Peter
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