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  1. These aren't Revit files, just Vectorworks files from various projects and clients I've gathered over time. It's really a case of Class abuse. Tons of redundant or useless classes I want to eradicate. I've done the Open or Import into in a separate file and delete or rename classes. It just takes too much time. It would be great if there were a "Convert Class…" command in the Class tab of the Organization dialogue, with a way to assign new attributes, or retain some or all of the existing graphic attributes. I can't be the only user who could benefit from a feature like this.
  2. Not really. I assign different line weights, , etc. for graphic clarity and to make beautiful drawings. I don't do flat, generic, visually boring AutoCAD diagrams. One of the best things about Vectorworks is the ability to draw in an almost painterly fashion using all the different lines, colors, hatches, fills and other attributes. Yeah, that's doable, but on a gradual, object by object method. Hunting down every object with a specific class would take forever. I wanted an everything in a particular class in an entire drawing solution. A magic bullet. That's a good idea, I'll do a little Googling to see if I can find something like that.
  3. Sure, I realize I can do it that way, but it's time consuming. I also have symbols with the offending Classes, which means I'd have to dig into every one to change the Class. I want to do it GLOBALLY, in an entire drawing file, in one shot.
  4. I've worked with a number people who INSIST on making classes with line weights. Not only is it pointless, but it adds needless complexity. Anyway, when grabbing details and whatnot from old project libraries, often I'l bring something into a current drawing with these line weight classes. Obviously, I can delete and convert classes, but I would like to be able to delete these classes, assign them to the "None" class while retaining the original graphic attributes of the offending classes, the original line weights, specifically. Ideally, I'd be able to assign new line weights when converting/deleting, but that's probably asking for too much. Is the ANY way to do this? If NOT, and I keep trying, it would be a GREAT Feature Option for Classes. Especially if you want to make classes from imported drawings and details conform to your standards. Thanks!
  5. None and Dimension are default classes. There's no way to eliminate either of them.
  6. As an experiment, I was able to run Vectorworks 2015 under Mac OS X 10.14.6, Mojave. Launch time was a bit painful, but it was able to run. I have a client who still uses it, so I was curious. I don't think I'd want to rely on it a a daily basis, though. VW 2019 and VW 2020 have been running fine, as expected.
  7. Vectorworks' FLEXIBILITY ... there being 2, 3 or 4 different ways of being able to do the same thing. That's an incredible strength of VW!!! When I mention inconsistencies, it's the way 2 different tools or commands, which do something similar, work differently! One example: the Align/Distribute dialogue box often takes 4 clicks (or MORE) to "reset" an alignment. The snap grid on the Object Info palette takes ONE click to set a snap point, which is actually a similar task, using a similar visual metaphor (snap grid). These 2 instances should work THE SAME, requiring as FEW clicks as possible. I'd like to see an Align/Distibute palette, like Freehand. There are MANY more instances, which at some point, I'd like to recruit other users to compile some sort of master list of such things, with suggestions for fixes and present them to Nemetschek.
  8. I just got through teaching one of my Vectorworks classes. Oddly enough, we were going through Workspaces and the Workspace Editor. AND when I got home and turned on my iPad, this forum page was still open! Anyway, this what I tell them: Learn (and tweak) the keyboard commands for accessing tools and menu items!!! It's so much faster and more efficient than mousing around (or in my case, trackballing on a dual-display setup)! In fact, I often forget where different menu items and tools are... BTW, I am NOT a typist!
  9. I understand your frustration, but be aware that one of the strengths of Vectorworks over the years has been a certain amount of visual consistency in the user interface. It stays more or less the same from version to version. Other developers like to constantly tinker with how their applications work; change palettes, menus and command keys... and this can cause major adjustment problems for users. As it stands, Vectorworks has ENOUGH interface inconsistencies (didn't I just say it was consistent? LOL ) to wrestle with, but drastically changing one of the major tool palette layouts will not help other users. I hate to sound like a crank, but plow into the Workspace Editor (speaking of horrible interfaces) and tweak a COPY of the workspace you use most. You'll be able to arrange the tool palettes and menus to suit YOUR workflow and abilities. Plus, you'll have it TODAY instead of praying for Nemetschek to do it. After all, they're too busy adding features no one will ever use, rather than making VW work better.
  10. Forget mice. Get the Kensington Expert Mouse. The one with the scroll ring. I've been using trackballs with Vectorworks (back to MiniCAD), used MANY different trackballs from Kensington and others (Logitech are CRAP, BTW). I always went back to kensington and the Expert is really the best. http://us.kensington.com/html/2200.html The other suggestion would be to try a Wacom tablet. I carry a small (4" x 6") Bamboo Craft when I'm on the road with my MacBook Pro and it works well, even with two monitors. http://www.wacom.com/bamboo/bamboo_craft.php The other thing would be to look at your workstation and your posture while working. Look at you chair, keyboard position and adjustability of all.
  11. That looks interesting. Still, I'd LOVE Vectorworks Lite for my (soon to be delivered) iPad! Something I could take on site. Markup a Vectorworks file or rough out a quick detail. THEN back in my office, sync it back to my Mac and work on it further. A Vectorworks Viewer with some of the Vectorworks Architect annotation tools built-in would be fine... for now.
  12. "For me its the little things and I feel VW has lost its way over the years and is just sucking me dry." I agree. Since Nemetschek bought out Diehl Graphsoft upgrade prices have gotten outrageous. With their yearly update scheme, it seems they're more interested in clogging up VW with new features rather than fixing or updating what's there already. I would LOVE to see Nemetschek do a Snow Leopard treatment on Vectorworks: clean up and modernize ALL the code and make the interface more consistent. Some examples: - The fly-thru animation tool literally has not been updated since the early 90's. It reminds me of Swivel 3D (for those who can remember) - The Workspace Editor has only added the ability to enlarge the window, nothing else, since VectorWorks 8 (or was it MiniCAD 7?). - The LOATHESOME Align/Distribute dialogue box. It should be a palette and mirror the functionality object grid of the Object Info palette! (I've even Photoshopped solutions and sent them to tech support!) I teach Vectorworks classes and must continually apologize for and explain glaring interface inconsistencies. Then explain how to deal with them and "get around" them. I've gotten used to such things, but new users are aghast and confused! It's a huge waste of time and productivity killer to boot! So, our upgrade fees should reflect something more than feeding the feature-itis beast.
  13. "I want to be able to open old files in previous versions of VW without the risk of modifying/damaging the original file(which does happen with recent editions) on a Mac running an older OS suited to a particular version of VW. Now, I have to shut down everything I am doing and restart each Mac in order for it to read the dongle evry time." That's quite the string of flaming hoops you set up for yourself. Why not convert everything? I've never had problems with conversion, PLUS you can import or copy and paste directly. I spent several days last summer (the joys of a dead economy!) converting EVERY old MiniCAD file, some back to MiniCAD 3 (1992?), up to VectorWorks 2008. Sure, it was a process, but now I can open ANY file from EVERY project I've worked on since 1990. I bought MiniCAD 2 in January of 1990, BTW.
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