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  1. This is the whole crux of the problem. Yes, the best practice is that the drawing (especially when it is a site drawing) should be orientated North, with the arrow. The problem is that the North point is Vectorworks doesn't point North when the drawing is facing North - it is off and you cannot change it. There is a bug. My thinking is that some bright spark has decided that we should be orientating to 'True North' or 'Magnetic North' where in fact we orientate to 'Grid North' - something that every country has their own grid north for and it will vary slightly depending which country you live in, but North in drawings is relative to a defined set of coordinates and it always has been.
  2. There is a very easy way of bringing a pdf in - just drag and drop it into a new design layer. If the lines in the pdf are selectable, you may also have another wee gem in your arsenal. This will either work or will not - no half measures. If you ungroup the pdf, it should split into two objects, a bitmap image and a 'group'. Delete the bitmap and select the group and make the attributes as having no fill and a solid line. Ungroup the group as often as you need, but each time make sure that you make all the attributes to the objects have no-fill. You should now have a full line drawing which you can scale etc. PS make sure you save your work often as VW still has a tendency if you try and do an 'undo' during this process and you're not careful.
  3. here was I, scouring about the forum to see if I could find a solution to a roof problem I am having (yet again) and came across my nemesis from a VW employee Guys (and I mean VW), if there are so many of us users constantly having problems with 'internal origins' and the way files are displaying, does that not give you a very strong hint that it is not us that has the problem, but you insisting on having such a stupid origin system. Remember that when we create projects and use REAL WORLD COORDINATES, we cannot draw at 0,0. The VW internal origin should simply be positioned at the most central part of the drawing and have no relation to the coordinate system being used and should be a simple single click that does not change any of the displayed or user coordinates. We should also be able to change the internal original without affecting the drawing. Attached is the dialogue box which appears when asking VW to central the drawing on the internal original. I'm going to tell you a secret - Here in the UK, not everyone livers in Greenwich, why the hell would I want to centre my drawing on the Greenwich Observatory? As I can assure you that VW does in deed change the coordinates when I accept this dialogue. I currently have an outstanding ticket with VW UK (it's about a month now), where I spent over 1.5 hours on an shared screen with VSS Support, who at the end had to admit, VW shouldn't be doing what it was doing - Ie. unable to render unless ALL the coordinates were changed to match the internal origin (I.e. lose all my geo-referenced data) and agreed to submit to VW. Still haven't heard back. My unfortunate view is that the techs have been decided that for nearly every real world problem, the program is WAD - sorry guys, simply not true.
  4. Out of Date - VW2020 SP 3.1 on OS 10.15.5
  5. Anyone noticed the Autosave in VW switching off by itself. VW has just crashed again (second time today), but this time I have just lost 5 hours of work. I know the autosave was on this morning as there are autosaves from this morning's work, but nothing for the last 5 HOURS. Does VW have a hidden keystroke that switchers Autosave off - If there is it should be deleted. I am getting so sick and tired of the instability of Vectorworks and the constant crashing of the software. You know you have the users tied down so much that we cannot afford to move elsewhere. Businesses across the world just now are struggling for basic survival.
  6. Wes, As you said, the old school way is best at this time. Can you please explain what the old school way is, as the only old school say that I can think of is a 100% manual schedule; I.e. a text box? Should we not have moved on from this by now? I also do not agree that data tags should be in viewports - think this a major backward step.
  7. As we all know, getting Vectorworks to draw a roof properly is near on impossible and we usually all spend hours if not days getting one correct - even although there usually has to be a few 'workarounds' to get them to display properly. Question is - Is there a way of bringing the settings from one project into another. It might sound easy, but for some reason, things like pitch / overhangs / inert /eaves profiles and all the other things which take for ever to set up are never copied over. The eyedropper does not go into that much detail. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Totally agree. Also the naming convention used by VW needs to be thrown out and started again. Roads are not simply 5.5m wide with a 2m wide footpath. There are multiple variations, even to the most basic of housing layout. I've got to the stage where I can produce a site layout which I can generate a very good looking site plan, but it is like going back 20 years in the functionality. Example: Houses: I am currently looking at a 22 unit housing development - 4 house styles. each of them fully modelled (no mean feat with the current limitations of the current roof tools). problem now occurs when trying to reference in the model file to the site file. There is an error message that says the roof is too complex and cannot generate? I am only presuming that this is something to do with VW and the ever present flaw with origins. Road pattern - not overly complex and as a matter of fact, extremely simple, but Vectorworks cannot come close to creating roads that resemble anything close to the intended design. I am unable to incorporate proper site features like occasional swales (pretty much mandated by Sewers for Scotland) as well as a detention basin), build outs / traffic calming, novel junctions and minor access links. This is just the primary roads infrastructure - the private driveways cannot be created. The only solution that I have been able to come up with (and works) is to assume that the site is 100% flat and create the roads / paths / features etc. using extrudes. What this does is give the impression of a development, but has no relation to what is actually on the ground. Also only works when the referencing of the house blocks works, which in this sites case - it does not. Come on VW, devote some of that product development time to allow us to model a sites using simple geometry. The tools which you have produced for roads are I'm sorry to say not fit for purpose (any of them). This is the development I am looking at and there is a lot of topography which needs to be taken account of, but has to be done 100% manually by the use of 2D drawings as VW is simply not up to the job. This is a small development for my practice and I though that I would try once again to see if VW had improved its site tools - unfortunately, although there is the new hardscape tool, which is good. It is not designed for this.TIT-20-02-Type 01-A.pdf
  9. Not really - Just set up the syncing to happen in the middle of the night. OneDrive has a set of conflict rules, so any sync conflicts are highlighted and are manually resolved. Shouldn't happen that often as this is for libraries and templates and if it does - I am judge, jury and executioner.
  10. Going to try again, but I'm not holding out much hope. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Christiaan, Not using dropbox - know about that problem, that's why we are using OneDrive (also helps that as a business user I get 1TB of online storage) and I can choose when to sync from local to Network
  12. Fabrica, Tried this - doesn't seem to work. Rebooted the machines and VW just doesn't want to find the folders. There will be a silly setting somewhere that directs everything to a local folder irrespective of user folders.
  13. We're on a combination of Mac and PC. Thanks Christian, but I don't think you understood the call for help. Apple Remote Desktop is useless. This is going on the assumption that we have been able to set this up previously. I have asked many, many, many people about this before and unfortunately everyone comes up with 'Workgroup folders'. Funnily enough I have never had a workgroup folder appear on the resource manager, no matter how many different ways it has been set up, that's where the problem lies.
  14. I found this too. The solution was to delete the North Point in annotation viewport and use the North Point from the Title Block Manager - puts it on the sheet space, but it is not affected by the geo-referencing. I cannot understand why anyone would geo-reference a north symbol and lock it out so that you couldn't change it. All surveys are carried out to grid north etc. for setting out. Also for planning and building warrant submissions, you have to show North as North.
  15. Looking for some help please. My practice is probably is the same situation as most others at the moment. We had to scrabble around to get everyone set up for working from home with regards to hardware and basic software issues. The lockdown looks as if it is going to be going on for at least a few weeks, if not months (please no), and the 'haphazzard' office setup really has to be sorted out as things are starting to get messy (file structure, multiple copies of files etc.). There are a couple of things which we will not be doing - most notably is project sharing. This is of little or no use to a small practice (there are four of us) and we collaborate just fine with external consultants just fine - they all use AutoCAD or Revit, and does not get over the bigger problems of office libraries and standards, which are continually reset every time there is an update to VW. What we need is the following: A setup that allows each user to have their user preferences set. A set of office templates and libraries that is fully accessible by each member of the team (Title blocks as well) An ability to remove the libraries from the local machines and force everyone to use the office standards. This has been a goal in the practice for a number of years and have never managed to get it to work as we could just shout across the office when a change happened - this is much more important now than ever before as we can no longer do this. I can recall when I was using AutoCAD many years ago (around AutoCAD V12), that it was a simple task to change the preferences folder so that it would only read network files for certain items. We all have access to OneDrive for Business, so the network folders can be cloned to local folders and everyone should theoretically be able to work100% remotely and when we get back to the office - it would be a simple change to go back to reading from the network. What would be nice moving forward is when service packs and new releases come out that an option to simply download a custom setup along the lines: Download all the templates and libraries separately and give the option of saving them to a separate location (instead of the hard drive) Download and install the program as a standalone (with the current user data migration kept). We should be able to direct the installation to a network (or cloud sharing / local) folder so that the templates and libraries will be the same on each computer in the office. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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