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  1. Hey guys, I've made a 3D model which I tried rendering using renderworks final. I noticed that when I zoom in and out of the visualisation, an outline shortly appears around the buildings, which I actually prefer esthetically. Is there a way I can manually add this outline in the final outcome? Thanks in advance Michael
  2. @Boh Is there a fast way to do this? Or do I have to convert every single small building to a symbol and redraw its 2D polygon?
  3. I created a simple polygon and extruded it. The fill colour is white, which I see in 3D, but not in 2D. I don't see a way to edit this, even when I double click on the extrusion, it shows the right colours, but once I look at it from top view, it's back to having no fill. Please help.
  4. @mike m oz Any chance you could explain me how to create a custom symbol? ūüėĀ If it's a big workaround you shouldn't bother though, it's crazy to me that programs like Vectorworks don't change this stuff emmediatly. These are the details that distinguish a mediocre program from a #1 on the market
  5. @michaelk So they're 2 seperate window units with the same style. I changed the sash operation to Custom, but changing the mullion afterwards had no effect... I don't understand why it's so hard for this program to do simple things like making connected window frames without the strange line
  6. Hey guys, I'm quite new to vectorworks and this is most likely easily solved, but I've been looking for a while and can't find the solution. When putting 2 windows right next to each other in a wall, there remains a horizontal line between them the size of the wall, as shown in the picture. How could I get rid of this? Thanks in advance, M


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