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  1. I will just add this in answer to your other post. I also don't remember how I resolved this. Sorry. I think it was something to do with Avast (my virus software). I believe I uninstalled Avast and activated with no virus software at all. I been up and running for over a year so something worked.
  2. In Resource Manager I can define a new folder to fit in a number of categories. Why can't I create folder of Opening type? I know I can do a search but it is easier to open a folder and have everything there. Am I missing some logic here?
  3. Not to sidetrack the discussion but " it's necessary to zoom at least a little before the line weights actually update" is an issue in other places. For example, while editing a data tag or section marker, your changes don't display until zooming in and out. Caused me some head scratching before I figured this out.
  4. Tried setting the "Extents beyond the cut plane " to 1" (in the Advanced Properties tab) and that works. If I set "Extents beyond the cut plane " in the regular OIP to not display beyond the cut plane, it does not work. I am slowly becoming functional as another VW oddity is solved. Thanks.
  5. In Archicad and Revit, when I work in a section, I just get the cut line objects displayed. This makes it very easy to move things around if needed. In VW, I have set the section line to not display in front or beyond the section line. When I bring up "Edit section in place", I get everything beyond the section cut line. This is not useful. Is this a feature or am I missing a setting somewhere?
  6. Pet peeve of mine also. This is a problem which is not exclusive to Vectorworks.
  7. I understand what you are saying and that is the behaviour I see. The case I am talking about is as follows - 1) Open a sheet view, turn all classes on. 2) Open a saved view - the classes will be changed according to the view. 3) Open the sheet view again - the classes will be turned on as per the saved view. You need to turn on the classes again. Seems to me that the sheet view should have the option to save the class and layer visibilities.
  8. So in a saved view, I can define class visibilities. Same for a viewport. I don't see any way to do this for a sheet view. If I have been working in a view and adjust the class visbilities to suit what I am doing, when I switch to a sheet view, the class visibilities stay the same. Sometimes this is okay and sometimes I have to turn some class back on to see all of the sheet view. Am I missing something or is this a case of bad work habits?
  9. I've used all manner of keyboard shortcut schemes but had never seen one like Revit's. Two characters always. No holding down control or shift. You never need to do some convoluted finger manipulation. You have many possibilities. This is the best (in my opinion). With VW 2021 and the palette display via the mouse and using a Streamdeck for less used commands (which may require shift or control keys) I think I have a pretty quick and adaptable system. Still prefer Revit's system though.
  10. Yes that was it. Second time I have been caught on this. I think the solution is in my brain now. I don't recall having gone anywhere near this setting. Thanks.
  11. Worked on a file Thursday and everything was fine. Today, the views have gone haywire. View in Top/plan, everything looks good. Switch to an iso view and my walls still show as the top/plan view. No 3D. Somehow get the walls to show in 3D (don't remember how), switch back to top/plan and the walls still display as 3D. Restart computer, no effect. Update graphics driver, no effect. Unlike some other programs, there is no tool to rebuild the file. Copied my walls into a new clean file and everything displays as it should. Anyone else had this happen?
  12. I started with Revit just before Autocad went to a full subscription model. While I totally got the logic of Revit, the costs were just too much for my taste. Also, any plugins you might need are typically quite expensive. This coupled with some annoying things about Revit moved me to Archicad. After a couple of years, the cost of Archicad was less than Revit and every year, this just got better. On some projects I incorporate timber framing which was always an issue in Revit. Archicad was better but not great. This brings me to Vectorworks. Cost is much better than Revit or Archicad. The timber framing part is much better in VW and I prefer the general paradigm of classes and layers. However, I have found a lot of things in VW are not intuitive at all. Having just done my first real project, I found a lot of road blocks which made no sense. With any program you have to discover the idiosyncrasies to become productive but in VW's case, some of the solutions are well hidden. An example - Section lines could be simple to control through classes and layers but the visibility is controlled through the OIP for the section viewport. There is no need for this. VW definitely has a learning curve which I personally found more difficult than the other 3D programs I've been exposed to. Guess I don't have the right mix of left brain and right brain. Bottom line though is that the more I work with VW, the better I like it.


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