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  1. Hi In the end, that and refreshing the library, plus a reboot. It sorted itself then
  2. Hi I am using Spotlight 2024 v5. Just now the library offered to update and after doing so, two fixtures I was using just yesterday are now missing from the library ETC Source 4 Jr and ETC source 4 Mini LED Really hoping I am missing something. Worst case, if someone does have the Source 4 Mini LED in their library and can send me a file with a fixture dropped into it, I would be very thankful. Cheers
  3. Bumping this thread back to life. Is there any new functionalities to do this now, 9 years later? I have a record attached to the symbol and I would like to show calculations on the symbol based on the data from the record. For example the sum of multiplying the numbers in two fields of the record. Cheers
  4. Following up on the monologue thread. I would now like to round up inside a data tag. Is there a way to add rounding (up) to this tag definition: (#Screens#.#Load#*#Screens#.#Tubes#*20)*3/512 Cheers
  5. I found my own solution, I used "=ceiling(F2/600)" and set the format of the cell to decimal with 0 decimals
  6. Hi I have a column with decimal values representing power consumption, in watts. In the next column I would like to know how many of my 600w power supply units I have to allocate. So I need to round up, but I cannot seem to make it work, it just writes out the formula indicating that something is not right. =ROUND(F2/600, 1) works , but rounds anything under 600 to zero. the worksheet function is documented as follows: roundup(number, digits) Rounds the specified number up to a specified number of decimal digits. =roundup(2.345, 2) returns 2.35 If I use the formula from the example, I get the same result, it just writes out the formula Any ideas? Cheers F
  7. Thanks for clarifying Jesse
  8. Hi Found it now, thanks If anyone wants to know, the filter is: Object Parameter > Lighting Device > Universe
  9. I am looking for similar information. Also, how to get the information to carry over to Vision
  10. Hi Is there any way to apply a data visualization based on lighting specific parameters, such as dmx universe, position or purpose? Cheers
  11. Hi I get conflicts in my DMX patch window because of unpatched accessories (color scrollers). It would be great to patch them directly from the patch window instead of editing them one by one in the OIP. How do I identify which accessory belongs to which fixture in the DMX patch window? Thank you
  12. Same, still happening in 2023 SP7. How does one patch the accessories anyway?
  13. Hi I have seen this come up a few times, but I still do not have an answer. Can I adjust (manual) shutters in Spotlight 2023 and export a MVR that contains the shutter positions? Or do I have to adjust them in the Vision 2023 Software Console? Thank you
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