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  1. I opted for manual rotation in vision, thanks @bbudzon
  2. its the same as the one you just got for the color temp issue. The Q7 fixtures are all pointing up, should be pointing down. I changed them to moving lights per the instructions from last time, but the only thing I can do is manually flip them in vision
  3. I had selected all and set them to 3200K, which had no effect. So i created a new document in vision and merged in the rig again to check for you, this time they came in correct. here is the MVR pyramid 1.1.zip
  4. So, in v2020 I am back at mixed color temperatures on import. This time its MVR... This is a bunch of PAR64 fixtures straight in from VW via MVR:
  5. Hi This problem has re-emerged for me in 2020, and setting the fixtures to moving light no longer fixes it. The flip checkbox makes no difference.
  6. yes! The column was squashed so I missed it. thank you so much!
  7. And on it goes, working with another fixture now, robe megapointe. It has randomly changed its fixture mode at some point. It was correct 5 minutes ago, all I am doing is numbering. Not touching the popup at any instance. (Not) Fun fact: all my megapointes have different modes assigned from other random fixtures. not going to flood with screenshots of it. This is a bit of a showstopper for me. Do I go back to 2019?
  8. update, this combination seems to stick for now. I should perhaps make a fixture request for a generic PAR 1k NSP with a proper fixture mode. :
  9. Hi I am trying to assign a fixture mode to 64x PAR64 NSP so I can use them in vision. This problem is new in 2020 for me, I have had all these fixtures in vision before. I use some PAR64 fixture, e.g the "Altman PAR64" as well as the "spotlight PAR 64 NSP" fixtures, it is not critical, I just need a generic PAR64 NSP for vision and my plot. When I choose fixture mode I go to other and and fish out either of the above fixture modes. After working in the document for a while, numbering for example. The fixture mode is gone again. Sometimes it will still be the only option in the fixture mode popup and I can select it again. Sometimes some random other fixture. In one instance I got the entire spotlight fixture library list in one gigantic list ( didnt make a screenshot). Letting go of the popup, deselecting and selecting the fixture will change the contents of the popup again. In any case. I can't get the mode to stick. Here are some various scenarios that occur when I try to pick a mode
  10. If I do that, in any variation, my edit layout options gray out
  11. I see. MVR not ready or Vectorworks not ready? Trying to figure out if I should start using MVR for vision or not yet. Thank you
  12. Hi I am making a simple label legend with dimmer/universe in 2020 SP1. When I go to edit the 2D fields in the label legend manager, there are no labels to layout. The fixture symbol is there and so are the the default boxes and information- They are available in In 3D fields, but not in 2D I activated the fields, activated the label legend, activated all classes and layers, made sure i was in top/plan, and still nothing. Please advise thank you


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