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  1. Just a quick note. I just got a mac mini m1 with 16mb, installed vectorworks 2021, opened a stage design with a ton of geometry and light fixtures and took it for a whirl in open GL. Its a pleasure! The same file on my 6 core trashcan with 32mb felt really heavy in switching to open GL in a 3d and rotating around. but this little sardine can does not even flinch. And it cost under a grand. First time (in 30 years) I ever got a bargain feeling out of apple. Not going to get my hopes up quite yet, but so far this felt like a major upgrade. Who knows what rosetta bugs await.
  2. @C. Andrew Dunning I will check it out. I have your tool, just didnt have them installed at the moment Thanks
  3. Hi Here are a few points that would be great for more complex projection scenarios than just a standing projector in front of a screen. - focus (not sharpness) the projector like a light fixture using focus points. - manipulate the "screen" orientation and geometry and let the projector and frostum follow - free orientation of the projector symbol - basically let the screen dictate the position of the projector. - a simple default projected texture that displays the projector number, on a grid background. cheers
  4. Hi I am just interested in projector position and frostums. Calculating how many projectors, with what specs and oriented how, do i need to cover a certain mapping scenario. Your tool looks great. I will be sure to check it out. I just made a feature request as well. You never know @trashcan have you checked out this tool?
  5. Hi I know this has been discussed before but I am still looking for the definitive method. For projection mapping projects I often end up needing my projectors to stand on their side, or other weird angles. But 90° sidways is an example. 9:16 instead of 16:9. I can break the symbol and do what i want with it of course, but with the obvious drawback of loosing all parametrics. Is that just the way it is? @C. Andrew Dunning is there something in your tools that address this? Cheerio
  6. c-stands, variable friction (magic) arms and superclamps is on the top of my dream list
  7. bump! c-stands please, I have been hoping for years too. Fubbi
  8. Hi What is the syntax for summing a bunch of cells? Say I have numbers in B3, H4 and J8 for example. I can't do =SUM(B3+H4+J8), so what is the correct way? Thank you
  9. I could have sworn i posted this the other day, but I cannot find it. If this is a double post I apologize I opened a drawing in v2021 that I was working on in v2020 and when I hit numPad 0 to go to plan view the rotation is -90°, it says 0° in the plan rotation box, but I am looking at my drawing rotated. I can type 90° in the plan rotation box to get it back to where it should be, but as soon as I hit numPad 0 it flips back to -90° and calls it 0° degrees again. EDIT: I was working inside a rotated symbol when I saved the doc and thats where I was when I opened the document. So it was just a silly self inflicted situation. Thanks
  10. hi @Alex Sagatov yes, I see it, also while zooming in and out I have seen other "shards" that led me to believe that is was a failed boolean operation. I have spent a lot of time tracking those down to see if they "pointed" at anything, but they do not. and as @bjoerka points out, 3D is not needed of course, and it is 2D. But in the documentation/presentation/planning of this I have components mounted on the back of this plate and they are 3d. In conclusion, I extruded a copy of the shape to 3mm and that looks clean in the openGL views, confirming that this is some kind of bug or limitation to how the display in plan view handles this. It also makes me feel that the 2d lines I am sending to the manufacturing are not confused. Thanks
  11. Hi I am doing a lot of surface clipping because I am preparing an aluminum laser cut. Lots of small and big shapes. Inevitably after a certain amount of "clips", I get what looks like a problem. I can only see it in open GL by looking at the fill and the selection. I have tested all individual shapes and none of them seem untight or cause problems on their own. It's risky to send it off to the laser company before I know that my model is "tight" so I want to try to get to the bottom of this. Thanks for any ideas Fubbi Plan view: Open GL view with weird selection markup:


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