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  1. Thanks for clarifying Jesse
  2. Hi Found it now, thanks If anyone wants to know, the filter is: Object Parameter > Lighting Device > Universe
  3. I am looking for similar information. Also, how to get the information to carry over to Vision
  4. Hi Is there any way to apply a data visualization based on lighting specific parameters, such as dmx universe, position or purpose? Cheers
  5. Hi I get conflicts in my DMX patch window because of unpatched accessories (color scrollers). It would be great to patch them directly from the patch window instead of editing them one by one in the OIP. How do I identify which accessory belongs to which fixture in the DMX patch window? Thank you
  6. Same, still happening in 2023 SP7. How does one patch the accessories anyway?
  7. Hi I have seen this come up a few times, but I still do not have an answer. Can I adjust (manual) shutters in Spotlight 2023 and export a MVR that contains the shutter positions? Or do I have to adjust them in the Vision 2023 Software Console? Thank you
  8. amazing, I will try that out Thank you
  9. Hi I want to put a clip cube isometric view on a sheet. I just can't figure out how to do it, is it even possible? Thanks for any advice
  10. Thats it! I had given two items the same number Thanks ya'll
  11. Would you mind elaborating? All the other symbols are registering fine. The only difference between these symbols is the geometric shape inside. The file is enormous and full of IP. It's complicated... It is summarised, but only one symbol is a multiple, and that one is not it. But interestingly if I un-summarise, the problem disappears Thank you for your answers
  12. Hi I have a bunch of symbols with a data record. Title, category, weight etc. Nothing fancy. In my worksheet where I list these symbols, one item is populated in all columns except for Name which displays "---". I thought the column was too narrow, but that was not the case. I have tried completely remaking the symbol and reattaching the record, also renaming the entry "banana" in case it did not like the string. To no avail! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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