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  1. hi setting the texture intensity to 0% made a huge impact! The real FPS killer is resolution. I have to go low and live with some heavy pixellation in order to stay over 10 fps. Interesting still that these sunstrips are so extreme. I tried another scene with a ton of lights with the same settings and I am getting almost twice the FPS the texture intensity is definitely the key to a higher framerate
  2. Hi Thank you for checking it out! I really love the haze in 2020 and it's a real selling point for me. However, even if I get to 10 fps its not going to be enough for programming a show in the visualiser, it's just too laggy. As you can see in the testfile, I have not even added any other lights yet. Is it up to graphichs card? I am using a 1070 TI in my visualiser system. If I spend a grand on a 2080, will I be able to to go full on with the haze? hazers gonna haze
  3. Hi I am using the latest update of 2020, and the 2019 version is 24.04.488631 PMing you the test file, this file works (panning around the scene) adequately in v2019, in 2020 it freezes the system if I highlight the sunstrips, and then crashes .
  4. Hi When I bring 30 showtec sunstrips or chauvet sabers into vision and turn them on, I can no longer move the mouse, complete lockdown of the whole system (tried on two separate systems). Is a there something fundamental I am missing about this kind of fixture? I have another scene with 64 par cans and a ton of megapointes, and that does not overload like this. I am curious though as to why this particular type of fixture is so heavy. ps. I opened the same scene in vision 2019 and its runs significantly smoother than 2020, even with higher settings. Another mystery that I dont understand. Thanks
  5. Hi I am using onPC and a command wing. Are there any advantages for me, over using sACN? Thank you
  6. Hi grandMA is listed as a dmx provider in vision 2020, but I cant find anything in the documentation about it. Does anyone know how it works and what the advantage over artnet/sacn is?
  7. The difference in what you get from each of the request forms is not self evident -especially if you have purchased both VW and vision thinking that they are closely connected. For me there is no point of fixture that only exists in vision and cant be positioned and configured in spotlight. I realise now that its someting you guys aqquired and are integrating. Plus mvr and gtdf happening. In the meantime how do I proceed in order to use this service in my VW/Vision pipeline. Do I just fill out both forms? I appreciate your work and time
  8. There are separate fixture request forms for vision and spotlight, which is confusing. I am unsure if this means one should make two requests for the same fixture, or if one of the forms results in a fixture compatible with both spotlight and vision. In the case of MVR/ESC (and ultimately GTDF) the fixture is not usable without the fixture mode metadata. I wish the there was only one form and or that spotlight fixtures requested would be compatible with vision as a standard. thank you
  9. Hi I requested a fixture in the online form and I got a response that it had been made. Very cool! But where is it? The instructions are to visit the SS portal, but all I can find there is the bi-monthly update packages, where its not yet added. Is there a way to get the fixture before the next fixture package comes out? Also, are the fixtures in the bi-monthlies automatically added to the SS library at some point? Thank you
  10. Hello and thanks for your reply I do not have anything connected to this machine, so protocol is whatever is default. I only use it to import geometry and then run it on a PC for programming, which works fine. This problem has occured since I first installed Vision 2020. There are no open dialogs behind or in front, and I am trying a completely empty scene, and I also tried re-installing. cheers
  11. Hi As of late I cannot use the tools in vision. Clicking on the tools in the toolbar just selects them but they do not activate. They stay selected until I quit. I can still rotate the scene with ctrl-middle mouse button. please advise


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