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  1. Parker Battle

    Resource Manager Moving Displays

    I put my resource manager on my second monitor. When I am working in other apps and then pop back to VWX, the resource manager goes back to the other screen with the rest of the app. It takes some time, not automatically. Is there a way to keep it from popping back?
  2. Parker Battle

    Page Sizes in Page Setup

    After updating to 2019, when I choose page size unavailable in page setup, All the paper sizes are weird. ARCH D is 35.5 x 23.19, ARCH C is 23.5 x 17.19, ASME A is 10.5 x 7.69, etc. I have looked around at different xml files trying to see if those values are in there somewhere, no luck. Any idea on where those values come from and why they are off? Thanks!
  3. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    Well, I walked away for an hour and now it's working. Not sure, but I am glad I know about the naming thing now. Thank you all!
  4. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    I've looked through my symbols a few times now. Don't see anything.
  5. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    I did.
  6. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    Nope. Sorry that didn't find anything
  7. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    Figured out why it disappeared. Symbol name in the position didn't match anymore.
  8. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    Good to know. That fixed a symbol that was named Balcony Rail. When I renamed it and renamed the position, the position disappeared, position label stayed. However, I can't find symbol or class named Box Boom SR or SL. Is there a way to search through the file for that name? Nothing comes up in the resource manager
  9. Parker Battle

    Lighting Position Names

    When I try to name a position, such as "Box Boom SR", it claims the name already exists, but it doesn't. I know it doesn't because it doesn't when I pull up a list in find and replace, it is not there. v.2017


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