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  1. Sorry for asking once again... I use a Mac and I cannot find the Python interpreter that comes with the VW installation...?
  2. Yes, I think I need a Marionette node. Right now I have a Vectorscript Menu Command that retrieves some information like the current date and writes it do a record format of an activated symbol. The record format is linked to some text within the symbol. Now I want to convert the symbol to a marionette object. Since I haven't found any 'retrieve current date' node and there seems to be no way to call Vectorscript menu commands from within a marionette network, I'd like to create the 'retrieve date'-Marionette node. PyCharm looks good. I use it already for a Phyton tutorial I found on Youtube. But I don't understand yet how to use PyCharm to write Phyton Scripts for Vectorworks? How does PyCharm know the special functions and calls that exist in Vectorworks? How can I test Phyton scripts with Vectorworks functions from within PyCharm?
  3. Hi there, I need to convert one of my old Vectorscripts to Python to convert it to a Marionette node. Since I have no experience in Phyton Scripting I was wondering if there are any tipps on how to set this project up. I already found some very nice Phyton tutorials on the internet but not so much that refers particulary to VW. Any hints appreciated, cheers VVierA
  4. Thank you very much. I think I'll try to convert my script to Python and create a node. Can you recommend some information on how to create nodes?
  5. Hello, some time ago I made a Vectorscript Menu command that computes the current date and writes to a database record. Now I'd like to implement this in a Marionette Object. Whenever I click a button in the OIP of the Marionette Object it should call the Vectorscript. Is this or something similar possible and how do I do it? Thanks for help VvierA
  6. Hello everybody, I made a symbol, then linked some symbol text to record. In the data tab I can enter some text and it is shown in the symbol like it should. I can even enter some multi-line text. I do this by pressing shift+control+option+Enter (on Mac) to force a new line within the text. Works great. The symbol shows the text in two or more lines, just like it should. Then I made a marionette object that places this symbol in the drawing. Within the marionette object I use the string node to enter text and write it to the record format, so that it is displayed in the symbol. Works great as well. But only for singe line text. When I try to enter multi line text like with the symbol itself I get the following error: EOL while scanning string literal (see image attached). Any help appreciated, kind regards VvierA
  7. I'm not sure if I understand this correctly. So I have a topographic map with contour lines. I move every contour line to the corresponding z-level. But how do I convert this into a surface of some kind?
  8. Thank you. That way I get pretty decent looking results. But I'm looking for a way to generate a terrain, that does not only look good, but represent the actual measurements of the reality accurately. Yes, thank you. This looks promising. But I already tried it and it only got me some weird results. The surface didn't match the contour lines the way one should expect. Maybe I did something wrong and try again.
  9. Hello, I am a user of the Spotlight version of VW but from time to time I need to generate a terrain surface by contour lines. Is there a way to do this with basic 3d tools and operations as a way to mimic the particular functionality of the Architecture/ Landscape or Design Version? Any help appreciated, VVierA
  10. Hello, with VW 2022 there is a great new tool to assign textures to single surfaces. I'd like to create a quantity report in a table that sums up all surface areas with certain textures. The problem is: if I use object filter criteria to search for a certain texture the filter doesn't list singe surfaces but whole objects. How can I list every single surface within an object? Looking forward to any help kind regards VvierA
  11. Well there 'was' a solution until VW 2021 for the boomerang flyover with a trackpad or a mouse without middle mousebutton: Just press space bar and then shift+c or reassign the flyover to another key, for example to 'q'. And then press space bar and then q key. Unfortunately this doesn't work in VW 2021 any more. Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. Hello there, we use the Spotlight version that does not have the 'generate site' tool. But very seldom - from time to time - we need to model a site. Can anybody tell me how to do this with the generic 3d model tools? Thank you VvierA
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