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  1. Good day everyone out there, I would like to ask about the workflow in order to create a surface from 3d Locus points, and then merging two surfaces together and calculating the volume resulting from combining both of the surfaces. here is the screen shot the red line upper part is the outline of asphalt road, and the above 3D points is the survey points of it's surface the lower part is the underlayer surface it has also 3D survey points, but frozen The problem: i want to find out the Volume of the asphalt needed to cover the area. The process: Creating an upper and lower surface of the asphalt using 3D points, merging the two surfaces, and calculating the resulting volume. The question: how to create surface from 3D points, and how to merge two surfaces to create volume and calculate it? and is there another way to solve the problem? i am using VW 2021 Landscape thanks
  2. Good afternoon everyone. i am new to VW, and i want to export a file to IFC, but the problem is that i can't find the IFC export option in the Export menu? i am using VW 2021 Landmark, SP3 R1 Here is a screenshot for better understanding. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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