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  1. I get this as well. Haven't tracked down enough info to post a report yet.
  2. You could also make a "Dimmer" symbol and make it a lighting symbol. Then you could do the same as Kevin describes but without the houselights themselves. Each dimmer placed gets the same treatment in your paperwork as a lighting unit does.
  3. If one user has two computers, Home/Office, and they both have same user name on the home folder, how can I get VW Project Share to list the local VWXW files as two different files? And, how do I get the Project Share Users pane to list the two computers as two users? This is important for when, not if, the user forgets to release items from home and has opened the file at work. Both files are open and now in conflict with themselves. Thanks, Scott
  4. You can also attach records to it so you can count them ūüôā
  5. Oh, but... In a scenario where you have a beam that has a limit of 1000#s per every 15' and you want a 1ton point. You could want to bridle and split the load between two points on the same beam. The workaround is to cheat and put beams going across so the Braceworks does the calcs. Then remove the extra bits.
  6. For me, VWXP and secondarily, VWXW files. Our office of 18 are using Project Share across the board. Our technicians on the road need to have VW Viewer to snap measurements, preview plans, etc. Without the ability to open a project share file via viewer adds a layer of delay and additional workflow for those of us who have already moved on to other projects. Additionally, which one of us has the final responsibility to do that "Save a copy as" back to VWX? Worse, what if I save the VWX and then someone else does an update after I'm done? Etc.... Thanks, Scott
  7. I am just starting to delve into this and was looking for the same answer.
  8. Look in your service select account. Under downloads. Or, it might be Next to your license number in service select.
  9. I had the same in one drawing a while back. It turned out to be an issue with a lighting unit's Braceworks ID. When you reset, it resets everything. I sent the file to tech support and they are the ones who found the issue.
  10. Is there a way of reattaching several hoists back to a truss at once? If a truss gets nudged without the hoists, they all disconnect. Thanks, Scott
  11. Duh, never-mind. It helps if the trim of all the items are the same.
  12. Is there a way to quickly reattach a bunch of lights to the run of truss? The lights grab the truss when moving one at a time. But trying to do a group doesn't stick. I get the little blue box but neither choice works. Funny that it be removed from the hanging position AND set hanging point. But they're not being selected when I click on "select System Objects" in the OIP for the hanging position. Any ideas? Am I missing some sort of refresh and attached to closest possible point? Thanks, Scott
  13. until

    See all there.
  14. Whenever I run into these kinds of issues, I copy and paste the offending parts into a blank drawing and try again. Not that this will help, it's just another step in the search of a solution.
  15. @JBenghiat Hi Josh, Sorry, I need just a touch more instruction on how to make your worksheet script work. I confess to having very little experience with running scripts other than those already flushed out and automated by you and others. Best, Scott


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