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  1. @JBenghiat Hi Josh, Sorry, I need just a touch more instruction on how to make your worksheet script work. I confess to having very little experience with running scripts other than those already flushed out and automated by you and others. Best, Scott
  2. SCParker

    Modelling an LED screen

    I've not done this on a curved truss, but when I do a LED video wall, I add a distributed load equal to the weight of the wall. Most of the walls I've been using hang from a pipe underhung off the truss with webbing every two feet so, and then to the header bars. Thus the distributed load vs. several single point loads. Disclaimer, I'm not an engineer, nor play one on TV. When I get close to the point limits, I punt to the house riggers and/or an engineer to double check. hth, Scott
  3. SCParker

    Looking for Freelance Vectorworks for Entertainment

    @Nik Mondo you're half an hour from me. We should get together sometime. Best, Scott
  4. SCParker

    Braceworks Frustration

    This is one that you'll fair better by inserting corner blocks for most of your work and then change out for grapples after your calculation needs are done. Straight truss currently do not have a way of having this attached off to the side. Or, placing the side truss under/over the main truss line to make that connection point.
  5. SCParker

    Braceworks Frustration

    wkwiat, I think the two types of truss you're working with are different. As in, one is the "AV" line and the other is the "Bolt" line. The corners seem to work with the AV line of truss. The workaround is an 11 step process that I've been able to figure out and you'll need to do it three times. One each for each truss object. You'll basically be resetting the cross section to 12" for each item and it should work after that. It might be easier to change the truss types in future. I hope this helps. Note that my workaround is likely not the "correct" way of dealing with this, but it worked. 🙂 Also note that this likely changes what an engineer would need if one is needed. If you want to calculate weight, you'll to add hoists. I know it's ground supported, but Braceworks doesn't understand ground support. Best, Scott
  6. SCParker

    Braceworks Frustration

    I’m not at my computer at the moment but it will be helpful if you could post the file. Short of that, post a screenshot of each of the configuration windows for the braceworks objects.
  7. SCParker

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    The fastest way I've found to deal with the occasional searchlights is to make changes in the X,Y,Z settings of the units inside Vision. With the lights lit, make a change to each and when they're pointing in the direction you want, you're set. The underlying issue is the rotation of the unit within VW. It gets worse if you've done any mirroring of units. Sorry, I don't have time at this moment to delve further at the moment.
  8. SCParker

    Prolyte PRT is red

    Did you get any of the warning notes when you did the calculation? Are the warning notes classes turned on? For me, red usually means I missed the mark when connecting the hoists and the truss itself is not actually attached, hence not supported.
  9. Here's a copy of a file I've been playing with to help me better understand the truss counting and which report format works best for my needs. You'll see I have six sticks of truss and three clamps. Three of the truss sticks are inside a hanging position. My three worksheets all have the same report columns, but point to objects with different records. The one on the left (there's an image so we're all on the same page) counts all the truss accurately, both inside and outside the hanging position. The two other worksheet suffer from either double counting or missing info. All depending on whether the report is counting the internal or second copy of the record. Oy. WorksheetsForTrussCounting.vwx
  10. Well, wouldn't the truss symbols be symbols? My truss runs have x number of sticks of truss, all selected and then converted to a single hanging position. I want all ten sections of truss to somehow know they are inside a hanging position and say as much in a worksheet.
  11. Hello All, I'm looking for a script that will take the name of a hanging position and apply the name to one of the user fields of the truss record record attached to each section of truss contained within the hanging position object. I haven't explored scripting but I imagine it would look like: If Hanging Position has a name, insert same to truss record user field #1. At the moment, I need to open each hanging position object and copy/paste the "Position Name" into the User Field. This is both time consuming and a hassle when wanting to change the HP name. I want this to aid in making better worksheet reports. Having my lists of the truss assigned to various hanging positions aids in everything from truck packs to on site logistics. The script would need to assign the names at anytime to allow HP name changing. Thanks, Scott
  12. PS, MichaelK has an explanation that is likely on the right track. A "hidden" record of some sort that gets counted when I use one record vs. the other. However, since the worksheet column is asking only for the info contained in the "Truss Record" record, why would this hidden record not show up in the worksheet that worked and keep giving me double results? Or why does it return blank info in the other two. I surmise that this hidden record is not getting populated with the info from the non-hidden record. This might be the root of the issue. There's a lot of stuff in here.
  13. Hi Peter, The thing is that the worksheet on the left in my first post works just fine. It has the correct counts and no duplicates. I'm trying to figure out why so when I advise others I have an explanation that makes sense. I also want to understand better because it'll save me time. Each time I run a worksheet report on truss objects, I need to triple check my counts (not that I shouldn't anyway) in case some didn't get counted or got double counted. I'm tempted to simply add my own counting record to all my objects and just use that. This solution makes it more time consuming to jump into drawings made be others, etc. Best, Scott
  14. Hi Peter, Thanks. I do find having the hanging position included interesting. Have you tried the same worksheet on the file I offered up? I did and I'm getting duplicate counts on truss. What happens when you try? Thanks, Scott
  15. SCParker

    Pipe and Base Objects

    Nice work. I wonder if there is a way to add the rotation of the swivel. Picture building a set of goal posts with the cross bar at an angle. One base with the clamp and cross pipe and a second base with a just the vertical pipe and a clamp.


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