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  1. Solved. Turned out is was the virus detection software our tech dept. added to our technician's laptops. It has a "secure keyboard entry" setting that was getting in the way. When the setting is "paused" the V key worked.
  2. The V activates the tool itself, so we assume it's mapped properly. We did check as well.
  3. Greetings, One of my colleagues is having an issue with the V key not revealing hidden class items. He's on Windows. I'm on Mac and it's working fine for me. SP3.1 Pressing V does activate the View command and clicking on items to hide the given class does hide the class. Any ideas? Thanks, Scott
  4. Autoplotvw.com also has a lineset tool.
  5. Anyone know if there's a way to set the height of truss as it's getting added? Rather than inserting and then changing the height?
  6. Has anyone else have this? When I move a connected run of truss, VW is redrawing each truss one at a time to move them. Each time the screen has to redraw/refresh. So, moving 10 sticks takes ten refreshes, etc. I've reported it as a bug. MovingTrussOneStickAtATime.mp4
  7. For the hex you may have to edit the shape itself in the resource manager. Right click it and edit 2D. Then add the fill.
  8. When editing the layout itself, do you have "tight fill" checked for the text fields?
  9. @rseybert I know that in another post you prefer not to use add-on tools. Autoplot's cable tools does these two items, and more.
  10. I get this as well. Haven't tracked down enough info to post a report yet.
  11. You could also make a "Dimmer" symbol and make it a lighting symbol. Then you could do the same as Kevin describes but without the houselights themselves. Each dimmer placed gets the same treatment in your paperwork as a lighting unit does.
  12. If one user has two computers, Home/Office, and they both have same user name on the home folder, how can I get VW Project Share to list the local VWXW files as two different files? And, how do I get the Project Share Users pane to list the two computers as two users? This is important for when, not if, the user forgets to release items from home and has opened the file at work. Both files are open and now in conflict with themselves. Thanks, Scott
  13. You can also attach records to it so you can count them 🙂
  14. Oh, but... In a scenario where you have a beam that has a limit of 1000#s per every 15' and you want a 1ton point. You could want to bridle and split the load between two points on the same beam. The workaround is to cheat and put beams going across so the Braceworks does the calcs. Then remove the extra bits.


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