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  1. _c_'s post in EU standard Centerline Markers was marked as the answer   
    I am about to start the "flip" war. I am so tired of all these unwanted text and object flips.
  2. _c_'s post in VW 2017 Network Setup was marked as the answer   
    you don't need to re-install VW. Some user settings are not OK. For example, all these crash logs are certainly not to be copied and are a hint that something was already wrong. You want a very controlled, clean, perfectly working new copy of the user settings. Let VW do it ...
    quit Vectoworks delete the content in the User folder on Mac it would be by default the folder [userName]/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2017 on Windows it would be by default the folder [userName] /AppData/Roaming/Nemetschek/Vectorworks/2017 delete the folder "2017" start Vectorworks make all changes in the preferences as you need (particular care on the Backup path, see previous post) quit Vectorworks Now you have a fresh set of user settings. Please take a lot of care to have a working local User folder, because, if the server fails for some reason, VW will go back to that.
    You ALWAYS need a perfect local User folder.
    To work in team we need to be able to clean up the mess that accumulates on the user folders, so we need access to these folders without going to each machine: the only way is to place them on a server. From there, a CAD Administrator can maintain them comfortably using VPN from home, in the night.
    quit Vectoworks Create in the wished location on the server a folder dedicated to contain all your user folders, call it something like "VW-users" (see screenshot "User Folders.png" in my previous post). In "VW-users" create a folder for each user, for example "P1, P2, P3, etc." (it doesn't matter how you call them, I use here the same names as in the screenshots of my previous post). Observe that these folders are empty: you want VW to create a new content. go to each user's machine and perform this sequence: launch Vectoworks launch the Vectorworks Preferences > tab User Folders click on Choose... click on Yes when prompted to decide if you really want to change the User folder choose the dedicated User Folder in "VW-users" a dialog prompts you to ".... copy the contents of the existing User Data...": say "No". You want a clean new content. If you didn't want a new content you could say "Yes" and VW would copy the previous content. My advise is never to copy the old content a dialog prompts you to save changes if you have an open document. Do as needed Vectoworks shuts down. Restart it and all is well.
    Now you should begin analyzing one User Folder in detail. You must know what each preference does in those xml settings. Try until you know everything.
    If you are savy on those prefs, you can edit them from home, which is very fast and easy.  Your target is to create and maintain a common set of preferences for all your users. When you have that, you'll create a template that you can use to install new users or to clean up fast "sick" user folders.  If you are on a Mac you'll want to use TextWrangler, a free application which allows you to manipulate text very, very efficiently. You can for example batch edit all users on your network with it (you'll need grep) or compare two folders, or two files.
    If you don't know it already, you should begin learning Vectorscript (in the Pascal or better Python version) since it's the key to efficiency in VW and it's unconceivable to manage a network of users without. By the way, that of "beginning" learning VS is a permanent state .
    As a final note: Settings and Libraries is the only thing you need to grant common settings for all users in an office, the rest can be generated by VW as needed and a lot will be in the Workgroup folder. What can be in the WG and what not, how exactly is the optimal way to set up a network, when to use aliases, and when not, all these questions are too detailed to be answered in this place.

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