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  1. Same. I melt the triangles together and then manually slice the geo to the level of subdivision I need for the task at hand. You have no control over the VW export.
  2. Take a look at hybrid symbols and/or auto hybrids in the help files. These will let you have 2d geometry in top/plan view and 3d in all other views. The two are similar in concept, but work a little differently. Quick video on hybrids here:
  3. Hmmm. Can't see the video, but I'm doing it on win 10 as well. Sorry it's not working for you.
  4. Hi Nick! I just tried this (in VW 2019) - I grabbed a PNG that is on a design layer and copied to my clipboard. Opened photoshop and made a new canvas - this defaults to the size of what is on your clipboard - and then pasted and it worked a charm. I can also paste into a new blank layer on an existing file. What steps are you taking for your copy and paste?
  5. Double clicking on the polygon/polyline should launch the reshape tool for you automatically. If you are in the first mode - I think corner vertex mode (not in front of a computer) - the control handle should be selectable. I have a video on it here:
  6. A mesh is a group of 3D polygons. Usually, you have to remodel these to get them to behave when modifying. You can try going inside the mesh (double click on it), select all and run ADD SOLIDS. You can then try push pull on the parts you want to modify. Might work, might explode depending on complexity. Save before you try this 🙂
  7. Is ambient occlusion coming into play here? I wouldnt think so, but it looks like it. *longshot
  8. Auto hybrid would take care of the 2d for you (hence the auto)...but I realize this is different then what you're asking for.
  9. You could make it a hybrid or auto hybrid symbol and control the top plan view.
  10. Hmmm, not sure Charlie. I don't usually bring obj into VW and try to preserve texture mapping, so outside my wheelhouse. I didn't think VW dealt with uv projection outside of Cubic.... Is that true?
  11. Orbit via the mouse with right click and move the mouse. Pan with middle mouse button and move the mouse. W A S D to move your body /camera. Q E to move vertical up and down. So, think less like cad and more like first person video game.
  12. Have to register, but with it : https://designsmithco.com/venue-library/ e.
  13. I don't know if it's specific for drafting, but I use Squarespace for my website. Great templates and easy to use. My wife uses Wix and likes it. Lots of options out there now.
  14. Mark is correct. I would say setting up fix profile and getting everything aligned first is more work then adjusting the profile after running the command.
  15. Maybe this helps? You just have to click to drop your pivot point before you orbit. Seems an extra click, but you get used to it. I don't even think about it anymore. Fly over tool starts at 6:00 minutes.
  16. I have found if I export lighting devices, they export in the correct position, but each fixture is its own unique geometry (I. E. Not instances). If I convert the lighting devices back to symbols and export, they come in as a master symbol and instances, but lose their focus and default to the "home" position of the light. Frustrating. I usually do this and refocus the lights in Cinema. You could try Michael's STAGE plug in for Cinema as suggested. I have also rigged a Mac viper with a movable focus point, but it was a custom set up and not part of moving a whole system from VW to C4D. Don't know that helps much. e.
  17. I would make two pyramids and then add solid them together. Draw a square the right size and put a 2d locus in the center. Select both objects and run MODEL-MULTIPLE EXTRUDE. When the dialogues comes up, pick the height of the pyramid (half the height of your whole finished object. Switch to front view and mirror the pyramid below using the mirror tool with the hinge point being the base of the first pyramid. Select both pyramids and run MODEL- ADD SOLIDS.
  18. Yes please! EAP is not just for molding - some of us use it as a major modeling tool for all kinds of things.
  19. You can select all those lines and COMPOSE them together into on line. That line, however, will have hundreds of vertices along the curves. So technically, it will be one object, but made up of hundreds of little segments still. I don't think there is any way to get it back to it's original points and curves without redrawing it, though I'd love to be proven wrong on that one.
  20. To me it's about file size on really large scenes. You can really cut down the weight of the file this way. Most of my show files are 300MB+ Not sure if performance gains - I get just fine performance overall. Should mention I still run 2019 and stay a full year behind development.
  21. I always convert to generic solid once we are happy with the object and think we are mostly done modifying it. That said, I ALWAYS keep a parametric copy of everything in a separate file.
  22. I wonder if there is anything in creating the base shapes in 2d, then floating some 3d locus points above and using Extrude multiple. I would rough in the base shapes like this then draw 3d polygons to connect spots that need it. Sorry for no example, I'm not at a computer.
  23. I don't think you an do this internally, you'd have to do two renders, comp it in photoshop or after effects and then import that back into VW. I haven't played with image effects yet, but I think this is beyond their scope.
  24. As far as I know, there is no way to bend the 2d plans like you want to. Even if there was a tool/command for that, it would distort the front to back relationship of your walls (the wall thickness wouldn't stay consistent as you bend it. What might help you speed up the redraw though is to look at the options for the Offset tool. I'm not at my computer, but in the Offset tool settings (the wrench at the top of the viewport) there is an option to offset and connect the arcs and make it a closed polygon. So you'd only have to draw one arc and then offset. Hope that helps some. e.
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