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  1. @markdd Thanks, I understand now. Already was in place, but thanks for the suggestion. Thanks @Pat Stanford I'll reach out to Tech Support.
  2. Hi When I publish my sheet layers, the pdf automatically opens when complete. How do I stop that from happening? Thanks
  3. @Pat Stanford, is there someone I can contact to review the plans attached above? I'm still having painfully slow program running on my laptop with vectorworks. Would love to know if there are issues on my files that are corrupt that are causing the issues....but I'm constantly having deadlines that are hard to meet because I can't quickly resize the crop of the viewport, or move a viewport....as well as other issues dragging down the program.
  4. Thanks, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying....Vectorworks restarted on they display preference?
  5. Hi, VWX is running incredibly slow on my mac. Unacceptably slow. I'm hoping there's something I'm either doing wrong, or a symbol or file that is corrupt perhaps.... Attached is a video of the 2 minutes it took me to move and resize the crop on a sheet layer. Also attached are video files showing how slow it is moving a chair in a group, and changing the class type inside a door symbol. This problem is not unique to this file. It happens on all of them. It's killing me. Here's a link to the file from the video: https://ldj.box.com/s/2ltd3yb8qt76tfyxx8eoj9nw0uggro8z Macbook Pro-2018 2.9 GHX Intel Core i9 Radeo Pro 560X 4 GB INtel UHD Graphics 630 1536 mb I've encountered multiple professionals in the entertainment industry who have found issues with vectorworks struggling to use multi-core systems on macs....that the program throttles the speed because it can only work on 1 core and drags the system down. I'm hoping that's not the case here, and that there is something that I'm doing wrong. Been an issue pretty much since I've had 2020. Never encountered this before on my 2014 mac, or any earlier version of vectorworks. Obvioulsly the speeds in this video are unacceptable and killing my proficiency. As I said, hoping this is user error easily fixed. Thanks for you help. SCRSHT 8.mov SCRSHT 7.mov SCRSHT 6.mov
  6. @Jeremy Best I tried the resetting process and the only real change was on startup up I got an error on the Vision Library. Crashes were probably a bit less. Yesterday I have done a clean delete and re-loaded the program and I will let you know about crashes. I am still finding the program to be incredibly slow. Took me 5 minutes to arrange 10 chairs around a table. Every time I hit "shift+arrow" I'd get a pinwheel. But I suspect that issue is more related to vectorworks and macs no longer playing well together.
  7. Hi, For some reason I find that my files suddenly defaults for the text to be black fill. I've gone through every class to make sure no class has a default of a black fill. I've reviewed all the text stiles to ensure none of them have a black fill. when I click the text icon in the Basic tool palette, I have the fill as white. But as soon as my mouse clicks on the design layer to start typing, the fill changes to black, with the class error. I cannot find any location to change this default. As you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating. EDIT: As I started playing around, I found that the "unsytled" converts to a white fill, but all the other styled texts, (both custom and default vectorworks styles) all default to black fill. I added a quick video of some of the steps if that helps. I'm hoping this is a simple fix and just a silly user error. SCRSHT 2.mov
  8. Why can't I just use existing Vectorworks icons? They are the correct size and shape and work.
  9. I was using VWX up to 2019 on my 2015 MBP 16gb, and it was fine running that, sketchup, excel, email, lots of programs running. I bought the 2018 32GB i9 processor MBP a year ago and it's been choking, crashing, slogging....for any other pogram it's lighting fast. But for Vectorworks it gets super slow. I have to restart the computer multiple times a day compared to once a week or so for the 2015. I'm literally looking for a replacement laptop, trying to guage if I should pick up a 2016 or even earlier. From what I can tell VWX's legacy infrastructure is too bloated and drags on the Mac multi-core system.... I do love Mac, but maybe going back to PC is worth it.
  10. I've been having the same issue. Rarely crashed before, been crashing on me a couple times a day now with SP2.1, and of course losing work.
  11. Hi, I'm sure this is a simple setting, but I don't seem to have the export to pdf function. When I go to File>export> the drop down list does not give me the option. I have to save as an image and then open the image to save to pdf. I'm running on a Mac. Vectorworks 2017. thanks.
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