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  1. Tx, the above replies all make sense. At the office we have some Revit experts too and they feel that the "workarounds" do not make it easy to exchange IFC formats for others to extract data from the VW files. But I understand you can not duplicate groups of walls over several floors and attach these groups to story levels for their height. You can do that in Revit. In VW we need to manually maintain the walls for their height dimensions. The maintenance is reduced by a lot by using references to the repeting floorplans (sets of walls). That might be the easiest way to go then. As a side note, I export to C4D for rendering in Coronarender and the export of the most complex files with lots of references is flawless in seconds. tx for the help, very useful for me.
  2. Hi, we are trying to set up a file with VW for a large building with dozens of repetative floors. Is it possible to use the wall tool per floor and have some kind of symbol functionality in case we need to make edits in the interior walls used. It looks like the wall tool is too basic and can not be used in symbols. I don't want to think of having to change interior walls for every floorplan for every edit we have. Maybe VW is too basic for a proper model that is easy to edit afterwards for larger buildigs with a lot of repetative elements like interior walls, elevator shafts and so on. Or am I misunderstanding the wall tool ? Any people here who are very experienced with larger buildings who would share what works and what not ? Cheers Francois
  3. Hi Zoomer, just saw your reply. I am not so often on this forum anymore. But I am very worried that on a PC you can't export a C4D file from VWX. Is that really true. I can not imagine that. Or do you mean for R21 ? Btw, I do fairly large project occasionally on my m1 MacBook Air. 16gb. And it renders a lot more that I expected. I render VWX models with Coronarender in C4D. I love it. Twinmotion is also a lovely way to work. But the render quality is not all that good really especially compared to Coronarender.
  4. I work with C4D, R26 and Coronarender v9. VWX 2022. Mac Studio 128Gb. I think its the best to quickly get pro results. Here are a few not too old projects rendered with this combo. https://francoisverhoeven.com/GR9-Voorst https://francoisverhoeven.com/Trekviet-Appartementen These where done on my old iMac from 2015 with 32Gb ram and a i7 4 core (8 threads) The costs are there but I do some work for other architects as well and so I can afford this set up. The reason why I work like this is because I can easily get very good assets for Coronarender from Bentanji, Maxtree and so on. And the export from VW is flawless and super easy. Even the most complex models (over a Gb) export in seconds to C4D format. I am considering to move to Unreal Engine 5 and buy a PC. But I hear from Unreal users that its very buggy and crashes a lot for archviz. And I need to convert assets and resources. Not all that much available yet for Unreal 5. But to get Coronarender results out of Unreal will be a lot of work as I hear if not impossible. I see very good stuff from Lumion and the export from VWX is also flawless and very fast. But still the results don't match my renders and my customers are used to that now. I am not sure though C4D/Coronarender is future proof with all current developments in real time rendering. Another thing to consider is that C4D is also a great modeller for terrains and anything organic. I think VWX is nightmare for terrain modelling. Especially large terrains with slightly sloping surfaces. VWX just can't do that. I only model buildings in VWX now and the rest in C4D. I have been doing a lot of designing/sketching in C4D lately and I like the workflow and speed and more or less real time rendering in C4D. VWX is so far behind in this. Redshift in VW is very slow compared to C4D.
  5. Tx Zoomer, good to know its not a bug. I wonder if this could be reprorammed by Maxon at relative ease. I see you use mac and pc for VW and probably C4D. Would you recommend that ? I am thinking of getting a mac studio for my VW & C4D work with Corona render.
  6. Hi, I noticed that VW exports models with symbols at only one level to instances in Cinema4D. Nested symbols are exported from VW but in Cinema4D not converted to instances. Only the top level symbol gets to be a instance and the nested onces are covered to groups. That's a bit of a problem. Is this true really ? I am jus wondering if this is a bug. btw, mirrored symbols are also duplicated at export as seperate instances in C4D. Cheers Francois
  7. What I now do is create geometry using the EAP and then convert it to subdivision with 0 segments. After that I can edit the geometry as I like. This is useful for mostly window frames that go around a corner. Editing a EAP as it is is not possible in any predictable way and to time consuming.
  8. Well tried it again but than often I get the invalid path problem or the edited path does not relate to the extruded result. I think on my m1 and 2022 this is a bug. It should work but it does not reliable.
  9. The selection tool does not show any handle bars for nurbs. I have no idea how to get what your screenshot does. Maybe a PC versus Mac thing. Oh, I seen you are on Mac too. well, then its a mistery how you get handlebars.
  10. But I can group the nurbs and then it works. Clunky to say the least. But I got some where now. Tx for the efforts to help me out here.
  11. There are no middle handles in a nurbs rectangular.
  12. Tx, that's it. Avoid the extrude along path. Normally you should be able to just change a dimension but with nurbs all you can do is make a new path. But the problem is that once you create a new path you need to recreate the whole extrude along a path since you can't copy paste a new path where the old was is.
  13. Great. But in my case the edit always results in VW telling me that the edited path object is not valid and asks me to delete it. Sometimes it does do an edit but 99% of the time editing a path is prohibited. Its been mentioned here on the forums before. In other CAD packages this is a very normal often used command but in VW is disfunctional. I am not talking complex shapes. Just a simple rectangular for window frame. Won't work. After the extrude you can't change the size of the rectangular anymore. You can drag the separate points a bit but there is no way to do this with any kind of exact dimensions.
  14. Am I correct that a once created path for an extrude along path object can not be edited afterwards ? What I ever I try to do to a path VW prohibits any changes to the path object. What I do now its convert an extrude along path to a subdivision with an iteration of zero and then I can edit again. Its one of the main frustrations we have. at the office modelling windowframes etc. Extrudes along path are not editable at all. Macbook M1 16Gb. VW2022
  15. For such large projects Lumion maybe the only option. C4D has a huge learning curve. But if you want superb interior renders with beautiful lighting I think you still need more refined render engines. Look at Blender/Cycles with Graswald and Lumion is not yet there. Especially if you get a little closer to the rendered vegetation and geometry. Anyhow, as soon as you have loads of geometry and assets, vegetation and so on the quality of light becomes much less important. In most cases already you would not see the difference between Vray/Coronarender and Lumion. If Lumion wasn't such a big step price-wise it already would have been the industry standard. If Twinmotion gets Unreal 5 quality and integration with Quixel it might be a real option over Lumion. At the moment Twinmotion images and assets are rubbish compared to Lumion. If Twinmotion can catch up in 2021 it has a chance. If it takes much longer Lumion will absorb the market. I read that Vectorworks still has half of their users on OSX/Apple. So thats a problem with Lumion. Lumion made clear they are not interested in OSX. Twinmotion runs on OSX like Unreal. Maybe Apple still has a little surprise with metal and AMD GPU's. If I had bigger projects and budget I would get a PC and Lumion for sure. The image attached is VW/C4D/Corona (construction starts in sept). This images are all geometry and nothing is photoshop'd. Grass is generated, assets and trees are by Darstellungsart and Bentanji. I wonder if Lumion would give me the same photorealism I need getting new customers. For speed, Octane is vey fast and this image would probably take just minutes. My 5 year old iMac took a few hours to render this at 5000 pixels wide in C4D/Corona.
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