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  2. Christian Marshall 59

    Text in Worksheet causes crash

    We have recently had a number of issues with Text in VW2019. The spinning ball slowing us down being particularly irritating. Now working in a worksheet schedule editing text causes the software to crash. This has now happened repeatedly. Purges and restarts have not had any effect. Any suggestions?
  3. zoomer

    Revit Import Not Working

    RVT 61MB may be very large in VW units. I was able to import up to 170 MB RVT files. But AFAIK that needed 16 hours of frozen VW or so. It needed lots of RAM (I have 24 GB only) and the result was 1.7 TB VW file. Import will explode all Line Styles into separate 3D Polygon pieces.
  4. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    That makes more sense 🙂 Archive.zip
  5. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Are renders saved as image files, in some temp directory?

    Cmd+shift+4 would have saved you some money…
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Rendering speed

    Are you rendering sheet layer viewports or in the design layers? Unfortunately my experience is similar to yours. I think that upgrading to an iMac Pro accentuates the bottlenecks in VW. Until the upgrades to the core components are complete (switching items to the VGM or removing single core bottlenecks like math/geometry calculations) I think it is what it is for more complex models. Kevin
  7. Would be nice. I bought a comfortable Screenshot App for Mac and got used to save these from time to time, as a workaround for VW. (Didn't find a similar App for Windows and Linux so far though)
  8. Taproot

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    That's been true for me as well. With 2019 Service Pack 3.1 the software finally feels stable enough to use.
  9. kenpayson

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    Everything has been smooth (knock on wood) for me for a while now. Looks like they finally fixed it!
  10. Today
  11. This would be an awesome addition! Focus points only really make sense if you are focusing several lights in the same place. They are really annoying when all I want to do is focus one light in a certain place. Having the ability to have POV of the fixture and be able to focus it would be incredible.
  12. archiwaner

    Short lines selection to delete

    Hi everyone! I was recently asked how could one get rid of the shortest lines of an imported DWG drawing. After some searching, I could only find the advice of someone pointing to a Marionette solution. After some self teaching I want to share this little wrapper which, once turned into a menu command, deletes the lines from a selection which are shorter than one drawing unit. On the one side, job done! On the other side, I have a little wishlist that maybe someone could help me with. I would like this tool to be able to: - manually select the length for everytime the command is executed - work in a way which is more graphic, i.e. not a menu command - work also for older versions (I tried exporting to 2016 without success) Thanks in advance for your insights / comments ! maxLength_1 unit.vwx
  13. Hi all, A question about rendering please. Test renders that are done while working, create a handy chronological document about the design development. When I render some view, is it saved automatically somewhere, from where it could be retrieved later?
  14. scottmoore

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    That is really lovely Peter! I think I am going to have to start using the cloud service for renders.
  15. Phileas

    Buggy Site Model

    Hey guys I have a site model I imported from a 3D DWG from a site survey. However, it seems to be a bit buggy: Whenever I switch it's appearance to a 3D Mesh in the OIP, I get this: As you can see on the duplicate on the right, when I put it into extruded 3D elevation line mode, it looks fine. However, the highlight of the selected site model still look as if it was an extrude reaching far down: Any Idea what is happening? It's not that big of a problem, the only annoying this is that I always end up "Inside" the model when I switch from a 2D to a 3D view, and first have to zoom out. That is annoying.
  16. Hi, I am trying to create a tool similar to the Flowchart Link Tool. This Tool is not as a standard tool in the Basic Toolset you can find it in the Plug-In Manager. Basically I would like to draw a polyline between two symbols and "connect" the endpoints of the line to the symbols. So when I move the symbols, the end point of the line moves with the symbol and the line will be scaled. I think I need to give the symbols a unique name (figured that out already) but I do not have any idea how to "connect" the point to the named object. Could anybody point me to the right direction and is this even possible with Vectorscript or do I need to use the SDK? Thanks!
  17. Marconi

    Looking for a good VW Podcast

    Thanks @Pat Stanford. I'll check it out!
  18. Tamsin Slatter

    Landscape Walls

    I don't Ryan, but agree that this would be a nice thing to have in the standard libraries. I am sure this is something we can look at for the future.
  19. Hi guys, I have a number of symbols. including exit signs, electrical connectors, labels etc... I was hoping that on my different sheet views I could ensure these symbols and labels always faced the cameras... That is if I zoom in and rotate the viewport all these symbols/labels are also rotated... Is there a method/approach to make them always face the camera? I have looked into image props, but they ony seem to work with PNG files, rather than symbols. Many thanks Nick
  20. ryanhood

    Landscape Walls

    Hi there, Would anyone have a wall style for an garden brick wall and an garden stone wall. The standard Vectorworks libraries don't seem to have any. They all seems a bit too architectural. Kind Regards Ryan
  21. archiwaner

    Class Legend Attributes

    That is really really useful, thanks a lot! It is also very clearly build, which made me introduce a small tweak: vertikalVersatz, in order to choose the alignment of the rectangle in relation to the text boxes. Maybe there is a more efficient way to do this, though...
  22. Jan-Burger TROOST

    3d powerpack unfold surface tool

    I read options are little and limited and that there is dedicated software around, but would it be possible to do this in VW? I’m still working on that ski tow I posted some time ago – actually my students are… – and was thinking maybe #Marionette has some commands/scripts that will be of any help?
  23. Peter Neufeld

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Hello, Sorry to hijack this thread but I couldn't resist using your image as a glow texture. This was rendered pretty quickly using the Vectorworks Cloud Services - much faster than my new highly spec'd MBP. Cheers, Peter Glow floor 2.vwx
  24. Hutch_92

    Vectorworks for Sale

    Hi Adam, I'm just wondering if the 2017 version without the dongle is still available? Also, do you know if a NZ version work in the UK? Thank you, Best, Charlotte
  25. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @Boh Thanks for the tips, but still not working. 😔 Restart my computer, copy n paste to a new file but still not working. I tried in the template file given too, but its the same. Maybe its a version problem. Currently i am using VWX2019. What i found out is if I select ceiling finish edit it will work, but if I select the other option it does not work. I dont know how to categorized this issue, is it as bug or something else. But this is a very good template. Kudos to whoever made this.✌️
  26. JonC

    convert vwx to dwg

    Hey Michael. 🙂I might have compressed the wrong one. I think this is it. Let me know? Thanks so much JonC (Stadium) - FINAL small grads (1).rar
  27. @Jonathan Pickup @Diego-Resuelvectorworks OK thanks guys!
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