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Roadmap Feedback, including "negative" comments


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Moving the Roadmap conversation started at: 



@Neil Barman It's possible to have a positive tone while wanting to leave "negative" feedback.  I don't know how you're compiling the votes in the Roadmap items, but it doesn't seem like there's an easy way for users to provide negative or even neutral feedback, which would skew the results and the direction of VW development resources.  As I said in another comment, please can I vote down any resources being spent on updating the startup screen.




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25 minutes ago, E|FA said:

As I said in another comment, please can I vote down any resources being spent on updating the startup screen.


Hi @efa.


You can vote "down" or "up" anything on our roadmap here: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap 


Simply click on the card and label it as "nice to have" which means a low priority. 


the "startup screen" which is labeled the "welcome screen" can be accessed at this card: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=welcome-screen


Thanks for your feedback!

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46 minutes ago, Ruby S said:

You can vote "down"


I beg to disagree.  "Nice to have" is still an "up" vote.  There is no way to offer a "down" vote.  If VW really wants user input, please allow us to provide it.  VW can choose to act as it sees fit, but at least the data would be there.  


At this point, leaving an item blank is the closest one can get to a "down" vote, but that doesn't let you know if someone didn't even look at a topic, or decided not to comment as a vote of not even "Nice to have"..  


Even with "negative" feedback, I am trying to be productive.  I've been using MiniCad/VW for my entire career, and intend to continue doing so until I retire.  I have a real vested interest in providing feedback that will help improve VW.  

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Before I go on a three day vacation, what is an example of an item on a public roadmap that you would vote down, as in "please do not work on this feature"?  Odds are it is there because someone has info that it is something we should be considering.  I am trying to imagine when someone would vote as "strongly dis-consider this item it is IMO a waste of resources"?


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On 10/29/2021 at 1:20 AM, E|FA said:

There's a post I remember from a few years ago requesting that the next version have no new features, so that existing features can be brought up to speed and bugs quashed.  I'd vote for that.

Not just a few years ago, it comes up almost every year and I'd vote for that as well.


On 10/29/2021 at 2:02 AM, jeff prince said:

Our community has been told by Vectorworks that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Up to a point I do agree with that, but being diplomatic in one's wording is not always a compliment if you consider the following definition of diplomat... a diplomat is someone who is an expert in using the nicest words to say the nastiest things.


Given the first quote and lack of response on that from VW I sometimes have a feeling that Andrei Gromyko is still alive and has a position at VW somewhere though at least he would have said something, if only just one word. 😁


It's the lack of some clear explanation, i.e. not some vague wording that doesn't really tell much,  of why something takes so long or hasn't been done that is probably just as frustrating as things still not having been fixed for years without knowing why. It would already be something if there is a statement of whether some issue is going to be tackled or whether it is considered as a matter of no interest by VW. At least then you know what to expect (or not expect).


On 10/29/2021 at 2:02 AM, jeff prince said:

So, I'll offer the following.

A rating system that allows you to "award one star" or "no vote" to give feedback is a wonderfully constructed safe space.

That would be a good alternative, there needs to be a bit more fine grained range of responses to clearly indicate how much priority a feature should have, e.g. "nice to have" would be 2 or 3 stars in a range of 5 stars.

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On 10/29/2021 at 12:50 AM, Dave Donley said:

Odds are it is there because someone has info that it is something we should be considering.

@Dave Donley This is the kind of thing that makes people wonder why some things are on the roadmap.


What would make it the roadmap more useful for us would be a description of the intent of why something is on the roadmap, what are the arguments in favour for a roadmap item. E.g. to use the "more interactive welcome screen" as an example... what is the intent and why do(es) the person(s) making that roadmap suggestion to consider it think it is in improvement? Right now it only shows one line without any information so I have no idea whether it would be worth upvoting or not so based on that I would definitely downvote it if possible.


Some things may seem not worth the effort unless you know the why behind a request, it may also cause others to come up with a possibly better solution/alternative. That way everyone may benefit.


Just two more examples from the development section:

"3D Modeling - Push/Pull enhancements

Posted April 2021

A new tool will be added to offset edges of planar and non-planar faces. Push/Pull mode will be added to provide push/pull behavior as soon as edges are offset. Existing Push/Pull tool will be enhanced to support non-planar faces."


This is a bit non-descript to some extent, I'm not sure if it means what I think it might mean. If it does then it would be really nice to have but I can't be sure. Maybe it is implemented in a way that is of little use for me but I don't know so I can't suggest possible improvements after all and will only find out when it is released. Then I would probably be commenting on how half-baked the implementation is and how it could be improved.



Posted April 2021

Layout and networking features"


This is just too general, what can be expected? Is it something that I would want to support, should I make a suggestion for (additional) improvement or could my suggestion be something that is already being worked on.? A bit (or lot) more information would be useful.

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