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Vw 2015 cursor odd offset behavior

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This always manifests after running Vw 2015 for some time. Everything works fine at first. But then the cursor becomes offset a distance from where I position the mouse, making it difficult to edit basic things like rectangles or polys. It seems to affect everything - line and object handles, trying to click inside the text edit box - the mouse is always off target. Quitting and restarting can make the problem go away, but only temporarily. No one seemed to mention it in the forums, so I was just wondering if it's a common occurrence with this release. I may have to fall back on Vw 2014 till this gets explained or fixed.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Its being tracked here already, but yes its an odd one. We primarily see it after a machine has gone to sleep with Vectorworks still running, then resumed work after waking. But we are still trying to narrow it down to a specific set of circumstances/time spent hibernating.

We do not believe it is anything to do with peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard at this time.

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Similar problem here .

Only seems to occur in Design Layers - Any Snap Parameters suddenly seem to become void _ although so far I have no experience of the occurrence being related to any activation of computer "sleep" .

Only way I can get out of it seems to be save / quit file and reopen... hard to see specific reason for cause but occurs perhaps 3 times a day over an 8-9 hour working period.

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I have seen this as well. MacBook pro Retina using only the track pad. It is more likely to happen after shutting the lid and sleeping, but it will happen even as you use it sometimes, so not exclusively a sleep issue. It is not file related, simply saving, closing, and reopening the same file will fix it (without quitting vectorworks). Also with multiple files open it only affects one file (or maybe more) but not all the others that are open. So something in that session with that particular file.

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Hi all, my partner is complaining of the same issue. She has a Retina MBP running VW2015 (SP2) on Mac OS 10.10.1

It seems to happen more often with drawings where an image has been imported, but that is not definitive. It happens 10-20 times a day, but we are not able to reliably replicate it. She is considering dusting off the old G5 iMac to work on VW12...

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Having this very frequently. It can happen even as you use the open and foreground window, it is not dependent on sleep to occur.

To be very specific: It is displacing the snap grid and snap selection box up or down (I have never seen it left or right). The cursor point continues to point at the correct location on the drawing, the lower right indicator boxes show the correct cursor position, and the cursor position is correctly reflected on the rulers. However the snap grid, both logical and displayed on screen is displaced a short fixed number of pixels up or down compared to the cursor point, rulers, and coordinate system. The selection box and snap box are similarly displaced. Zooming does not change the number of pixels displaced. Nor does scaling the screen in system preferences.

I have seen if fix itself only once. For me it happens 10 - 15 times a day, making the program very annoying to use.

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More information: The vertical offset of the snap grid seems to be characteristic of the file. One file when it goes bad may offset low a certain number of pixels. Always the same, when it happens. On another file, it will offset high a different number of pixels - but always the same number.

Right now I have three open windows. One is correct, one is offset high about 200 pixels, another is offset low about 100 pixels. Saving the file and reopening will fix it for a short period but it happens again within a few minutes to a couple of hours.

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Yes, I have had this happen many times on a new iMac, Yosemite OS with apple wired mouse. When this happens to me there is also a band of blank usuable space at the top of the window. If I do a 'fit to window' command the whole page centers on the remaining space below, with a much smaller view. Seems to happen when I return to a file that I left open for a while.

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Back again here -

If I might ask a question - if anyone recognises similarities with these symptoms

these symptoms occurring off and on with 3 different people working in hour office .-

May be file related , as there seem to be days with a 10-15 occurrence inside a 10 hour period ,- and yet sometimes a day with no occurrence at all .... i.e. perhaps working file dependant .

at the moment - using 1 particular file - following a period of rest a window freeze occurs with page / window open to nearly full monitor size (Tool palettes are on second monitor )

i.e. After a period of 3-4 minutes non use or if switching to another application and back .-I find upper portion of drawing vanishes even with zooming in and out

and/ or snap / cursor offset occurs as described by jfitch above .

Although I have noticed varying degrees of offset dependant on file .

Sometimes with an offset of only 10-20 pixels -below right or left -

More often a much larger offset .

after contacting Nemetschek with a bug submission -they very kindly got back to us ,as they had indeed been tracking the issue and initially suggested a resizing of the open window - which does seems to clear the issue , at least until the next occurrence .

hopefully soon a permanent solution to be found .

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We are having the same issues on one particular iMac desktop where the visible cursor is offset from an active invisible cursor. It is very frustrating and happens 10-20 times daily. Oddly it is affecting only one computer at the moment.

It only started after we upgrade to Yosemite just over a week ago. Any help on fixing this would be really appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

All reports now show this should be corrected in an upcoming service pack.

It appears to be triggered in a number of ways, with the following being the most reliable method to reproduce:

1) Open file1 and make it full screen

2) Open file2 and put it in a window, then resize that window to take up the full screen

3) Using the Vectorworks icon in the system dock, switch back to file1

4) Pan around in file1 a bit

5) Using the Vectorworks icon in the system dock, switch back to file2

6) Pan around in file2 a bit

7) Go back to file1 and pan around a bit. You should now notice the cursor being offset. You may need to switch back and forth between file1 and file2 a few times for this to occur

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