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  1. We have had problems with publishing PDF files. The issue seems to be when we use the create folder dialogue box in Vectorworks. This always crashes VW. If we create the folder for the PDFs in the main OS and then go back to create the PDF files in Vectorworks all seems to work OK
  2. +2 Particularly useful with the Custom Stair tool is the ability to set a stairs to appear on two layers set to these levels. We have never used the current Stair Tool for this reason and the interface with the Custom Stair Tool is better. However the Custom Stair has its own weaknesses. The balustrading and handrails in 3D never seem to work well.
  3. Eoin R

    Roof bug

    BCD you are right on that small test file switching on the class shows the roof profile. But in our active and larger but not overly complicated working drawings we don't get this no matter how many classes or layers we switch on.
  4. Eoin R

    Roof bug

    The commands are there in the menu but the roof or roof 'face' does not appear. when the command is activated. The objects are visible in top plan view but not in 3d Files are attached. These were created from scratch.
  5. Eoin R

    Roof bug

    I am having bigger issues with roofs in 2016. We cannot seem to be able to create or view roofs. Have exported the file back to 2015. Opened it in 2015 all works fine but then roofs disappear when imported into 2016. It is not a class visibility issue.
  6. Has this issue been fixed in SP1 update? We like to docked palettes but after unchecking this so that we can have files open simultaneously we can't seem to get the docked version back
  7. We are having the same issues on one particular iMac desktop where the visible cursor is offset from an active invisible cursor. It is very frustrating and happens 10-20 times daily. Oddly it is affecting only one computer at the moment. It only started after we upgrade to Yosemite just over a week ago. Any help on fixing this would be really appreciated.
  8. Jim Can you update us on VW2015 compatibility with Yosemite. For other reasons we want to make this upgrade but we need to be sure that it will work with Vectorworks. Thanks
  9. Found the source of the problem. A rogue text block far away from the main model was the culprit. Deleting this appears to make everything work again.
  10. I seem to have accidentally triggered a setting that is making viewing and working in 3D impossible. From a distance I can see the complete model but as I zoom large parts disappear as if there was some limit on how close you can view the geometry. Does anyone know how to fix this? (Many thanks if you do)
  11. Are there any improvements in the Door/Window tool? These are crucial to our workflow as architects and the current tools do not work well. Consequently we use Windoor from Ozcad. Can you confirm if this is compatible with VW2015? If not we can't make the upgrade as Windoor is essential to the work that we carry out. The stair tool also could do with an overhaul. Can you confirm if the latest release has any improvements in this regard.
  12. "Categorically disagree. SP3 Crashes as often as SP2.- No change. 2014 should be renamed CRASHMASTER 2014" This is our experience. VW 2014 SP3 crashing every hour or so most dayswithout any discernible pattern and losing work along the way. We have set auto save to every 5 minutes.
  13. We are having significant crash problems with SP3 and previously with SP2. Hard to figure out why and there is no particular pattern discernible. Sometimes we can go 3-4 hours without any problem but then it can start to sporadically crash every 15mins. As a general comment we have not had this experience on previous versions of the software and SP1 of 2014 appeared very stable but had some basic faults which were rectified in later versions.
  14. Mike Many thanks that seems to have fixed the issue. Although I'm struggling to understand how the file went awry.
  15. We are having an issue in one file where all edges are becoming serrated in Open GL mode. Has anyone experienced this before or have a fix. I have gone through the various settings and cannot find anything can might be the cause of this. Many thanks.
  16. Russell It is worth pursuing this one. We are existing Windoor users and the tool is invaluable and almost irreplaceable for our work as Architects. Someone in Vectorworks should contact Ozcad to see if it can be made available outside Australia/NZ or better still they should incorporate Windoor into Vectorworks as the tool is far superior for creating, editing and modifying doors and windows. Eoin R
  17. Christiaan. Try setting the sills with no end overhang. In our VW2010 version of Windoor setting the sills to extend at the end can produce odd effects similar to your screenshot.
  18. Kind Of. If you set the mullion thickness to 0 you can create a windoor PIO that is close to what you are looking for but the upper windows are two sashes.
  19. It seems to come and go as an issue without any rhyme or reason. Luckily for the past while we seem to be free of the random arrows. I would be interested to know if this has been fixed in VW 2011 or 2012
  20. Din This issue has been raised before. You used to be able to export to Sketchup relatively easily via a 3DS export in VW2009 and prior. From that point on there is a bug which we have reported in that you can only export individual layers and not a complete model. Hopefully this should be sorted out in the next iteration of the software. For the time being we export each layer individually and then reassemble the model in Sketchup which is wasteful of time but works. We have tried the dwg export route into Sketchup without any success but maybe someone else can offer an idea how to do this.
  21. We have had problems with random arrows in files which we have got over by creating new files and copying/pasting the existing information. A definite waste of time but the only thing that seemed to work. We are now finding odd behaviour in a new file where we are getting random arrows in viewports if the viewport is set to sketch render. Files attached show the issue. Has anyone come across this or have a solution. Thanks,
  22. Jeffery You need to sort this out. I went to a BIM conference last week in Dublin where the major BIM software vendors Revit, Archicad, Microstation & Vectorworks presented how there software can be seen to be working towards BIM modelling. I have to say the Vectorworks presentation by Jonathan Reeves was impressive but the one glaring inability was energy analysis. The other platforms can extract this information in what appears to be a very straightforward fashion and this issue is critical to our workflow. To suggest that you design in Sketchup and then move over to Vectorworks makes no sense. Increasingly we are designing from the start in 3D in Vectorworks. Taking a more positive view of this issue I spoke to many architects after the conference and all very impressed with Vectorworks. I was expecting to be wowed by Archicad & Revit but from the demonstrations there did not seem to be anything hugely better in either of them compared to VW and all at multiples of the cost. If NNA can provide a simple interface perhaps by export to gbXML or by a direct link or export to suitable software then you could pick up a lot of customers. As they say in football. It's an open goal.
  23. John. From our experience the solutions it to use the command to erase co-planar edges in Sketchup. This will clear up the myriad of triangular components that you get when you export to Sketchup via 3DS
  24. Beanus. I have come across the same issue and reported this as a bug which NNA confirmed. You are unable to export to 3DS in Versions 2010 onwards but it does work in Version 2008 & 2009. The lack of the ability to export to 3DS is a major issue for us. One general question is will NNA fix this for Version 2010/2011 or will the repair of this bug live on a to do list for some future version. I think NNA should sort this out now for current users and not be kicked down the line.
  25. See recent thread. I am having the same issue with VW2010. The only solution seemed to be to copy the drawing into a new blank file. This was very time consuming as all references and saved views had to be recreated.
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