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  1. Thanks This is great help !! as I feared I would be faced with having to double dim a full document manually I will try the other options as described
  2. Hi, Can anyone confirm - on VW 2021 SP 4 Dual dimensioning does not work - No fractional dimensions shown when using dual dimensioning . This function has not worked for at least two SP1 versions on VW 2021 as far as I recall, I encountered this issue some time ago and had been in touch with local UK - VW support . - They told me it was a known issue . Unfortunately seems at least 1 SP possibly 2 releases later - still dealing with it - ( On my set up at least ) Just seeking advice as to if ..... Is this in fact a known issue or just something local to my one set up perhaps ? D
  3. Thanks Juan, I will spend today to see how things go , and if I can define the problem more precisely
  4. Mistakenly upgraded to the SP3.1 Update . Unfortunately I have then spent the most part of the day trying to recover work from repeated freezes / spinning rainbows / crashes with use of any modelling tools . Recovering backup file reveals objects now invisible and having to be redefined / rebuilt in attributes palette to show in both wireframe / open GL . Is this just me ? - Certainly for me this update is an outright disaster . Sorry D
  5. Hi , Could I asked for advice on solving to simple irritations I find with VW 2021, or even consideration on ability in the future to define "defaults" on two 2D drawing tool settings . 2D Polygon "auto-trace" _ ie where 2D polygon draw automatically from switches ( at least easily if drawing at speed) from Corner Vertex to Bezier Control Point on working over existing objects _ Is there a way to switch this off as default ! I seem to spend irritating amount of time cancelling vertex moves to then move forward . Eyedropper tool _ Is there a way I can define default saved attribute settings . On every reboot of application this defaults to some " other" saved attribute settings and not the ones I want . ? Just small things ... but maybe there are ways .... Thanks DD
  6. Hi , Trying to import 2D /3D symbol plug-in to simple model ( Importing to Layer Plane design layer . at "0" Z .) and I recieve error - "This Symbol is using a Story Bound that doesn't exist" Symbol exists but I cannot see it - in 2D plan or 3D orthogonal . only the yellow cube indication it exists . Am I missing something simple here ? Any advice would be great to have ... D
  7. or am I missing something simple here ?
  8. Thanks Pat , But what I am trying to get to- is when I have a defined Profile for outset - ie beginning (one end ) of rail travel , and also a defined (different scale ) nurbs profile for exit of rail travel . Two rails and two profiles . 1st profile and 2nd profile - travel dependant on choice rotation . Does this exist in Vectorworks ? DD
  9. A simple question but one I cannot fine documentation for . In VW 2020 can I loft two profiles across two rail objects . ie - I have profile at outset of loft and profile at end - between these two edge control rail objects . This must be feasable to control and form but I cannot find the working process . I know I can do this in other software eg "Rhino" but this does not seem to exist in Vectorworks modelling _ or am I mistaken . ?? DD
  10. Hi Fatemeh, Yes , bottom image result of the VP rendering with Final Quality - occurs in the last instant of render completion . However , on investigating all my options , I discovered this result only existed on 1 particular custom Document template . I have transferred all necessary symbols / items to another template duplicate and set-up as new template . Seems to have resolved the issue . I have no idea what was happening , but happy I can progress and achieve the renders I need D.
  11. Hi , Perhaps someone can help - Camera set up on design layer model . I have Final Quality Renderworks / ambient lighting switched off - 1 helicon in model for shadow cast- and all progresses sit should . I achieve a reasonable render . I create viewport with camera . option 1 -camera defines viewport and is controlled from viewport - Same settings - No ambient light / no renderworks background (I have avoided these simply to try and find solution ) - all progresses as normal until render is complete - an instant following render completion the whole viewport takes on a dramatic decrease in any contrast - almost a white-out over the full render . This occurs across any sheet layer / any render style . if I am using any HDR Day background I also have a heavy blue across the full render Cannot find solution here _ can anyone advise please ? DD
  12. Just thought this might be a moment to note an irritating bug I have noticed regarding Palette position saving _ this related mainly to two monitor set up I work with . Also related directly to position saving and Palette snapping ., which at least in my experience, do not working use together , For a long period of time I dealt with the palettes on dual monitor set-up being thrown randomly onto one (main application) screen following VW reboot .... demanding the re-positionng of palettes on every application restart , VSS support here in UK could provide no obvious solution so I continued with this ..... until ...... I discovered this would only occurr with any palettes docked to each other ! Separate palettes would retain 2nd monitor location _ any palettes - tools / Object info/ navigation etc docked to one and other would be forced to application (main) monitor on VW reboot . I can deal with this quite easily but it does sort of make the whole palette docking feature a void in my case ..... VW 2018 & 19 Architect / Macpro / 2 X 27 " Apple displays ( one of which is Thunderbolt) .
  13. Further to the above item - Following recent work on a file held at remote disc - i.e. external drive - I note also that this file , although saving and backing up correctly , is never noted in recent items list under open menu . .. I will attempt a record of system profile again over the coming days and attempt to reach tech support again . David
  14. Hi - No time machine running on the external drives I am using ( although all of these are encrypted - but as they are recognised and have permissions throughout system this should mean nothing ) . and certainly not external servers - which for my working , are generally based in third party or contracted, production / company office set ups . At some point I will run through issues and/or results again , both on my Macpro and Laptop and with external drives / servers / and or flash drives used here.
  15. Also - just to add - as advised by Tech support in US (which I can easily believe ) - its very hard to define the problem - as little - nothing - has changed in PDF Import method / process between 2017 and 2018 VW Versions .. Therefore , the issue lies not with the import process , rather with how application versions are reacting to reading various file locations on this particular system .
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