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  1. I am using Vectorworks 2021 on a new Mac laptop (OS 12.6.6) I am having a problem with the publish command, on a file that was working fine with other Macs; the publish window stays open and hangs when I try and publish 3 sheet layers to 3 pdfs and add date suffix to pdf. I have tried a restart and left it overnight but no progress. At somepoint it appears to be downloading from Microsoft. We use Sharepoint for business, but the file is saved to laptop.
  2. Hi Jeni, I too am a Museum exhibition designer, interested in standardising workflows, perhaps I can join your network too?
  3. I would like to access the VECC, but cannot open this file, can this be made available for VW2021? thanks
  4. Don't the other users have to conect to 'site protection server' on their machine also?
  5. Still having problems. I set up the 'site protection server' on my machine, so it works for me, but my other collegues cannot run 2019. Our institution has not set up 'site protection server' on a server or set this up to work for all of us. Any ideas what we can do to get this working for all of us whilst we wait for 'site protection server' to be installed and set up on a server ? Thanks!
  6. JuanP - Yes! I am now and running with 2019. Thanks so much. The Site protection server is running on my machine, but we have some other users who will be installing and running VectorWorks on a site license. How does this work with other users, do they each install this software on their macs?
  7. Our institution has installed new Vectorworks 2019 software on our Macs, we have entered license details, but the software will not run. A dialogue box is asking for 'primary server' details. Our TS team say this is looking for a 'Site-Protection Server', which has yet to be set up on our network to allow these software to run. We have requested this to be set up. According to Launching the Vectorworks Site Protection Server info, 'The Vectorworks Site Protection Server machine requires a protection key (dongle)' I assume this is a dongle for Vectorworks software specifically?: Where are these dongles obtained? Is this dongle set up on a networked remote PC (that does not run Vectorworks) or a machine running Vectorworks (local Mac)? Where can I find detailed instructions to set this system up to run Vectorworks 2019? Thanks !
  8. Yes, I have had this happen many times on a new iMac, Yosemite OS with apple wired mouse. When this happens to me there is also a band of blank usuable space at the top of the window. If I do a 'fit to window' command the whole page centers on the remaining space below, with a much smaller view. Seems to happen when I return to a file that I left open for a while.
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