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  1. I Installed it too, just for fun, VW was incredibly slow, so i went back to High Sierra.
  2. doesn't the V seem a bit small? The logo is more easily recognisable I'd say.
  3. this might help http://www.envirographic.com/products.htm
  4. My installer said install failed , but it appears it in fact, did not fail. Version number on splash screen is correct. And could not reinstall the update. might be a bug?
  5. this is so strange...I delete the crop, close and reopen and the crop returns. I delete the crop, draw a new one, close and reopen, it is offset like the previous one. It is seemingly impossible to fix a DTM if its moved, is this true? I never knew the crop would be so significant. I will have to go back to the original DTM in another drawing and start form there . This sure is frustrating, even the original DTM's crop is slightly offset, but not a big problem, I guess I may have accidentally moved the DTM.
  6. Ok so I moved the source data and the crop moved with it. Making it impossible to repair the dtm, or am I missing something?
  7. Thanks benson I'll give your suggestions a whirl ASAP
  8. thanks benson, now I have to figure out why my site model is moving, I don't recall moving them on purpose. Edit: Ok now I remember the site model was originally made in a different file, copied and pasted in this one. So now the question is how can I get the site model and crop aligned correctly and keeping all the other objects in their correct relative positions?
  9. Thanks Benson, I was in Plan View. I made a new file and dropped this dtm in. It still does it. I do not recall doing anything special with the crop I think it is the original default line. IF I move it it reflects the changes in the model. If I move it to the same location as the the other non editable line it does not show as I would expect. Ok I made a new site model in a new file, it is behaving the same way. Please see file
  10. See Pic, I want to edit the Site Model Crop, but it shows 2 lines, the dashed line is accurate but the editable brown line is offset. I am in top/Plan view. Very difficult to accurately edit the crop line this way. Anyone else notice this , what caused it, can I fix it??? Thanks
  11. Did you set the documents preferences to use metric? That is necessary.
  12. just want to add me too, seems to start after changing views
  13. Over in the Navigation Palette when searching for a class i think it would be a lot easier to find if I could look for a color. I have a lot of classes with sub classes and they all look the same at a glance. I wish I could color code the class names.
  14. See pic, It seems I cannot do this. I imported a file with a lot of classes and sub classes, I would like to change the Class name and leave the subclasses attached to the new Class name, rather then renaming all the sub classes. Is this not possible? Thanks
  15. I know this probably does not concern many people but I just thought I would report on something that has been fixed in VW 2015. In 2013 and 2014 I was unable to use a Japanese workspace or Japanese plug-in. Because of an issue with Japanese fonts. I would just like to report that in 2015 I am successfully using a Japanese plug-in and associated workspace. So I can now import files that use a special Japanese cad program. Jwcad I imagine the same holds true for other double byte fonts such as Chinese.
  16. Thanks Benson for the tips, this "Bleeding" only seems to happen or is noticeable on very close up perspective views, from a distance the colors stay separate. They are overlapping Filled Polylines, I didn't think overlapping would be an issue, but again all is fine until in a close up 3d view. It would be so much easier to make changes if I could just use 2d polys. I made a new file and converted the 2ds to 3d. Its working fine. I think your suggestion 1 will work well in the future.
  17. I made filled polly lines to represent paths ,and other spaces with trees and some buildings. Everything looks great in plan. When I rotate to 3D view filled polylines they look fine but when rendering Non OpenGl, the fill colors all blend together. So I changed the filled polylines to 3d polys now they render correctly. but 2D lines are so much easier to work with if I need changes i would love to leave them 2D. Question 1 . Can I get the colors to not "bleed" together when rendering 2D polys in a 3D view. Question 2. What do other people do when wanting to show 2d plans in 3d,? is it necessary to make a true 3D drawing with all polys 3D? I have tried adjusting lighting and backgrounds but nothing seems to fix this. Thanks
  18. Thanks Benson, I pulled out my source 3d polls and pasted into a new file. I discovered they were all corrupted, elevations changed and some had a few vertices way out of whack. I changed them to 2d polys to get them flat then changed back to 3d polls and set the Z el. again, thus starting all over almost . This worked. the only thing I think I did to cause this is resize the entire drawing not thinking about affecting z heights. The other corruption I have no idea.
  19. the backups have the same condition, everything looks fine but if I update the site model it expands.???!! Nothing looks out of whack , I don't know when something went wrong. But I cannot send to surface and update...
  20. I sent some road polygons to surface, then updated the site model , then the site model expanded, become a bout 4 times larger, therefore all objects i made like roads were out of alignment. I have no idea what I did to cause this, and I do not see an easy way to get things realigned. earlier I may have resized the entire drawing, but checked at every step to make sure things were ok, but I did not update the site model. Could it be just wrong resize an entire drawing when you are using a site model? Any ideas? Thanks
  21. thanks Ray, it renders fine. I made it in 2013 but converted to 2015 to see the errors, I expected one or 2 not 700! glad I can ignore it, I do not know another method to get paths like these to look correct. and yes errors only show when SM selected.
  22. see pic, how do i make these paths sit on the surface, connect to each other , either using tex. beds or using some other method to get them to sit on the surface. I am only concerned with presentation here, don't care about cut fill. Thanks
  23. Some actually most of my plant symbols do not render under Open Gl but render fine in Fast and Final RW. Under open GL I can select the symbol and see its selection outline but it is invisible other wise , only in Open GL. There are 2 plant symbols doing this, a few of them do however render under Open GL. They are there just invisible...is this a bug. They are all in the same class. see pic Edit : I rebooted and now they are rendering normally .
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