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Methods used to share model with clients??

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To all, what is a good method to share my VW model with my client. During the design development stage I often don't get into dimensions for everything and i'd like them to be able to navigate, measure and note the model to their liking. Thought Nomad did this, but their does not seem to be a "client" viewer.

Previously, I use to send my sketchup models to clients and since it had a simple and free program version I could do this easily, but now I'm doing most of my design development in VW instead of Sketchup, so I'm stuck on this simple sharing concept.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

So far I know of nothing that lets them note and return the model other than simple images/PDFs.

The Vectorworks viewer will let them view the files fully now (they added Unified View to the viewer at long last) but I am fairly certain they would not be able to save.

I know this role is the direction Nomad is headed in, but not how long until it gets there.

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Yes, VW needs to get on the train. Pretty much all of the other CAD programs already export directly to U3D. Bentley/Microstation was the first I think (they helped develop it). Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on it. Read through the list of programs that export to it at the bottom. Every player is on it (including Allplan and Archicad), except VW:


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Doing my best, I hope to see the results of all these wishlist requests soon.

The point where I'll start to see the fruits of the recently restarted forum collaboration still a bit away in the production cycle, but within a few months it should get interesting. I can't openly speak about development specifics until they're given the green light, but I'll share everything I can.

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Last year I played around with the demo of this: http://www.ar-works.net/u/

And I was pretty impressed.

It does two things really well:

1. It gives the client access to visibility settings of the layers and classes you want the client to be able to see. This allows you to have option 1, option 2, etc and the client can just toggle between them.

2. It gives sliders for LIVE sections on all 3 axes. So the client can peer into the interior from any direction.

It has some features that allow you to present the drawing remotely, but I found the best features was to provide a 3d model the client could play with on their own.


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BIM+ is IFC in the cloud. When the software arrives it will be interesting to see how effective it is, but; before it can be used, you must first tackle IFC export, which brings up the usual cost benefit questions. I'll go out on a limb and say, that like IFC anything it's not a practical or a financially viable pathway for small scale projects and would amount to a very heavy overhead for Fritsch's stated objective. It's not a free service either, unless you're an Allplan subscriber, which funnily enough, is also the native interface for BIM+.

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