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  1. Why can't you place these windows in an "invisible" wall?
  2. @Asemblance why are you attaching IFC data to referenced objects?
  3. Not at this time with our IFC2x3 export. We are planning to support it (Ifc....Type) with IFC4, as we progress in that certification process.
  4. Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone may have examples of BIM project execution planning implementations for any of their recent projects. I am working with an instructor at Taliesin (The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture) that is teaching a course on contracts. She'd like to highlight how BIM projects may differ from "traditional" projects, especially in context of my work related to the National BIM Standard - United States Version 3 and the Penn State BIM Project Execution Planning (BIM PxP) materials. Part of the course is to get the students to examine a BIM PxP case study and possibly role play and construct a new scenario for themselves. Any help is greatly appreciated. We can redact sensitive information, but also give recognition where desired and deserved. If you have a project, please contact me via email or PM. Thanks, Jeffrey W. Ouellette, Assoc. AIA, IES Sr. Product Specialist - Architecture Vectorworks, Inc.
  5. The default project administrator username is whatever your computer login name is at the time you set up the file. Unless you took action to override this name, the spelling comes automatically from the computer.
  6. Sorry, Ben. I've been pre-occupied with some other stuff lately. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the "NBS clauses" your are asking about. Get me a little bit more background and I can find out... However, your best bet may be to contact Martyn Horne, or any member of his BIM team, at Exertis Unlimited . He should be able to point you in the right direction.
  7. BCF is a complement to an IFC-based workflow. Think of it as an "open" issue/markup communication protocol for BIM (based on XML), working between any IFC and BCF compatible application. In order for it to work, all model collaborators must have a version of the BIM exchanged via IFC at least once. This is because the basic IFC information attached to the project and the identifiers of each object (GUID), are the key properties used to correctly synchronize, identify objects and attach viewpoint data and notes. BCF can be executed in a couple different ways. It can be explicitly file-based, where a .bcf file is created from an application for a particular model and then sent to a receiving application which will open and 'sync' the information to their version of the model. This application also has the option of further editing/adding info, saving and sending the revised .bcf file back to the other app. Or, BCF can be executed via a centralized server/web-based service, based on RESTful protocols. The BCF 'server' essential stores the BCF files, and content, for projects in a more dynamic database. Each application must still have a synchronized version of the IFC model(s) information on each end, but the BCF data is exchanged as more immediate and discrete 'packets' inside a BIM application interface, rather than as a whole file. More info can be found on GitHub, if you really want to geek out... < https://github.com/BuildingSMART/BCF-API > Vectorworks' 1st version of BCF implementation is strictly an explicit file importer/viewer inside Vectorworks. Opening a BCF file lets you view the issues associated with the project and even select and navigate between them, with viewpoints automatically being shifted, if saved in the BCF file. You could then use an application like Solibri Model Checker to edit the status of a BCF issue, or make notes, save and then reissue. Or you could use another app that acts as a direct interface to a BCF server. The plan is to evolve this into a full-blown BCF manager, with creation and editing capabilities and possible BCF server interaction. When? You know I officially can't say, but let's all be optimistic, ok?
  8. Hi all, The Architect Product Team is looking for users who have incorporated Solibri Model View/Checker into their BIM workflows. We would like to talk to you about your experiences and put together a story or two that we can share with other users and the rest of the industry. Don't worry about a project, or workflow, being too small/large/simple/complex. All experiences are valuable to us. Don't worry about exposure of detailed information of a particular project or client. We want to find examples to build stories from and have ways to respect confidentiality or anonymity, if needed. [A little public publicity can go a long, positive way, though ;-)...] Please feel free to contact me offline.
  9. There is also an option to format it as the HTML Help is currently provided. Maybe it is a two-step process, getting the initial info out via publicly-accessible Wiki, building over a reasonable period of time and then reformatting to the HTML Help version when "complete". At that point it is relatively easy to update and push...
  10. Question for all, Would you prefer to have a PDF version, after all the information has been written, edited, reviewed, corrected, reformatted and published... or Web-based (maybe Wiki-style?) work in progress, growing and changing as information is added and revised? Understanding this from the end user point of view might help us make greater moves forward and get the info in your hands.
  11. Hi Rob, That current document is in the process of being superseded by an "IFC Guide for Vectorworks Users". It will have an explicit listing of which parameters are automatically mapped from all the native Vectorworks BIM object to IFC fields for export. Please be patient as this is a LARGE scope of knowledge. I hope to push it out, in pieces, over the summer. Unfortunately, Vectorworks Doors and Windows are so complex in the scope and breadth of their data fields, we haven't had a chance to automatically map them all yet. This is a known issue and we're trying to address it. The settings are still valuable to many users for internal workflows but I agree we need to step up to make them work better for IFC-based workflows.
  12. Hi Robert, I'm not sure I understand, but I'll try to convey what I think you want to know.... When you use the "Export IFC Project..." command, any standard Psets attached to an object will be exported. To attach a Pset to an object, use the "IFC Data..." command and make sure there is a checkmark next to the desired Pset. See attached image. Custom Record Formats can be turned into custom Psets by following the 2015 Help "Using Custom IFC Property Sets". We're also working on developing a "IFC Guide for Vectorworks Users" to hopefully explain all of this is clear, easy to follow detail. Be on the lookout for it... When you say you are looking for "full object data for interoperability" do you mean native-system-to-native-system bi-directional translation of all objects and parameters? If so... we're not there...yet. There is quite a bit of magic involved in trying to do that. For the moment, we are focusing on referencing (design coordination) and downstream data workflows (analysis, fabrication, FM).
  13. Christiaan, Please take a look at Asite's Adoddle http://www.asite.com/adoddle/aec . They, along with others, are an Industry Partner Product: http://www.vectorworks.net/community/partner-community/industry-partners/ They are UK-based and were in Philadelphia for the Design Summit, showing everyone their latest offering.
  14. Can you forward the file(s) to Tech Support so we can get a look at them?
  15. Currently, you cannot edit the IFC record data via the two-way database worksheets. It's a known issue and we are trying to improve the workflow. Can't make any promises on when and how, though...
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