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Dash lines are missing

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Ummm...very strange. When I go to the floating palette to set the line thickness and color the dashes setting is missing. Is this a bug? I can't imagine that the settings for lines would be split up into various places, so I'm sure it is supposed to be here. Is it possible I've turned some off some setting? I can't think of any other place it could be since all the line settings would normally be in one place, so if you find one you'd find them all. Thanks for any help!

Mike Brown


iMac 27"

OS 10.8.3

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I'm disappointed in having the line selection process fractured into two locations which don't work well together. My Resource palette sits on a second monitor and reaching for lines--something I do all day--means an unusual amount of traveling across screen real estate given the way the Attributes palette has worked in the past. However, now the Attributes palette forces many more clicks to get into the line selection box.

Resource palette--too far away

Attributes palette--too many clicks to open

To make things worse, there is no solid line in my Attributes line selection as a choice*. It is possible when clicking between the Resource palette and the Attributes palette to lose contact with a solid line choice requiring me to leave the palette and use a Line tool from the Basic palette to get drawing again.

In the Attributes palette, the bottom half of the lines shown are labeled (poorly since it lacks a directional symbol) as Default Content. The upper lines (which are unique to the project) have no label. NV: Please label these line sets for the benefit of non-experts.

I'm thrilled with the new line content, customization, dragging and dropping and all that. But day to day, not happy with the current configuration. If someone has a palette of lines that float on the desktop, please let me know. I've trolled the plugin sources and don't see one offered.

*Does everyone have a solid line available as a default in your Attributes palette?

Is it just me?


PS (edit) Yes, I know you can click on the solid indicator for lines, outside of the selection of line types, to create a solid line. NOT intuitive.

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Guest Wes Gardner

The solid line default lives in the Attributes Palette under the little pencil drop-down, it's called "Solid".

So if you want to convert a dashed line to a solid line, just click there...

I typically have my default behavior set up to drawn solid lines

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