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  1. Hi, Can anyone explain why this is not working please? I want to use PP= with ForEachObject, but the test below indicates that (PP = Line_Style) doesn't work when the Line_Style is changed to a "Line Type" (Dotted, etc.) procedure test; var Line_Index : longint; begin ClrMessage; Line_Index := GetLSN (FSActLayer); Message (Line_Index); Wait (2); DSelectAll; SelectObj ((PP = Line_Index)); Message (GetLSN (FSActLayer), ' ', Line_Index); { ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); } end; run (test);
  2. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    I think this will work 😃 Interestingly, JB mentioned the LT option but it's not in the Appendix "Attribute Criteria" and therefore I thought it was a typo when his eg. used PP again. Sorry.
  3. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    Hi Pat, When you get back, try this with a line that has Line Type "Circles" or anything but "Solid" or "Pattern". It won't work. procedure test; var Line_Index : longint; Procedure Do_This (h : handle); Begin SelectObj ((PP = Line_Index)); Message (GetLSN (h), ' ', Line_Index); End; begin ClrMessage; Line_Index := GetLSN (FSActLayer); Message (Line_Index); Wait (2); DSelectAll; ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); end; run (test);
  4. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    Thanks JB, This partly works. For SelectObj it works, but for ForEachObject it doesn't. I have had to use ForEachObject without PP and then check each "h" with "if (GetLSN (h) <> Line_Index) then" before running the code. I still think there is a bug with ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); not recognising the PP
  5. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Hi, I have a rectangle on a layer with Class "Border" and Name "A3 Border" Can someone tell me why the following message does not return the name "A3 Border" please? procedure test; begin Layer ('Title Block'); DSelectAll; SelectObj ((L = 'Title Block') & (C = 'Border')); Message (GetName (FSObject (ActLayer))); end; run (test);
  6. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Thanks, forgot about FSActLayer 😃
  7. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Sorry, also the rectangle is a symbol with the name "A3 Border" Ok, just tested this. I need to use GetSymName, not GetName Thanks
  8. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Just to be clear 😊, the rectangle has the class "Border" and name "A3 Border". I want GetName to tell me it's name is "A3 Border".
  9. WhoCanDo

    DWG file importing problems

    Are you using the "DXF/DWG or DWF Import" or are you importing them directly into VW? We always convert the files using the above bulk converter rather than importing them directly.
  10. WhoCanDo

    dedicated vs integrated graphic card

    When looking around the web regarding graphics cards for CAD, the recommendation is a Quadro. However, they then continue to refer to AutoCad, etc. If GTX is best for VW, I presume it's also OK for using the other CAD Viewers or Software for multi-tasking. I am guessing from all that I have read, that we should pick the GPU to suit our primary CAD software and secondary CAD software should work, but maybe at a slightly degraded performance. So, if we use VW 90% of the day, and AutoCad 10% then we pick a GTX, but if it were the other way around then we pick a Quadro. What's the opinion on this ?
  11. WhoCanDo

    Importing a PDF

    I am using VW with a black background to reduce eye strain. When I use VW to import a PDF vector drawing, the PDF has black lines and therefore, on the black background, I cannot see it. Is this an oversite/bug or can I change this somehow?
  12. WhoCanDo

    PDF to VW

    If the PDF is vector, then you should be able to "File / Import PDF" from VW itself (I don't think Fundamentals does it). You can easily scale this down as you wish. However you will have to draw over the PDF objects if you want polygons to use in VW.
  13. WhoCanDo

    Concurrent Open Documents?

    It's not so much how many I open when working, but how many I need to open to print the fabrications drawings (could be 50). It's not reasonable to print as I go since they get lost in the communal printing pile. I like to print them in alpha-numeric order in one pile so the job doesn't separated and get lost. If VW doesn't allow more than 8, maybe a printing macro is what is needed.
  14. Hi, I want to create a wall type with a dotted line cavity. In VW2018 this worked .. procedure test; var Response : boolean; begin Response := DeleteAllComponents (nil); Response := InsertNewComponentN (nil, 1, 5, 0, 10, 6, 0, 2); Response := InsertNewComponentN (nil, 2, 20, 0, 6, 10, -2, 0); SetTool (13); end; Run (test); However in VW2019, it doesn't. It seems that the -2 is the cause of the problem. -2 is the line type "Dash Style-2" from the standard pallet. If -2 is changed to 2 in this script, the wall looks like above with a solid cavity line. Can anyone suggest what changed between VW2018 & VW2019? Please note: that I was using InsertNewComponent in VW2018 but now I am forced to use InsertNewComponentN
  15. WhoCanDo

    Creating a wall with dotted center line

    Thanks Julian, I can work with that 😊
  16. WhoCanDo

    Creating a wall with dotted center line

    Thanks Julian, but that didn't work either ☹️ procedure test; var Response : boolean; begin Response := DeleteAllComponents (nil); Response := InsertNewComponentN (nil, 1, 5, 0, 10, 6, 0, 2); Response := InsertNewComponentN (nil, 2, 20, 0, 6, 10, Name2Index('Dash Style-2'), 0); SetTool (13); end; Run (test);
  17. WhoCanDo

    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    Maybe the parallel line tool could be modified to emulate the wall tool. Even though VW is taking the Wall Tool, they still say Fundamentals is 3D. If the parallel line tool could join and be stretched as a single component, be extruded and rendered, then maybe it's Ok to remove the wall tool .... hang on a minute, isn't this the wall tool back again 😂
  18. WhoCanDo

    Round kickplate not contained with LOCation

    Finally. Fixed. Couldn't use ForEachObjectAt because a point is not and object for LOC, so I ended up finding all RoundWalls, calculating the center (of the wall not the CL), adding another 2mm straight wall at that location, so that LOC worked. Unfortunately, SetName did not work because LNewObj & LActLayer failed as usual, so I ended up finding all 2mm walls at the end and deleting them. A lot of fussing around when LOC says "Location is contained within boundary of a named object". Thanks all.
  19. Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can get this to work please? If T=Wall it works, but not if T=RoundWall. This is because the center point of the RoundWall is not within LOC. Procedure Check_for_Wall (hKP : handle); begin AlertDialog ('Here'); end; Procedure Check_Adjust (h : handle); begin SetName (h, 'Tmp'); ForEachObject (Check_for_Wall, ((Loc = 'Tmp') & ((T = Wall) or (T = RoundWall)))); DelName ('Tmp'); end; Begin Get the handle from bounding polygon and pass to Check_Adjust end;
  20. WhoCanDo

    Round kickplate not contained with LOCation

    Thanks JB, I will give that a go 😊
  21. WhoCanDo

    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    Thanks rjtideman 😊 Unfortunately our local supply says we have no chance in seeing it returned to VW2019. I'm guessing this is because VW say.. Quote "the change helps Vectorworks better understand your needs as a Fundamentals user, so the Vectorworks R&D team can chart a clear development roadmap, ensuring that Fundamentals will remain the superior 2D/3D CAD program you rely on. We believe having the right features to solve your design problems, and having those features designed in the right way, is best for everyone." "the change helps VW better understand !!!!!" SO THEY MAKE THE CHANGE AND THEN UNDERSTAND THE RESULT???? Really, how stupid can this team be? VW R&D team are clearly out of touch with their client base .. just like any parliamentarian, they do what they want without asking the question or making the question widespread. They are relying on this forum for feedback, even though very few visit this forum compared to their client base. Wouldn't it be nicer to send a questionnaire through the VW software as a message before the R&D (who are not using the software in the big wide world of business) make a decision as big as this one? Sorry to rant. Having passionately supported VW for 25yrs and introducing VW to businesses as I progress and then being shot in the foot for trying, of course I'm upset. But here's a choice to those above who are considering dropping out of Select Choice ... upgrade first and then don't pay next years Select Choice subscription. Quote "You will receive the module for free and won’t pay any additional fee until your next Service Select renewal" and you won't renew. However, make your choice wisely since they will sting you if you quit and then they reintroduce the wall back into Fundamentals because they will ask for the new Select Support fee to rejoin .... or is that their fiendish plan? Please rally more people to increase the views/comments on this subject. We won't lose until we give up.
  22. WhoCanDo

    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    I hope more an more Fundamental users stumble across this topic. The wall is a major component of our fabrication. It represents a component that has been used since I was using MiniCad. It has been introduced into our Mining / Industrial / Commercial client base over the last 25yrs and has been adopted my them since. It's not just a wall. For many business like us it represents something else. In our case Kickplate / Kickboard for grating / mesh flooring. Please vote your displeasure at removing this one component as soon as you read this. I'm not sure where VW gets the idea that they know what their clients want since these and past changes were never given a vote from us. I think they think they are like the parliamentarians that run our countries who think they know what the people want until there is a big uproar.
  23. WhoCanDo

    Messages and Includes

    A bit late but why don't you create a folder in the root directory to access. This should be the same path for every PC/user.
  24. Sorry, can't help you. But I would like to know the answer too. So lets bump it to the top 😉
  25. WhoCanDo

    Bad file name Question

    Hi Julian, My VW2018 on Windows 7 creates the text file without error. Could it be the Windows version tightening up security?


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