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Formal schooling .....

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I've been doing some research into institutions that teach/use VW Arch as their CAD program of choice. It seems that AutoCad is the standard, which I know it is, and VW is some sort of orphan in the drafting world.

Do any of you know of institutions/schools that use VW's?



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I don't know of any. VW is still a minority in the field. I know of several offices that use it and fewer that use it exclusively. It is making headway though, so perhaps as more people become familiar with it, it will make greater inroads. I think part of the problem is coordination with consultants. I don't know of any engineering firms who use VW. It makes life a little easier when everyone is working from the same platform.

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Tom, I do recall that there a couple schools teaching VW's however I don't recall which ones specifically. I'll bet someone at NNA can get you more info...

Funny you should mention NNA.

I called them yesterday figuring THEY of all people would be able to help. I talked to their sales dept and am still waiting for a list.

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You may be specifically looking for architectural schools. I know there are a fair number of Theatre/Exhibit programs around that teach Vectorworks.

Here in Vancouver I know of three specifically -

University of British Columbia Department of Theatre

Douglas College Stagecraft Program

Langara College Display & Design Program


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There was something a while back in a e-letter that I received about courses being offered on Vancouver Island. Teri @ Paxar would be able to give you that info.

I think an on-line architectural program with VW would be a great hit.

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I have often thought that something like an online curriculum would be very useful, especially when understanding where potential team members are at with skills.

Just looking at finished PDF's or printed drawings do not give a true indication of a persons true understanding of Vectorworks. This may also assist users gaining international work when travelling.

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A couple of you have mentioned on-line courses. I'm part of Jonathan Pickups group and have two of his manuals. I have gained much knowledge from him.

Hmmmm ... I'm wondering if someone like him could have a more formal teaching environment like an in depth 6 month course or what ever ....

I'll pop him a email and get his input.

PS .... I have not talked to him about this and to my knowledge he is unaware of this thread. .... he will be once I email him!

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