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  1. Usually the conversion is very straightforward via tab-delim export >VW>Survey import. That being said... it's fairly easy to code out Excel to import the survey datum and then generate a generic VW template based file using Excel > export Datum-Template text file> VW > new from Datum-Template text file.
  2. Recalling that TIFF-JPG image > rasterizes, whereas, PICT > vectorizes. OSX handles both operations via print calls to CUPS. In these weird situations it is also possible to utilize CUPS with Gutenprint PPDs or as noted ... conversion via Preview, et al. Sometimes there's just no other way around these strange printing problems.
  3. This post resurrects a topic of considerable debate over the years. Why is it that mmoriarty's uniquely-derived-laboriously-CADified-proprietary and fully functional Vectorworks format saved files must be version specific. and: Why is a file VW created in the future from a succeeding version of VW able to be re-addressed through a Worm ~ Hole . Then, as if by magic collapsing within the precincts of mmoriartys personal computational device. Only to be summarily rejected by an operational legacy version of Vectorworks as an " unreadable file format " . hence, Is a policy of future-release-formatting most beneficial for the average User ? Is there the possibility for a fully-functional-locked version, as well, as a generic slimmed down file format called... none other than... VW-lite
  4. Ipso facto ...like so many contributors ... on average...over the years... Islandmon submitted less than 50% of his written responses ! More often than not he would compose a lengthy dissertation... only to dismiss it to oblivion... rationalizing that ... " Nobody dem... wants to digest another CAD quip from de islandmon " would that these other Addicts were so editorially circumscribed : )
  5. Has anyone tried > SimLab Composer v2.2 : http://www.simlab-soft.com/3d-products/simlab-composer-screenshots.aspx There's a Free Trial download available: http://www.simlab-soft.com/3d-products/simlab-composer-trial.aspx
  6. Thanx RJ ... you never cease to amaze... i shall always cherish your TBRT graphs ! After 40yrs... out of nowhere in 2009... my highschool sweetheart ( a Global Project Manager for Cisco Telepresence ) Googled me ...officially ending my sabbatical in the Virgin Islands. Suddenly i found myself back in the Santa Cruz mountains ... we started renovating her Huckleberrywoods Escape... and the rest is history. So there's a really good reason for the declining trajectory ... i'm just too busy having fun !
  7. Having utilized numerous combinations of iMacs& MacPros .... if you don't require the more expensive "in box" expandability of MacPro, then the cost effective iMac i5 & i7 are more than adequate. As long as you top off the RAM to 8GB .
  8. You could try making an appropriate 3D geodesic and then make the triangular windows transparent. It's fun ! http://www.desertdomes.com/domecalc.html
  9. Was this created with Vectorworks ? Model of Mitotic Spindle Group Link to CISMM article
  10. This video shows future of multi-axis realtime CAD/CAM Programming. 5-axis machining CNC Mensch und Maschine Software SE, " CAD as CAD can "
  11. 3D objects/surfaces convert to polygon mesh during export. Eliminating surfaces and reducing the 3D Resolution will reduce the overhead significantly.
  12. It's preferable to MoveObjects than to relocate the Originating coordinate system. Those who import Acad DXF/DWG routinely face this situation.
  13. Not to worry ...v2012 will ship with one of these:
  14. ?If you look at software today, through the lens of the history of engineering, it?s certainly engineering of a sort?but it?s the kind of engineering that people without the concept of the arch did. Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves.? ? Alan Kay
  15. islandmon

    SDK Here I come!

    Ryan= awesome SDK++ tutorial site ...thx
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