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  1. A couple of you have mentioned on-line courses. I'm part of Jonathan Pickups group and have two of his manuals. I have gained much knowledge from him. Hmmmm ... I'm wondering if someone like him could have a more formal teaching environment like an in depth 6 month course or what ever .... I'll pop him a email and get his input. PS .... I have not talked to him about this and to my knowledge he is unaware of this thread. .... he will be once I email him!
  2. NNA was able to send me names schools/institutions that have VW Arch as part of their courses. They all seem to offer it 'within' the context of a larger program ie. Arch Technologist etc.
  3. Kevin. When I called NNA, that was one of the first areas they had info on. I'm still waiting for the Arch info .... they are now closed till the morn'n. argh....
  4. Funny you should mention NNA. I called them yesterday figuring THEY of all people would be able to help. I talked to their sales dept and am still waiting for a list.
  5. Thanks Cameron. I agree with your observations. On another note ..... I sent you a PM a loooooong time ago .... did you ever receive it? Tom
  6. I've been doing some research into institutions that teach/use VW Arch as their CAD program of choice. It seems that AutoCad is the standard, which I know it is, and VW is some sort of orphan in the drafting world. Do any of you know of institutions/schools that use VW's? Thanks, Tom
  7. Peter. You mentioned farting around with the brick hatch. I had actually done that at the beginning but kept thinking there HAS to be a roof hatch with a $1k+ program that is used for designing buildings!!!!!!! Tom
  8. Well thank you Sir Peter. Upon trying to open .... I get this ....
  9. Thanks Peter. I have only begun with VW2009 so I have no older hatches to reference.
  10. Either my meds are off, or roof hatches don't exist in VW 2009. Tell me its my meds I hope. Where are the roof hatches???? Tom Mac, VW 2009, SP5
  11. Thank you Gentlemen! I had the tolerences set at no fractions and upon zoomin in, the dims were at the centre & outside edge of the walls. Sooooo ...being anal ....I moved the wall to give me the dim I want. I try to draw with the builder in mind as I have built before. Thanks again. Tom
  12. Happy New Year to all! This is my first post and yes I have done a search I have done both auto dimension and manually dim'd the outside walls and the result is the same. The numbers are wrong! Help would sure be appreciated. Thanks, Tom PS ...how does one attach an image? .... VW 2009 (SP 5), Mac, Leopard (not Snow Leopard)
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