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  1. Yeah, I got my training at JPU (Jonathan Pickup University)and has worth more that the tuition.
  2. jlk, there is no VW tool/command that is similar to the Acad FENCE that that would trim all objects to any line that it crosses it/them to whichever side you clicked on, but you find other things that greatly add to your speed.
  3. My dimensions like to take flying leaps too, but it only seems to happen in VP annotation mode so now when I am in VP anno mode I use the number pad to enter my desired offset.
  4. altoids, thanks for that link FASTRA that's some pretty wild stuff.
  5. Yeah JP, I agree with Christaan so why not send folks to your VectorWorks Podcst site (see link above) where the clips are much better?
  6. Good info Jeff and Wes and thanks Mac for bring it up just as I require the process for a particular project.
  7. I have experienced some funky-ness with converting VWA sheet layer images to PDF and it seems to be since upgrading to 12.5.3 also.
  8. I just called 410 / 290-5114 and ask to speak to my sells rep Christin and was transfered to on the spot her and we talked about upgrading. In the past when I had troble reinstalling VW from a bad disc my rep had new CDs in my hand the next day, she is the only name and voice that I know at Nemetschek so I call her first and let her tranfer me to to the Techies. Give it another try.
  9. Hey Dan, try posting your tech support need/request here in the forum and Jeff, Katie, Wes or Robert will respond pretty quicky and most of the time answer your question with one or two replies.
  10. Israel, what version of VW are you using? There could be some over-lapping of your VPs (so check the crop) Try selecting the two visible VPs and move them off the sheet to see if VP #3 can be selected w/o affect the other 2. Or recreating the sheet-layer and bring the VPs again or copy VP # 1 to get the ohter 2 and set the view using the OIP
  11. Wivc, try turning off the CEILING-MAIN class in your Navigation Pane this class is used to create boundaries across the opening for hatching and fills.
  12. P.S. I Installed a new video card after buying my Vista machine back in 3/07 mainly to run two monitors but I found that it also made a difference (good) in the VWA app.
  13. BHunter, first VW is a 32 bit App. I think. When I first started using VW it was I was running XP Pro and now I am running Vista HP and the only time I have a problems is when I move a file from my laptop to my desktop. Some of the problems that you are experiencing may have more to with things like video cards, fonts and 12.5.3 than your OS. If you seach through this forum you will get a sense of the prolems and solutions that others have had on both the Mac and Windows platforms. Try going back to 12.5
  14. Just today I was doing some work in AutoCad for about an hour and then it took about three hours for me to stop trying to right-click for the REPEAT COMMAND fucntion once switched back to VW.
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