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  1. This only happens to me when I use the "Standard Viewports" that you generate at the start of a project. If I create my own viewports there isn't a problem.
  2. I have files that I am working on in both 2010 & 2011. I must admit that I find the 2010 version better. Maybe they will fix some of the quirks in 2011 in an update but until then I am sorry I paid for the "upgrade?". The join roof command was a big selling point and it really hasn't been a major help with all the other problems taken into account.
  3. My clients want me to start doing some renderings for their sales brochures. I have been able to do okay so far but require some more landscaping plants and possibly rocks. Is there a reasonable add-on that I can use, with these items, that will integrate easily with Architect 2011?
  4. Are all your walls slightly out of square? I find if the angles are "out" you definitely have to use a pillar as Jon suggested.
  5. In my experience you have to edit the symbol in order to get the correct class/colours, etc. you cannot just change the attributes palette. If there is a faster way I would like to learn how but I believe it is because the symbol is created in it's own editing level.
  6. i find that it will let me change from class to Solid and then to whatever I want but not directly from the class attribute. Maybe we have something turned on or off that didn't used to be....Anyone???? It definitely slows me down when I am used to one way of doing things and then have to add 2 or 3 steps to get the same result.
  7. I was placing a circle over a line intersection and wanted to remove the fill to show the lines beneath. They are all in the none class and when entered I had the attribute fill to class style. I could not just change from Class to "None" I had to go to solid and then to none. I tried a rectangle with exactly the same results. I usually have the attributes set at Class for all the items and it has worked for quite a few years and versions but not 2011. Is this 2 step method normal now?
  8. cbd

    Structural Beams

    Thanks...Just a slight variation but couldn't seem to make it work. Now all is well.
  9. cbd

    Structural Beams

    Sorry, I have to update my profile to 2011 SP2.
  10. I have always used the centerline symbol for my structural wood beams in plan view. I was able to show them as dash/dot for a line attribute but now in 2011 I can only get the centerline to show as dots. Can I change this so my new plans match the old style?
  11. I have this problem occasionally. I thought it was just because of doing my mouse click too fast or slow but I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. I also find if I want to deselect one item it sometimes deselects all.
  12. There was something a while back in a e-letter that I received about courses being offered on Vancouver Island. Teri @ Paxar would be able to give you that info. I think an on-line architectural program with VW would be a great hit.
  13. Thanks Ray. I have never had this happen before. I can't use decimals or my contractors will lynch me. I just found it strange that I attached the chain dimension to the ends of the linear dimension and they still came up different. I will try the paste and new file next time I need help.
  14. Vista is not user friendly when you are trying to change extensions. I have posted as a txt and it needs to be changed back to a zip file. The problem that I had was on the lower level with the telepost dimensioning. It's only 1/8" extra but then I don't know what else might be wrong later in the project. It happened both in the Mod file and the viewport annotation.
  15. This file is too big and I cannot make it small enough to send. Is there some way I can shrink it that the forum will accept. I tried to zip it but that isn't acceptable.
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