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  1. I haven't thought of trying that. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to move a section viewport to another sheet without losing the reference back to the Section-Elevation line created on the plan? I had hoped it would be as simple as copying and pasting on a new sheet but that appears to have broken the link.
  3. Thanks but I just discovered that the drawing label for the title wasn't properly defined in the symbol. Someone created a custom drawing title and the definition wasn't allowing the title to appear. A cut and paste a definition from another drawing title and that seems to have fixed the problem.
  4. Nope. It shows up there. I completed the fields when creating the viewport but double checked to be sure the title field is still filled in.
  5. Any ideas why the Drawing Label isn't showing the title in a viewport? As far as I can tell it isn't an issue with a class being turned off.
  6. Hi TLi, the file is attached. Hopefully you're able to see the problem. Thanks very much. 22.04.06_5741 176th Schematic Design.vwx
  7. Hi Wes, they only show missing information when rendered with Shaded (OpenGL). If I use an artistic rendering option, like Cartoon, there is no fill missing. Also it only seems to disappear when I create a viewport from a 3D view. The 3D view renders fine but once in the viewport, if rendered with "Shaded" information goes missing.
  8. Sadly, I can't find a tutorial by this name. Are you able to share a link?
  9. Thanks for that, Jeff. I'll go have a look at that. This seems to be a really logical way to control visualization for phasing.
  10. That looks interesting but what I don't understand is how you apply the existing, new and demo characteristics to the wall. I see in the Properties Data tab you have the three phases in a drop down. How do I do this with my own wall types? Is there a tutorial on this that you could direct me to? I'm using VW2022.
  11. No. And I can't see where to change my signature. This came up before and I checked my profile settings but don't see it anywhere. Used to see it under my name but something appears to have changed with how the forum is set up.
  12. Thanks for this. Where can I find out how to implement Data Visualization? That sound like what I need; a way to easily differentiate between existing, new and demo.
  13. When I model walls, I like to create wall types made up of components which can be seen on plan but for some presentations it's nice to show walls as solid black. I thought there was an easy way to do this but I can't seem to find it. Any tips or directions to a tutorial that explains how this can be done? Thanks in advance.
  14. I can! So that took me on a hunt to change units on the computer itself which is exactly what was causing the problem. Thanks for your help, Pat.
  15. I set up for 'Any Printer' so I don't think printer drivers come into it. However, the printers I do use are set up for imperial sizes. Not sure why I can select from both imperial and metric sizes on my iMac but my MacBook Pro is only showing metric paper sizes.
  16. I have units set to imperial and when I go into File>Page Setup>Printer Setup only Metric paper sizes are given as an option in the selection tab. Okay, so go into Manage Custom Sizes and hit + to add a new sheet size but only metric shows as a size option. I don't have this problem on my iMac in my home studio, just on this new work laptop. I can't figure out any other location where I can change units other than File>Document Settings>Units. What am I missing?
  17. @Benson Shaw thanks for the suggestions. I don't think it's any of those but I'll double check.
  18. Cabinets appear to have portions remaining in wireframe when 'shaded' in a 3D view. Restarting VW seemed to address this. When I save a view the rendering appears as it should but when I want create a viewport of this saved view to add to a sheet, the resulting rendering is partially rendered with the doors appearing as wire frame. That is not rendering like the rest of the cabinet. Restarting VW didn't solve this. The first image show a screenshot of the saved view which renders properly while the second shows the viewport on the sheet, on which door faces aren't rendering. Any ideas how to fix this? Is this a software problem or user error? Monterary v12.2.1 MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) M1 Pro 32GB memory
  19. Thanks very much, Pat. I'll see if I can't eliminate those. It's a drawing that I inherited so am sorting out a few issues.
  20. Thanks Pat. The viewports on that sheet are fine. The problem is when I try to create a new viewport from a design layer. I'm using VW2022 SP3. My signature hasn't been updated in a while.
  21. Select All and then Zoom>Fit to Objects was one of the first things I tried. I can't see any reason for the giant bounding box.
  22. Sorry to revive this topic, but I'm suddenly having this problem as well. I turned on all classes and layers to be sure there was nothing floating off in space to dictate such a huge bounding box. I created viewports the other day without having this happen but now I can't see why this is happening.
  23. @techdefThanks for the clarification. I'll give that a try. I was trying to get the 'fascia' wall to follow the roof but that wasn't working.
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