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  1. This only happens to me when I use the "Standard Viewports" that you generate at the start of a project. If I create my own viewports there isn't a problem.
  2. I have files that I am working on in both 2010 & 2011. I must admit that I find the 2010 version better. Maybe they will fix some of the quirks in 2011 in an update but until then I am sorry I paid for the "upgrade?". The join roof command was a big selling point and it really hasn't been a major help with all the other problems taken into account.
  3. My clients want me to start doing some renderings for their sales brochures. I have been able to do okay so far but require some more landscaping plants and possibly rocks. Is there a reasonable add-on that I can use, with these items, that will integrate easily with Architect 2011?
  4. Are all your walls slightly out of square? I find if the angles are "out" you definitely have to use a pillar as Jon suggested.
  5. In my experience you have to edit the symbol in order to get the correct class/colours, etc. you cannot just change the attributes palette. If there is a faster way I would like to learn how but I believe it is because the symbol is created in it's own editing level.
  6. i find that it will let me change from class to Solid and then to whatever I want but not directly from the class attribute. Maybe we have something turned on or off that didn't used to be....Anyone???? It definitely slows me down when I am used to one way of doing things and then have to add 2 or 3 steps to get the same result.
  7. I was placing a circle over a line intersection and wanted to remove the fill to show the lines beneath. They are all in the none class and when entered I had the attribute fill to class style. I could not just change from Class to "None" I had to go to solid and then to none. I tried a rectangle with exactly the same results. I usually have the attributes set at Class for all the items and it has worked for quite a few years and versions but not 2011. Is this 2 step method normal now?
  8. cbd

    Structural Beams

    Thanks...Just a slight variation but couldn't seem to make it work. Now all is well.
  9. cbd

    Structural Beams

    Sorry, I have to update my profile to 2011 SP2.
  10. I have always used the centerline symbol for my structural wood beams in plan view. I was able to show them as dash/dot for a line attribute but now in 2011 I can only get the centerline to show as dots. Can I change this so my new plans match the old style?
  11. I have this problem occasionally. I thought it was just because of doing my mouse click too fast or slow but I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. I also find if I want to deselect one item it sometimes deselects all.
  12. There was something a while back in a e-letter that I received about courses being offered on Vancouver Island. Teri @ Paxar would be able to give you that info. I think an on-line architectural program with VW would be a great hit.
  13. Thanks Ray. I have never had this happen before. I can't use decimals or my contractors will lynch me. I just found it strange that I attached the chain dimension to the ends of the linear dimension and they still came up different. I will try the paste and new file next time I need help.
  14. Vista is not user friendly when you are trying to change extensions. I have posted as a txt and it needs to be changed back to a zip file. The problem that I had was on the lower level with the telepost dimensioning. It's only 1/8" extra but then I don't know what else might be wrong later in the project. It happened both in the Mod file and the viewport annotation.
  15. This file is too big and I cannot make it small enough to send. Is there some way I can shrink it that the forum will accept. I tried to zip it but that isn't acceptable.
  16. Where are the directions for adding the file? I have tried with the file manager on the full reply screen but it appears to be one of those days that absolutely nothing works right. I know this was discussed a while ago but I cannot recall where. I do not use the grid snap and I attached both ends of the chain dimension line to the ends of the linear dimension to make sure they were identical lengths. I will try a seperate e-mail to Ray and see if that works.
  17. I was just starting to dimension a job and I found that the Linear dimension and the chain dimension do not add up. They are both snapped to exactly the same location but the chain dimension in this one location is 1/8" longer than all of the rest. Any idea why? I wanted to post a JPG of it but don't know how to do that when starting a new topic.
  18. If you want it to work in 3D can you not just add a pilaster to the end of the wall and size it accordingly?
  19. Same thing happened to me with my technical font and 2010 exporting and printing. I changed to a new one and everything works fine now.
  20. It is placed with the trim on the left but when I flip the door so it is inside the house the trim also flips to the inside. I would send you a sample file if you can explain how.
  21. Mike I will give this a try but all of my other doors work and I even copied my front entry door which is in exactly the same orientation and it flips backwards when inserted. If this doesn't work I will post this file.
  22. This does not work because the door does not show up properly in the exterior views.
  23. Every once in a while I have an exterior door that refuses to be installed correctly. When I add the exterior trim it remains on the interior. I have reinstalled the doors, flipped them and reversed the walls to no avail. Quite often I have to take out the entire wall and redo it to make things work. All the other exterior doors in the project work fine. Obviously, I am doing something wrong but have not been able to find out what. Any suggestions????
  24. Re: 1. Have you tried turning off the Ceiling Main class?
  25. Exactly what I do!!! But shouldn't have to. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about this or is it something just in Architect? Are we the only ones that dimension in VPs???
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