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Recently having inconsistent results when exporting to PDF's.

This is critical since I send my files to plotter in this format. When exporting sometimes get partial drawings or blank pages, as a "plan b" I use Primo PDF and usually get complete PDF, but lately this last method is not working.

I've downloaded SP3 and still getting partial drawings with

the export PDF command.

Anyone have any input / solutions to this annoyance?



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I have not had this kind of problem with PDF export. I just did a batch export of a 12 page set of drawings with many section, elevation, and plan viewports and it worked just fine. Sent it to my local print house, and the plots came back looking just like I expected them to.

I am, however, having problems with people occasionally not being able to open the PDF file. They get some kind of "font not found..." error.

I'm also unable to print the PDFs to my HP 6110 inkjet printer.

In both cases, I'm able to use Preview as a workaround. I can open my PDF in Preview and it prints just fine and If I do a Save As, everyone can open the file.

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One thing for the people who are unable to open your PDFs is to ensure they are using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


You should send the file along with a detailed description of the problem and your VectorWorks/OS specs to Tech Support.

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have just had a response from a client saying he can't see anything on one of the pdf's we sent him. Sent him 4 or 5 separate pdf's and he's just sent me an image of what he can see on this particular pdf and there is our title block but no drawing. i believe all the others are ok though. could this be a VW problem or Acrobat???

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Lucylou - first check to see if the drawings are okay at your end (you should always do this prior to sending them to any one). If you can see all of the drawings at your end then the problem has to be at their end.

If it is at their end them it is more than likely it will be due to what they are viewing the PDFs with. Suggest to them that they use the latest version of Acrobat reader because it is Adobe's purpose made viewer for PDF files.

Occassionally I have seen problems occur with PDFs sent as normal attachments. Try Zipping the drawings into one archive and sending that to them. Make sure you explain to them that they will need to unzip the archive before trying to open it with Acrobat Reader.

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I was just wondering if anyone has looked into this problem or had a similar issue recently? it has just happened again to one of our clients, i cant see how it is down to them not having the latest version of Adobe Reader as why can they see some of the drawings and not others? any help much appreciated.

ps have just asked client to confirm what version they have and asked them to upgrade if not. will keep you posted...

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How are you producing the pdf? Via export or print?

Could you post one of the pdf's? I just checked, but 2009 is producing pdf v1.4 which is Acrobat V5 - its the same with 2008. They would have to have a pretty old viewer if Acrobat version was the issue.

However, I use to run Photoshop 6.5 and when I imported a VW produced pdf in to that, sometimes it would not display properly - an issue with a font and/or opacity seemed to trigger it. Upgrading to Photoshop elements and now CS3 cured the issue as the pdf importer with the later version of Photoshops is more recent.

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I send some files as Pdfs up to 25 A1 Sheets

I use 72 dpi - sometimes 100

Maybe for renders you need a higher dpi - I do not know

Only problem I encountered in VW 2008 was if the client did not have the latest version of Adobe Reader

What fonts are you using - are they supported?

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